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Semantic patent search

Today, doing a patent search is extremely complicated and time consuming.

At octimine we have developed a semantic patent search software that will enable you to easily conduct your patent searches, visualize the technological landscape and monitor your competitors in just a few seconds.

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It is more than just "State-of-the-art".


Our algorithm works semantically, so you can just enter a patent number or copy-paste any text in its natural language and let octimine do the rest.

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octimine will understand the intention and contextual meaning of your query and provide you with high-quality results in just a few seconds.

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Unlike with traditional Boolean searches, there is no need to spend long hours searching for all possible string combinations.

"Wow, that was fast!
- Head of IP , German DAX company

Highly relevant

Our algorithms are highly tailored to the patent language, so that only extremely relevant results are retrieved. The software is built on many years of scientific research at the University of Munich (LMU) and the Max-Planck-Institute for Innovation and Competition.

"octimine is the only company that does semantic search the way it should be done." - German Patent Attorney

Easy to use

We use analytics to give a visual display, so that anyone including someone with no patent search knowledge can perfectly understand it. Experts can use our analytics to get a deeper understanding of the analyzed technology.

"You managed to give me a better view of my own field than I ever had in the 10 years I managed it!. "
- Former patent examiner

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Citation search

Stand on the shoulder of giants

Patent examiners are known to have a very good overview of the patent landscape in their tech field. Use forward and backward citations once you have a starting document to find relevant documents in just a few seconds.

We also show you not only the direct citations, but also the ones on the second level of forward and backward citations.

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Powerful combination

You can combine search results from either semantic or boolean search approaches in just a few seconds with citation search results. This will increase the quality of your patent search.

"Using Boolean search, semantic search and citation search will bring you close to certainty!"

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