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Wireless charging device and system

A wireless charging device and system, the wireless charging comprising: an energy transmission device (a) and an energy receiving device (b) disposed at a preset distance from each other. The energy transmission device comprises an oscillator (101) used for generating a low-power sinusoidal signal, a power-amplifier (102) connected to an output end of the oscillator and used for amplifying the sinusoidal signal power, and a first resonance coil (103) connected to the output end of the power amplifier. The energy receiving device comprises a second resonance coil (104) connected to an input end of a load (105). The wireless charging system has a simple structure and has reduced requirements for manufacturing skills and cost.

Publication number: WO2016090530A1 | Search similar patents

Wireless charger and multi-terminal wireless charging method

Provided is a wireless charger, comprising: a controller used for determining the priorities of at least two terminals in a wireless charging region of the wireless charger, and distributing charging electric energy to the at least two terminals according to the priorities. Also provided is a multi-terminal wireless charging method. With the technical solution of the present invention, when a plurality of terminals are wirelessly charged at the same time, the distribution of electric energy can be optimized, thus improving the charging efficiency.

Publication number: WO2014040233A1 | Search similar patents

Wireless charging apparatus

Disclosed is a wireless charging apparatus. The wireless charging apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises: a portable device housing unit for receiving a portable device; and a wireless charging unit for wirelessly charging a portable device, wherein at least one surface of the portable device housing unit includes an electromagnetic wave shielding means or is made from an electromagnetic wave shielding material, thereby preventing an electromagnetic wave generated in the wireless charging unit from going outside.

Publication number: WO2015122611A1 | Search similar patents

Wireless charging method and apparatus

A wireless charging method includes determining whether at least one wireless charging device is in a wireless charging area. When it is determined that there is one wireless charging device in the wireless charging area, the wireless charging device is charged. When it is determined that at least two wireless charging devices are in the wireless charging area, the priority of wireless charging among the at least two wireless charging devices is determined, and the wireless charging device having higher priority is wirelessly charged.

Publication number: US2016028251A1 | Search similar patents

Wireless power feeding device and wireless power feeding system

Though there have been methods for supplying power to mobile bodies in a wireless manner, it has been difficult to use the methods because of a large power supply efficiency change due to mobile body positions. The present invention reduces power supply efficiency fluctuation with respect to positional changes in a specific space by winding a power feeding coil such that the specific space is included.

Publication number: WO2016002733A1 | Search similar patents

Wireless charger

A wireless charger (1) includes a coil (10) and a charging converting circuit (20) connected to the coil (10). The coil (10) is integrated into a battery (2) and capable of receiving electromagnetic energy. The received electromagnetic energy is converted into electrical energy by the charging converting circuit (20) and then transmitted to the battery (2). By way of integrating the coil (10) into the battery (2), it is not required to change the existing structure of an electronic device, but only the structure of the battery (2) in the electronic device. This saves costs and facilitates the popularization of wireless charging.

Publication number: WO2012092782A1 | Search similar patents

Bulk wireless charger

An improved bulk wireless charger station may be constructed of a number of individual wireless charger modules. Each module may include an embedded wireless charger transmitter with the capability of wirelessly charging a device inserted into the module. The device may have the capability of being wirelessly charged via a wireless charging receiver in communication with the wireless charger transmitter. Charging the device may include charging a battery or other electrical storage element within the device, which, once charged, may power the device during use. The charger modules may be stackable horizontally and/or vertically to form the charger station. Each charger module may also include a power interface for receiving power from either a power base or other charger modules, and/or a communication interface for communicating with other charger modules and/or control station(s). The embedded wireless charger transmitter may be a transmitter coil controlled through a power conversion/control board.

Publication number: US2015326060A1 | Search similar patents

Wireless controller system

A transportation system comprising a vehicle having a first electrically operated component, a second electrically operated component and a wireless controller system. The wireless controller system is used for selectively controlling the operation of the first electrically operated component and the second electrically operated component.

Publication number: US2015321597A1 | Search similar patents

Cellular phone storage box combined with a wireless charger

According to the invention, a wireless charge pad is attached to a cellular phone storage box to more safely and conveniently charge a cellular phone while storing the cellular phone.

Publication number: WO2011099661A1 | Search similar patents

Wireless charging battery module and charging structure of the same

A wireless charging battery module and a charging structure of the same are revealed. The battery module includes a battery and a charging unit while the charging unit having a looped wire and a charging circuit. The charging unit is electrically connected to the battery. The charging structure consists of the battery module and a wireless charger. The wireless charger includes a charger board and the charger board is arranged with another looped wire. The looped wire is corresponding to the looped wire of the charging unit. Electromagnetic induction between the looped wire of the charging unit and the looped wire of the wireless charger occurs so that power stored in the wireless charger is output to the battery module in a wireless manner and the battery is charged by the charging circuit. The battery of the battery module is also charged wirelessly.

Publication number: WO2013016946A1 | Search similar patents

Wireless charging processing method and apparatus, and wireless charger

The present invention provides a wireless charging processing method and apparatus, and a wireless charger. The method comprises: receiving a signal sent by a terminal; determining, according to the received signal, whether a distance between a detection module used for detecting a signal and the terminal is greater than a preset threshold; and when the distance between the detection module and the terminal is greater than the preset threshold, switching off a control circuit used for controlling a sending circuit to send wireless power. By means of the present invention, the problem existing in the related art that the no-load power consumption is great when a terminal is charged by using a wireless charging device is solved, thereby achieving the effect of reducing the no-load consumption.

Publication number: WO2016033874A1 | Search similar patents

Windshield embedded power coil for wireless charging

A wireless power charging or supply system provides a wireless charging coil mounted on or in a vehicle windshield. The wireless charging coil is positioned so that an electronic device that is mounted to the vehicle windshield will receive power from the wireless charging coil.

Publication number: US2012235474A1 | Search similar patents

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