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Copyright protection method and system

A copyright protection method and system. By means of inserting a corresponding pollutant at a copyright end, and extracting and filtering out the pollutant at a client, the pirate recording of a video directly can be prevented, thereby conveniently realizing the protection of an original copyright object. The copyright protection method of the present invention comprises: a copyright end inserting a corresponding pollutant into an original copyright object according to a pre-set pollution rule so as to obtain a processed copyright object; the copyright end sending the processed copyright object to a client; the client extracting the original copyright object from the processed copyright object according to a pre-set pollutant removing rule; the client playing the original copyright object; the client being bound with a user ID; and the original copyright object comprising videos, images, sounds or characters.

Publication number: WO2015172425A1 | Search similar patents

Copyright information processing device, copyright information processing method and copyright information processing program for content sharing site

Provided is a copyright information processing device (10) for a content sharing site to which contents are uploaded from a plurality of user terminals (2) and which stores the contents in such a manner that the contents can be delivered, the copyright information processing device being provided with: a means for presenting, to the user terminal (2) connected via a communication network (3), a copyright information input screen which facilitates an input of copyright information capable of specifying the copyright owner of the contents while displaying the copyright owner information in correspondence with information capable of specifying the details of the contents; a means for receiving the copyright information inputted on the copyright information input screen by the user terminal (2), associating the copyright information with the content ID of the content, and storing the associated copyright information; and a means for recognizing the user code of the user that has inputted the stored copyright information, associating the amount of payment for the stored copyright information with the user code, and storing the associated amount of payment, thereby achieving the protection of the copyright owner of the uploaded content while ensuring the interest of the user which receives the delivery of the content.

Publication number: WO2010104029A1 | Search similar patents

Method for transmitting copyright protected data in a communication system and corresponding communication transmitter device and communication receiver device

According to the invention, data to be transmitted (3) in particular text data, are protected on the transmitter side in a mobile telephone system by means of a copyright information (6) preferably incorporated in the corresponding information (3). The copyright information (6) indicates to the received mobile station (2) that the corresponding information is copyright protected. Upon detection of a copyright information (6), the mobile station (2) automatically informs the user of the copyright protection in force.

Publication number: WO03027814A1 | Search similar patents

E-book for protecting copyright

An e-book for protecting copyright, the e-book is an electric data reading apparatus, which includes a processor, an internal memory module, and a memory module, display screen, network connecting module, a bus and a dynamic code generating module. The dynamic code generating module has a serial number and a dynamic code generating algorithm set inside it, and the dynamic code generating algorithm is a computing rule between the input and the output of the dynamic code generating module. The different dynamic code generating module has a different serial number, but has the same dynamic code generating algorithm. The input of the different dynamic code generating module at least includes the serial number of the dynamic code generating module.

Publication number: WO2010081267A1 | Search similar patents

Character identity trading intermediary apparatus and method therefor

A character identity trading intermediary apparatus of the present invention comprises: a user interface for providing an interface with a user; a communication interface for providing an interface with a community management server and a plurality of copyright owner servers, which have copyrights for multiple characters, respectively, receiving a character identity request of a user who has joined in a particular community, and collecting user activity information within the community; a membership information storage unit for storing/managing information of users who have joined as members for character identity trading; a character-specific copyright owner management unit for storing/managing the multiple characters and corresponding copyright owner information after matching them each other; a character matching information storage unit for storing/managing character identity matching information; and a control unit for, in response to the character identity request, identifying the copyright owner server corresponding to the character from the character-specific copyright owner management unit, intermediating, by the connection with the copyright owner server via the communication interface, the character identity trading between the user, who has requested the character identity, and the copyright owner server, and then storing, in the character matching information storage unit, matching information between the user, who has succeeded in the trading, and the character.

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Method, system and device for replacing copyright object in digital copyright management system

A method and system for exchanging version object in digital version managing system are provided to solve the problem of that the prior art of DRM can not complete exchanging version object in one interactive process. The method comprises: the digital version management proxy module of client sends one version exchange request message carrying at least one original version object information and at least one target version object information to the version center, the version center, based on received version exchange request message, decides to exchange version objects and generates version exchange response message, the version center sends version exchange response message to the digit version management proxy module, the digit version management proxy module, based on received version exchange response message, replaces the original version object, or keeps the original version object.

Publication number: WO2008034379A1 | Search similar patents

A digital copyright management method and a digital copyright management agent device

A digital copyright management method and digital copyright management agent device are disclosed. It leads the digital media segmented management to known digital copyright management DRM, further sets the media file in the copyright object in segment to the content playing with times limitation, plays digital media object in segment controlled by DRM Agent, playbacks selected by user himself in a certain range during playing, as a result, the user has stronger decision-making power, and the solution improves the user�s experience. In the case of the previous playing interrupt, the solution is able to make the user implement a whole consumption of one playing times limitation, and ensures the right of the copyright user and makes the digital copyright management more comprehensive and utility.

Publication number: WO2007065337A1 | Search similar patents

Copyrighted work sales method and system

Disclosed are a copyrighted work sales method and system capable of achieving both protection and circulation promotion of a copyrighted work. In the system, a management server performs authentication by way of ancillary information of a copyrighted work for a client terminal that has acquired encrypted data of the copyrighted work, and after authentication, at the client terminal, the encrypted data is decrypted to generate a readable copyrighted work, copyrighted work data is re-encrypted to generate a client distribution-use file, and the purchase price of the copyrighted work is reliably collected from the client who has acquired the copyrighted work, whereas a portion of the price is automatically distributed as a copyright royalty to the provider of the copyrighted work and as a distribution reward to the client who has distributed the copyrighted work.

