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Prosthetic-to-liner attachment mechanism

A prosthetic assembly for a residual limb that includes a sleeve for attachment to a distal portion of the residual limb, where the attachment member has a diametrically oriented magnetic field, and a prosthesis with a socket for receiving the sleeve, where the prosthesis socket has a distal end with an attachment member having a corresponding diametrically oriented magnetic field. The diametrically oriented magnetic fields of the sleeve and prosthetic attachment members may be oriented on the prosthesis and the residual limb to achieve a predetermined rotational orientation between the prosthesis and the residual limb and will facilitate removal of the prosthesis with a twisting action.

Publication number: US8206459B1 | Search similar patents

Automatic method for positioning a prosthetic tooth

The invention relates to an automatic method for positioning a prosthetic tooth or artificial tooth using a modular system, said method having the following steps: providing a prosthetic tooth; automatically gripping a specific prosthetic tooth at at least one gripping point of a plurality of specified gripping points; and automatically positioning the gripped prosthetic tooth into a fully defined position relative to the modular system for subsequent machining steps.

Publication number: WO2014083115A1 | Search similar patents

Self-forming prosthetic device and method of making the same

The present invention is directed to a self-forming prosthetic device. The present invention is further directed to a method of making the self-forming prosthetic device. In addition, the present invention is directed to a new bra for use with a prosthetic device in the form of a breast prosthesis.

Publication number: US6443986B1 | Search similar patents

Article of footwear for use with a prosthetic

An article of footwear for a prosthesis is provided and may include an upper, an outsole attached to the upper, and a midsole disposed between the upper and the outsole. The article of footwear may also include a cavity having a first portion defined between the upper and the midsole that receives the prosthesis when the prosthesis is inserted into the article of footwear and a second portion having a constant dimension between the upper and the midsole along the length of the second portion. The second portion may extend in a direction substantially parallel to a longitudinal axis of the midsole and may receive a distal end of the prosthesis when the prosthesis is fully inserted into the article of footwear.

Publication number: US2014259765A1 | Search similar patents

Coating material for prostheses and prosthetic parts

A coating material for prostheses is characterized such that it is made of an organic polymeric material which forms a solid composite with the material of which the prosthesis is produced, and that the organic polymeric material is chemically modified such that a growth of bone cells thereon is increased with regard to the prosthetic material.

Publication number: WO9930672A2 | Search similar patents

Tube adapter for a prosthetic leg

The pipe-shaped prosthesis (1) is inserted between an artificial foot (3) and an artificial knee joint (5). A connecting element (2), to be fastened with screws (8) located at the back, is provided with a scale (6) showing the angle of the pipe (1) in relation to the knee joint (5). A second scale (4), printed on the pipe element (1) indicates the length of same when attached to the upper parts (2, 5) after having been removed for a particular purpose.

Publication number: EP1593358A1 | Search similar patents

Novel biocompatible prosthetic material, prostheses or prosthetic systems consisting of said material, and method for preparing same by dual calcium and phosphorus ion implantation

A biocompatible prosthetic material characterised in that it consists of a standard prosthetic material surface-treated by dual calcium and phosphorus ion implantation in amounts and proportions sufficient to ensure the biocompatibility of the material.

Publication number: EP0814853A1 | Search similar patents

Support structure for prosthetic teeth

According to an embodiment of the invention, a support structure for prosthetic teeth comprises at least one support element which has a surface structure that is shaped such that during production of a prosthetic tooth the surface structure forms a detachable form-fitting connection with the prosthetic tooth.

Publication number: WO2015110461A1 | Search similar patents

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