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Intellectual Property department

Octimine’s cloud-based SaaS application supports IP professionals by using domain-specific algorithms and tailored data in combination with a clear and easy-to-use interface. Our AI-based application makes it easy for patent search specialists to double-check their Boolean results or get a very fast overview in seconds.

Key benefits:

  • Quality: increase the quality of your Boolean searches by 70%
  • Risk reduction: double-check your patent searches to reduce risk
  • Speed: get fast overview of the patent landscape in seconds
  • Great UX: easy to learn & integrate
“With its easy-to-use interface and the great search quality, Octimine is really useful in all stages of the patent lifecycle. I always use it in combination with my Boolean searches.”

Research and development department

Thanks to the patent information search, R&D staff across a variety of sectors get access to inventions and develop new ideas in the process. The swift identification of similar patent documents in the freedom to operate analysis can significantly reduce the risk of infringement. Moreover, patents are an amazing source of knowledge - inventors can find valuable technology information quickly.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to use: much more intuitive than standard patent databases
  • Accessible: less than 30 minutes training needed
  • Fast: perform “express patent searches”
  • Idea creation: use patent data to identify technical solutions
“With Octimine, patent search for R&D engineers is so much easier and quicker”

Law firms

Octimine, our patent search software, provides curated patent data to Intellectual Property law firms looking to identify novel solutions for their patent and portfolio assessments. Professionals can always harness the power of Machine Learning-based patent search to develop forward-thinking IP strategies and monitor the competition.

Key benefits:

  • Identify prior art and quickly analyze invention disclosures
  • Support freedom to operate and invalidity searches
  • Quickly double-check external patent searches easily
“Sometimes we just need a short overview of the filing situation. Octimine is absolutely perfect for that.”

Research institutions

From pharmaceuticals to software, research institutes base their breakthrough inventions on extensive research. Octimine aids their efforts by providing access to millions of patents and analytic indicators needed to evaluate IP data related to their discovery. Octimine helps tech transfer offices in finding licensing partners, researchers in keeping track of their technological fields, accelerators and start-ups in protecting their most valuable assets and students in accessing IP information.

Key benefits:

  • Fast: check the IP situation of your research quickly
  • Easy: find relevant technical information fast and without expert knowledge
  • Value: identify potential licensing partners
“It is so much easier to find relevant patent documents with Octimine. That helps a lot and leaves more time for research”

Software providers

Octimine’s API is a modern distributor for analytics and search engine results that can be integrated into any other application. The software’s AI technology can link any content that you or your users provide to relevant IP information and analytics. We add Machine Learning-based search functionality to IP management software and automate the step from invention disclosure to patent application. Octimine provides patent analytics and valuation data to business intelligence software and investment funds. Researchers use our API to access patent data to enhance their statistical analyses.

Key benefits:

  • Smart: link patent data to any kind of text database
  • Powerful: high-performing and tested algorithms, ready for integration
  • Time to market: reduced development costs - adaptable to any industry
  • Transparent: Exhaustive documentation, dedicated support contacts and immediate help
“We have so much interesting data and never thought it would be possible to link this content to the vast ocean of IP info. This has really added value to the user experience”

Smart & easy solution to find relevant patent documents

Conventional patent search

Time-intense and requires expert knowledge

Machine-learning patent search

Easy to learn and use, makes patent information accessible to everyone

Machine-learning patent search chart
Conventional patent search chart
Easy-to-use Speed Patent know-how needed Workload Chart axes

Octimine quick facts

Fantastic user experience
Efficient patent searching
Interact with Machine Learning
Reduce the legal risk
Patent analytics indicators
Fantastic user experience

One input field and a click on ‘search’ is all it takes to link your query to up to 1000 most relevant patent documents. Interactive charts simplify analyzing the results and reveal hidden information.

Efficient patent searching

Speed up your patent search efforts with Octimine or do a complementary backup check after a Boolean search.

Interact with Machine Learning

Users have control over machine learning and the option to fine-tune results. It’s the combination of the human brain with the right technology that makes the difference.

Reduce the legal risk

Octimine’s AI-powered engine analyzes the patent activity of technology and offers valuable insights to commercial and technology managers before filing, safeguarding them against possible infringement cases.

Patent analytics indicators

Profit from decades of scientific research into patent data. With more than 20 patent indicators you can quickly get valuable insights on patents, portfolios, companies or industries.


Dennemeyer Octimine is an innovative company in the field of IP management. Backed by an outstanding team of former Max Planck Institute and LMU Munich researchers, Octimine’s solutions are cutting edge in the field of text and patent analysis. The self-developed semantic text analytics and machine learning methods enable our customers to retrieve unique quality searches at record-breaking speed. In October 2018, the company was acquired by the Dennemeyer IP Group, one of the leading full-service providers in the IP industry.

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