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Wi-fi network connection method, wi-fi controller and wi-fi device

A Wi-Fi network connection method, and a Wi-Fi device. The Wi-Fi network connection method comprises: acquiring, by a first Wi-Fi device, at least one packet broadcast by a second Wi-Fi device, each packet containing channel information; determining, by the first Wi-Fi device, target channel information according to the channel information in the at least one packet; and performing Wi-Fi network access or providing a hotspot service for a user equipment by the first Wi-Fi device according to the target channel information. The first Wi-Fi device in the embodiments of the present invention determines target channel information by acquiring channel information in a packet, and the first Wi-Fi device is enabled to normally perform Wi-Fi network access or provide a hotspot service according to the target channel information.

Publication number: WO2015168850A1 | Search similar patents

Centrally managed wi-fi

Described herein are techniques for providing centrally managed Wi-Fi using internet protocol (IP) connections between a central Wi-Fi access gateway and one or more radio nodes. The Wi-Fi access gateway establishes an IP connection with a radio node across a wide area network, wherein the radio node is configured to wirelessly connect to one or more Wi-Fi devices located near the radio node. The Wi-Fi access gateway receives Layer 2 traffic over the IP connection, wherein the Layer 2 traffic is associated with a Wi-Fi device from the one or more Wi-Fi devices connected to the radio node. The Wi-Fi access gateway controls one or more Wi-Fi services for the Wi-Fi device based on the Layer 2 traffic so that the Wi-Fi access gateway can provide centrally managed Wi-Fi for the Wi-Fi device.

Publication number: WO2015023940A2 | Search similar patents

Method for wireless easy connect

A consumer appliance or product having a Wi-Fi embedded device may be connected to a wireless local area network (WLAN) without users having to change networks on their “personal device” e.g., personal computer, tablet computer, smart phone, etc., or having to access the Wi-Fi embedded device in any way, e.g., transparent setup and connection to the user. A specially transmitted data packet, beacon, or other broadcast packet from a client connected to wireless local area network (WLAN) may be used to send an encrypted equivalent of a last stage Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) transfer that provides network commissioning information to the Wi-Fi embedded device so that it may automatically connect to the WLAN.

Publication number: WO2014137819A2 | Search similar patents

Method and apparatus for cloud services for enhancing broadband experience

Described is a method for controlling a broadband service, the method comprising: collecting user behavior, usage data, and physical layer data associated with the broadband service; analyzing the collected data to determine whether a different broadband service can be offered to a user compared to existing broadband service; and providing the user a targeted offer according to the analysis. Described is also a method for recommending a service profile, the method comprising: receiving broadband data from an agent, wherein the agent is executable on a computing device coupled to a LAN of a broadband subscriber; identifying a current service profile of the broadband subscriber; analyzing the received broadband data in view of the current service profile; determining a new service profile for the broadband subscriber according to the analyzed broadband data; and recommending the new service profile to the broadband subscriber and the broadband subscriber's service provider.

Publication number: WO2014116286A2 | Search similar patents

Security enclosure for a router

A router comprises a local network interface and routing services. The router also includes a data exchanger interface that can be configured to connect to a data exchanger. A security enclosure is configured to cover the data exchanger when the data exchanger is connected to the data exchanger interface.

Publication number: WO2015006209A2 | Search similar patents

Cell phone having air card and/or wifi card

A combination Air card, Wi-Fi card, and cellular telephone. The combination includes a housing, an Air card, a Wi-Fi card, a cellular telephone, and apparatus. The Air card and the Wi-Fi card are contained in the housing. The cellular telephone is contained in and on, and operates from, the housing. The apparatus interfaces the Air card and the Wi-Fi card with a computer. In a first embodiment, the apparatus includes pins/sockets on a lower end of the housing, which interface with a card slot in a computer. In a second embodiment, the apparatus includes a USB connector pivotally hinged to a lower end of the housing, which interfaces with a USB port in the computer. In a third embodiment, the apparatus includes a USB connector extending on a cord reelingly captured in a reel on a backside of the housing, which interfaces with the USB port in the computer.

Publication number: US2010035650A1 | Search similar patents

Provisioning wireless device profiles

Approaches, techniques, and mechanisms are disclosed for provisioning wireless device profiles of a wireless computing device. In this context, a wireless device profile generally may comprise one or more network and device settings including network identifiers, network security types, network keys, and other configuration information that enables a computing device to connect to a particular wireless computer network. According one embodiment, a computer-implemented method comprises establishing, with a first device, a first wireless connection of a first wireless connection type; receiving, from the first device via the first wireless connection, provisioning data for establishing, with a second device, a second wireless connection of a second wireless connection type that is different than the first wireless connection type; establishing, based on the provisioning data, the second wireless connection with the second device.

Publication number: WO2014144126A2 | Search similar patents

Multiband operation of a single wi-fi radio

Multiband operation of a single Wi-Fi radio is described. Some examples can include operating a first radio frequency band on the single Wi-Fi radio of an access point. The method can include switching, based on client device traffic patterns, to a second radio frequency band on the single Wi-Fi radio of the access point.

