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Conduct searches that identify the most similar patents

Enter any free text (e.g. Wikipedia article, invention´s description, scientific publication) or the publication number of a patent and retrieve high quality results. In only a few seconds, the top most similar documents will be clearly presented and ranked by relevance so that patent researches get a very quick impression about the requested patent activity. Export your result in CSV, Excel or PDF and easily share them with your colleagues for a better coordination.

Take a look at our tutorial video!

Support of R&D activities to grow your company

View graphics of the market in real time to develop new products, services and intelligent strategies. The key to successful R&D is an extensive market research that enables the identification of the customer needs and to anticipate market trends. A R&D strategy can lead to innovation while increasing productivity and boosting your business’s competitive advantage.

Find the right license partner

Easily retrieve information about the top applicants in the technological field of your interest. Identifying the players working in your same field will allow you to develop win-win licensing arrangements.

Compare publications & highlight results

Aggregate the results to get a better overview of the documents. By highlighting the top focal, top similar words or entering any specific keyword of your choice you will be able to identify immediately the similarities between both texts.

Analyse the impact & risk of your patent

Measure the economic impact and legal risk of the focal patent and its patent family. Find the correlation between the economic value of your patent/patent families and the level of risk they are facing in the market.