Publication number: WO2011034094A1 | Search similar patents

Method, system, and computer-readable recording medium for copyright protection of basic content in relation to secondary content

The present invention pertains to a method, system, and computer-readable recording mechanism for copyright protection of basic content in relation to secondary content. According to an embodiment of the present invention, as a method for copyright protection of basic content in relation to secondary content, a method is provided comprising a step in which secondary content generated using basic content is searched from a content database, a step in which information about a basic content provider stored in relation to said secondary content is extracted, and a step in which a notice about said secondary content is transmitted to a terminal unit of said basic content provider.

Publication number: WO2010002211A2 | Search similar patents

Protection method and apparatus for copyright of programs

Disclosed is a protection method and apparatus for the copyright of programs which are purchased via a computer communication network. The present invention mainly comprises a copyright processing unit (10) which is incorporated in a central processing unit of a personal computer (1), for determining a proper encoding method with regard to an object program to be purchased via negotiation with a program provider, for receiving and supplying the encoded program according to the determined encoding method, and for decoding and executing the encoded program whenever the program is implemented. Accordingly, the present invention provides an effect to protect the copyright of the program since the program cannot be executed in another user's computer.

Publication number: WO9853403A1 | Search similar patents

Method for providing a direct management service for the work of a copyright holder by using a smart application, and a system using same to provide the direct management service for the work of the copyright holder

The present invention relates to a technology for providing a direct management service for the work of a copyright holder by using a smart application, in order to maximize the protection of the rights of the copyright holder. According to the present invention, by transferring the copyright management rights to the copyright holder and having a service perform only the service of an agency and not the assignment of the copyright, the effect of maximum rights protection for the copyright holder is achieved. That is, in the method of the present invention, the management of a copyright for a work is not assigned to a third party, but is assigned directly to the copyright holder. Accordingly, the direct management of the copyright of a work by the copyright holder is not excluded, and only an assisting administrative service is provided, so as to provide the effect of being able to solve the problem of inadequate copyright protection offered by the authorizing bodies of each country when copyrights are assigned.

Publication number: WO2013066055A1 | Search similar patents

Image information output device and printer, information recorder, image information output program and printing program, and information recording program

An image information output device enabling the source from which the outputted image information is originally outputted to be identified, a printer, an information recorder and so forth are provided. An image information output device (1) for outputting image information comprises a judging section (13) for extracting copyright information included in the image information and judging from the extracted copyright information whether or not the image information is protected by copyright, an identification number recording section (14) for recording the identification number for identifying a device, and an output section (16) for outputting the image information and the identification number when the image information is judged to be protected by copyright. With this, since the image information protected by the copyright and the identification number for identifying a device of the image information output device (1) which has decoded the image information are outputted as identification number-including image information, the source of the image information can be traced on the basis of the identification number printed on a printed object if a printer prints the identification number-including image information.

Publication number: WO2007060858A1 | Search similar patents

Copyrighted work redistribution promotion system

Disclosed is a copyrighted work redistribution promotion system capable of easily generating a copyrighted work file for redistribution use, greatly reducing communication load at that time, improving security, and protecting copyrights while significantly improving convenience of redistribution. The disclosed copyrighted work redistribution promotion system uses ancillary information of a copyrighted work, an executable program, and a management server configured to be connectable through a network to a client terminal; wherein the ancillary information has a data structure having an identification information portion and/or a distributor information portion including sequentially distributed client information, and the executable program causes the client terminal to perform processing of each of an ancillary information transmission step and a redistribution-use copyrighted work generation step.

Publication number: WO2011043171A1 | Search similar patents

Asymmetrical encryption of storage system to protect copyright and personal information

Robust security of copyright-protected content is provided when such content is digitally stored in a storage device of a client device in encrypted form. The copyright-protected content is encrypted by a server device using a private key and a corresponding public key is used for decryption by the client device. Because access to the private key cannot be determined from the corresponding public key, and because the private key and public key are based at least in part on a unique ID number embedded in the data storage device, decryption can only be performed by the data storage device in the client device. In some embodiments, robust security of private data stored in a server device is provided using a similar public-key/private-key pair and encryption scheme.

Publication number: US2015256333A1 | Search similar patents

Peer-to-peer digital copyright management method and system

A peer-to-peer digital copyright management method and system are disclosed. The invention uses a network with a peer-to-peer connection structure. Each workstation has equivalent abilities and responsibilities. This style is distinguished from the client/server structure, where some computers are assigned to service other computers. In general, the peer-to-peer network is simpler. It does not need to be equivalent to the strong execution abilities and bandwidths of the client/server network. However, it has the drawback of being hard to manage. The invention combines all advantages of the peer-to-peer network platform and the client/server structure. In addition to providing a search share system, which can peer-to-peer rapidly distribute digital contents, it further provides an effective copyright management system which strictly controls file sharing and downloads. Network service points or equivalent currencies for each shared file download are accurately obtained from the download user. In each transaction, the profit is paid to the copyright owner, the download resource and bandwidth provider and the platform service provider. This does not only accelerate the distribution of digital contents, lowers the user's cost in obtaining needed software, but also protects the intelligence properties (IP) of the copyright owners.

Publication number: US2003074322A1 | Search similar patents

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