Publication number: WO2014142966A1 | Search similar patents

Method of configuring a wireless network camera wirelessly

A wireless camera having a wireless hotspot functionality that can allow a Smartphone to configure the camera. The wireless camera comprises an image sensor, a processor, a memory coupled to the processor, and an RF device, wherein the RF device links to a wireless router connected to the Internet. The RF device is adapted to form a wireless hotspot so a plurality of second devices can connect to the Internet via the wireless camera. The image sensor captures digital images. A second device links to the Internet via the RF device. An input device is also provided for actuating an input to enable a Wi-Fi Setup mode.

Publication number: US2013120596A1 | Search similar patents

Enabling desired wireless connectivity in a high frequency wireless local area network

The present invention provides a method and an apparatus to enable desired wireless connectivity in a high frequency and/or high speed wireless local area network for providing mobile communications to a user of a wireless communication device which may be otherwise unable to connect to the high frequency and/or speed wireless local area network in response to a request for a wireless service. By using a chipset disposed in another wireless communication device, a neural network may be formed for enabling such wireless connectivity. In one embodiment, availability of wireless connectivity may be determined to a first user of a wireless service at a first wireless communication device to communicate with an access point associated with a Wi-Fi wireless network that offers the wireless service. Absent such wireless connectivity at the first wireless communication device, additional bandwidth available at a second wireless communication device may be used to connect the first user at the first wireless communication device over another network that offers the wireless service, for example, a wide area network capable of communicating mobile or cellular data. Accordingly, a user that desires use of a wireless service in a wireless network of sparsely populated Wi-Fi access points may obtain desired wireless connectivity for mobile communications across a relatively longer range and/or at much higher transfer speeds than otherwise available.

Publication number: US2006258285A1 | Search similar patents

Authenticating a user of a communication device to a wireless network to which the user is not associated with

The present invention provides a method and an apparatus for automating authentication of a user. In one embodiment, a method calls for detecting an authentication event at a wireless communication device to gain access to a first wireless network through an access point associated with the first wireless network, automatically obtaining a credential from a second wireless network in response to the authentication event, and authenticating the user based on the credential to establish a connection between the wireless communication device and the first wireless network. A client-server based communication system includes a client module at a wireless communication device for user authentication of a Wi-Fi device to a Wi-Fi network through an access point associated therewith. For the purposes of authentication, the client-server based communication system further includes a server module with which the client module may automatically exchange signaling messages, such as short message service messages over a wide area network. Such a Wi-Fi user authentication process may, for example, substantially simplify access at a Wi-Fi hotspot in a wireless local area network, reducing manual actions or steps. As a result, a wireless user may be authenticated relatively fast. By offering a desired user experience, user-acceptance of a wireless communication device and/or service may be increased.

Publication number: US2006236105A1 | Search similar patents

Systems and methods of offloaded positioning for determining location of wlan nodes

This disclosure includes systems and methods for determining the location of each of a plurality of STAs of a WLAN where an AP measures the round-trip time (RTT) and the angle of arrival (AOA) to each STA from implicit packet exchange, such as data frame and ACK frame. The AP may then report the RTT and AOA measurements to each STA using a dedicated beacon information element (IE) which multicasts RTT and AOA measurements to the STAs. By employing an additional parameter, namely, angle of arrival AOA, a single AP may compute the two-dimensional location of each associated STA. Further, another beacon IE may multicast mapping of the AIDs to MAC addresses so that the associated STAs can understand such mapping for STAs in a network so that one STA may know the location of other STAs. Encryption may be employed to achieve privacy.

Publication number: WO2014183081A2 | Search similar patents

Method for a configuration of a repeating device within a wireless network, and a customer premises equipment device

The method for a configuration of a repeating device (R) within a wireless network including an access point (2) and a first station (1), comprises the repeating device connecting to the access point as a second station via a secure wireless connection, the repeating device retrieving from the access point settings of the wireless network, and after having received the wireless network settings, the repeating device transforming from the access point mode to a repeater mode to enable a repeater function with the first station. The repeating device retrieves in particular all necessary network settings from the access point to set up a wireless link with the access point.

Publication number: WO2015071395A1 | Search similar patents

Secure authentication and network management system for wireless lan applications

An authentication and network management system for Wi-Fi local area networks includes a network management device and a plurality of Wi-Fi local area networks coupled to the network management device. Each local network includes at least one access point device having a Wi-Fi radio. A plurality of end user devices are attachable to the network forming nodes thereof, and each end user device has input plugs, such as USB ports and the like, for coupling accessories thereto. An authentication device is provided in the network for authenticating the end user devices attached to the network. A plurality of authenticating keys is provided, with each key attachable to an input plug of an end user device. Each key contains a validation certificate therein, wherein the authentication device verifies the presence of a current validation certificate on a key coupled to the end users device prior to granting access to the network.

Publication number: EP1743456A2 | Search similar patents

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