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Apparatus and method for providing user interface

An electronic apparatus and a method for providing a user interface are provided. The electronic apparatus includes a sensor module configured to detect sensor data, a touch screen configured to display a control menu related to content that is displayed, and a control module configured to determine a hand-held position of the electronic apparatus, based on the sensor data, to configure the control menu, based on the determined hand-held position, and to display the configured control menu, based on the determined hand-held position.

Publication number: US2015324070A1 | Search similar patents

Robot for providing face-based user interface and method for controllling robot

The present invention discloses a robot for providing a user-friendly interface through the face of a robot and a method for controlling the robot. The robot, according to the present invention, has a screen layer comprising: a face UI layer which displays a standby face and each face screen corresponding to contents provided by the robot according to sweep commands of a user; a menu UI layer which displays a main menu on the screen by the sliding of the main menu when the screen is swept downwards on the face UI layer; and an execution UI layer which displays the UI of a program which executes contents when the screen is swept upwards on the face UI layer. According to the present invention, a user is provided with the interface of an emotion-friendly robot through the voice synchronized with facial expressions.

Publication number: WO2014109448A1 | Search similar patents

System and method for providing indication element to be optionally defined by user and set up in graphic user interface

The system enables a user wishing to perform a particular program task, using a computer program equipped with a menu-based graphical user interface, to place visual indicators on all user interface menu commands necessary to accomplish that particular task, such that when performing the same task in the future, the user is automatically guided by the visual indicators in the selection of appropriate menu commands. The system also enables automatic placement of visual indicators on all menu commands that should be selected in order to reach a particular menu command, when the user selects the particular menu command. Finally, the system of the present invention is also capable of displaying to the user the order in which the menu command having visual indicators should be selected to perform the particular task.

Publication number: EP0927926A2 | Search similar patents

Menu screen display control method and display control device for exchanging icons of a menu based on user instruction

According to a method of the present invention for controlling display of a menu screen, content is displayed in a content display region located in a central part of a display screen in a size smaller than the display screen, and a plurality of icons are displayed in a circle around the content display region so that the plurality of icons sequentially move to a specific position in accordance with a user's selecting operation while moving around the content display region without overlapping the content display region.

Publication number: US2015160804A1 | Search similar patents

Mobile device and method for providing user interface based on user's preference

Provided is a mobile device for providing UI based on user's preference. The mobile device includes a display module, a control command input module, and a UI change control module. The display module displays a menu screen which includes at least one or more UIs. The control command input module receives a change window activation command which indicates activation of a UI change window for changing the UI included in the menu screen to a suitable type according to a user's preference, and a UI change command for changing the UI. The UI change control module activates the UI change window according to the change window activation command, and changes the UI according to the UI change command, which is inputted through the UI change window, to allow the UI change window to be displayed on the display module. When the UI change control module receives the change window activation command in an idle screen which displays the menu screen including the UI, the UI change control module configures the UI change window as a flash screen, and activates and displays the UI change window on the idle screen.

Publication number: EP2341422A2 | Search similar patents

Display apparatus and user interface display method thereof

A display apparatus and a user interface display method of the display apparatus are provided. The display apparatus classifies menu items of a service menu or an OSD menu according to the frequency of use of the menu items, generates icons corresponding to the classified menu items, and displays the icons on a screen using a user interface. Accordingly, the user can display a user interface on the screen in a preferable manner, and easily find and utilize a desired menu item.

Publication number: EP2177979A2 | Search similar patents

Graphical user interface

In a window oriented operating system, a graphical user interface which provides a "shrink button" to switch a window from a normal status where the whole window is represented to a reduced status where only a portion of the window is displayed while maintaining at least a partial operability of the commands of the window. The advantage of such a shrink button is that the user could be not interested in having the whole window displayed but he needs to keep the window commands operable. The user can so reduce the window to the command area only saving space on the desktop and improving the performances of the application, since the feedback is no longer required. In the image processing application this could be very useful.

Publication number: EP0780757A2 | Search similar patents

Display device, method, and computer program

A display device (1) includes: display means (210, 211, 212) which display a plurality of menu images on a display screen (302); recognition means (230) which recognizes each of the menu images displayed on the display screen; selection means (230) which switches selection of the menu image recognized by the recognition means; and control means (215, 216, 230) which control display means so that the menu image selected by a user is enlarged when displayed on the display screen.

Publication number: WO2009095990A1 | Search similar patents

User interface generation

A display apparatus comprises: a user interface (UI) generator which generates a UI having a plurality of regions in which at least one of a plurality of menu items is displayed to select an operation; a display unit which displays the UI; a user input unit which receives a command to edit the menu items; and a controller which controls the UI generator to edit an arrangement of the menu items on the UI according to the command.

Publication number: EP1847919A2 | Search similar patents

Method for providing menu graphic user interface and computer readable medium storing the method

A method of providing a menu graphical user interface of a user application program including a plurality of unit programs is provided. The method includes the operations of: displaying an information list of the plurality of unit programs using the user application program; registering information about at least one of the unit programs that is selected by a user in a fast menu, using the user application program; and displaying the registered information about the at least one unit program on a fast menu window using the user application program when a user requests the fast menu to be open.

Publication number: WO2007129813A1 | Search similar patents

User interface for a tactical battle management system

A user interface menu for a user interface displayed on a touchscreen device, the user interface menu for executing an application, the user interface menu comprising a menu button displayed at a first given corner of the screen of the touchscreen device and at least one icon displayed surrounding the menu button upon detection of a finger gesture on the menu button, each of the at least one icon for executing a corresponding application upon detection of a given finger gesture on it.

Publication number: WO2015081415A1 | Search similar patents

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