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The submarine has a propeller drive with an external laterally arranged propeller (12) and a drive shaft (14) that is guided by a pressure body (2) of the submarine. The drive shaft is formed as hollow shaft, where units are provided for delivering fluid from the submarine through the hollow shaft.

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Submarine with an arrangement for sampling water and or air from the environment. Optimally the sampling arrangement is incorporated in the periscope of the submarine and linked via a pipe to a sample storage and evaluation location. The sampling arrangement can incorporate a GPS receiver so that the position from which a sample was taken can be accurately measured.

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A submarine boat is provided to pull and transport an unmanned submarine by the submarine boat, with the submarine boat being even submerged. In a submarine boat, at least one unit(4) for accommodating and storing an unmanned submarine(6) is provided on the outer surface of the body(2) of the submarine boat. The unit can be moved from a position adjacent to the body to an accommodation position separated from the body. The unit includes at least one pivot arm for accommodating the unmanned submarine. The unit includes a vessel(10) having a vessel cover and the vessel cover forms the pivot arm. The unit includes a unit for fixing the unmanned submarine.

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Submarine optical cable with water-blocking filling composition

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The invention relates to a submarine that has an upwardly directed drilling device (12, 12'). The drilling device (12, 12') is arranged in a pressure hull (4) of the submarine and has a drill (14, 14') which can be extended out of a pressure hull (4) opening (10) arranged on the upper deck.

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The submarine is provided with a tower structure, where the interior is accessible by an opening (12) formed on an outer wall of the tower structure. The tower structure has an actuating lever (26) in the area of the opening edge for opening and closing the door (6).

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The submarine boat has a communication system (2) and a controller (16) for energy management of the communication system, which automatically switches-on or -off one or more electrical components of the communications system depending on predetermined states. The communication system has multiple transmitting- and receiving-units formed for operating in different frequency ranges. The transmitting- and receiving-units are automatically switched-on and -off by the controller based on the antenna position, operating condition of an extending mast and the diving depth of the submarine.

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Submarine having a co

The invention relates to a submarine having a CO2 binding unit arranged in the interior of the submarine for the purpose of binding CO2 of a CO2-containing gas mixture. In particular, the CO2 binding unit serves for binding the CO2 contained in the air exhaled by crew from the interior of the submarine. For this purpose, the CO2 binding unit has at least one adsorption tank with a gas inlet, a gas outlet and at least one internal vessel filled with a CO2 binding agent. The gas inlet is connected to a duct which leads into the interior of the internal vessel, whereas the gas outlet is connected to a chamber, which externally surrounds the internal vessel, in the adsorption tank.

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Method for operating a hydraulic system of a submarine

The method involves assembling a portion (54) of a hydraulic system outside a pressure hull (15). The operating pressure of the portion is always held above the nominal pressure or submersible pressure of the submarine (5). A return pressure of the hydraulic system is held over the submersible pressure of the submarine. An independent claim is also included for a submarine.

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Filling system for filling a reservoir arranged in a submarine, submarine, and method for filling a reservoir arranged in a submarine

The invention relates to a filling system for filling a reservoir (6) arranged in a submarine (1) with a grainy granular material (5), wherein the filling system comprises a pumping element (22) for producing a granular material flow in the direction of the reservoir, wherein the filling system comprises a separating element (14) for removing a dust content from the granular material flow, wherein the separating element has a perforated plate (31) having holes, through which holes the dust content can be sucked out of the granular material flow.

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The invention relates to a submarine. Said submarine comprises at least one pressurized body passage (8) through which a connecting rod (18) of a linear drive (2) of a steering gear extends outside the pressurized body. The connecting rod (18) pressure-tightly extends through a seal support (30) that is pressure-tightly and floatingly mounted in the pressurized body passage.

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Antenna for a submarine

The antenna is for a submarine and has at least one electrical conductor (3, 4), which is integrated in a wall of a hollow body (1) which is pressure-tight and is permeable to electromagnetic waves.

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Submarine cable management system using magnetic marker and method therefor

The present invention relates to a submarine cable management system to which a magnetic marker system is applied, and a method therefor. The submarine cable management system is provided with a global positioning system (GPS) receiver for receiving location information of a point at which a submarine cable is installed, and comprises: a submarine cable to which a plurality of magnetic markers are attached to mark the submarine location of installation thereof by generating a magnetic force of a predetermined intensity or greater; and a submarine cable management apparatus for managing the submarine cable.

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The submarine (2) has an emergency exit lock (6) that is provided with a holding device arranged at boat-side fixed holding unit for releasable fastening at a submarine rescue suit. A control device is provided for automatically releasing the holding unit. A traction unit is connected with the boat structure having a fitting fastened at the free end of submarine rescue suit. The traction unit is rolled on a winch.

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The boat has a pressure body provided with a periscope (2), which comprises a viewing window (8), where the periscope is designed as an opto-electronic operating periscope. A pressure cleaning device is provided for cleaning the viewing window. The pressure cleaning device comprises spraying heads (14), which are arranged in an upper area of a tower of the boat. The periscope and the spraying heads are movable relative to each other. The spraying heads are connected with a cleaning agent tank that is arranged in a pressure body, where the tank is designed as a pressure container.

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