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Inkjet printer, dye printing method and ink

[Problem] To provide a dye-printing method and an ink that enable printing on a larger variety of media than conventionally. [Solution] A dye-printing method using an ink 10 that includes a solvent 11 and thermoplastic resin particles 12, which are dispersed in the solvent 11 and include a dye 13, is characterized by including: a printing step in which printing is performed on a medium 20 using the ink 10; a particle-fixing step in which the solvent 11 in the ink 10 that has been printed onto the medium 20 in the printing step is dried to thereby fix the particles 12 on the medium 20; and a resin-fixing step in which the particles 12 that have been fixed on the medium 20 in the particle-fixing step are heated at least to or above a glass-transition temperature to thereby fix the thermoplastic resin onto the medium 20.

Publication number: WO2016027881A1 | Search similar patents

Tablet having dry-ink film on surface thereof, and ink for inkjet printer

Provided are: a tablet having a dry-ink film with which information for improving identifiability can be printed on a surface of a tablet having a soft or powdery surface; and an ink for an inkjet printer.

Publication number: WO2014014010A1 | Search similar patents

Compound, pigment composition, inkjet-printing ink, inkjet printing method, inkjet printer cartridge, and inkjet-printed material

The present invention provides a compound such as one of the depicted compounds, in order to provide: a compound which makes it possible to prepare an ink exhibiting excellent storage stability; a pigment composition containing this compound; an inkjet-printing ink; an inkjet-printing method using the inkjet-printing ink; an inkjet printer cartridge; and an inkjet-printed material.

Publication number: WO2015141095A1 | Search similar patents

Flat composite material which can be printed by laser printer and label made using the same

Publication number: EP2886328A1 | Search similar patents

3d printer and 3d printing method

In this 3D printer (1), an inkjet head (10) is controlled so that to create a tone that would have been rendered by mixing equal quantities of two or three of three color components, ink for producing the relevant tone is used as colored ink and the height of the colored ink layer per unit surface area of the surface onto which it is discharged is supplemented with supplemental ink to give a prescribed height.

Publication number: WO2015199019A1 | Search similar patents

Magnetic printing media for inkjet and laserjet

The present invention relates to a magnetic printing media that is used in a laser or inkjet printer. The magnetic printing media is comprised of at least three layers, including a base layer, at least one magnetic layer, and at least one ink receptive layer. Magnetically encoded information is recorded onto the magnetic layer(s), while text and graphics are printed onto the ink receptive layer(s). In a preferred embodiment, the magnetic printing media is used to verify the authenticity of a document. In an alternate embodiment, the magnetic printing media is used to record additional information that is protected from view and from photocopying.

Publication number: EP1281536A2 | Search similar patents

Method of printing pigment-based inks including ink sets, inks and printers therefor

A method of inkjet printing includes the steps of: printing a first ink onto a print medium, the first ink including a first self-dispersible pigment, the first ink having a first pigment content A; and subsequently printing a second ink onto the print medium at least partially over the first ink, the second ink including a second pigment and a polymeric dispersant encapsulating the second pigment, the second ink having a second pigment content B. The first self-dispersible pigment and the second pigment have a same color; the pigment content A of the first ink and the pigment content B of the overprinted second ink have a relationship 0.8?A/B?1.2; and a polymer acid value of the polymeric dispersant is in the range of 100 to 170.

Publication number: US2015138271A1 | Search similar patents

System for printing documents with a post-marking roller

A system for printing a document (1) comprises a first motor (5) for driving the document with respect to the frame along a first horizontal direction, the document being vertically arranged; a printer (7) coupled to a vertical linear displacement system (9, 11, 12), and designed to print information on the document; a post-marking roller (17) bearing symbols liable to be selectively pressed on the document with interposition of an ink ribbon (19) associated with running means; a second motor (15) coupled to driving means (13, 14) of the printer and roller; and a clutch (24, 28, 30) for coupling the running means to the first motor (5) only when the printer is in a predetermined range of displacement.

Publication number: US5195433A | Search similar patents

Ink composition for 3d printing, 3d printer and method for controlling of the same

The present invention relates to an ink composition for 3D printing, a 3D printer and a method of controlling the 3D printer. An ink composition for 3D printing according to an aspect of the present invention may include surface-modified inorganic particles, a photocurable material crosslinked with the surface-modified inorganic particles and a photoinitiator which cures the photocurable material.

Publication number: WO2016108519A1 | Search similar patents

Inkjet printer, printing method, and printing system

[Problem] To provide an inkjet printer that can satisfactorily print media made of diverse materials. [Solution] An inkjet printer (1) is provided with a laser light radiation device (5) that radiates the surface of a medium (M) with laser light to form concavities (40) in at least a part of the surface of the medium (M), and an inkjet head (4) which supplies ink to the surface of the medium (M) in which the concavities (40) are formed. The inkjet printer (1) may also be additionally provided with a radiation position adjustment unit (21) that adjusts the laser light radiation position with respect to the medium (M) so that the multiple concavities (40) are formed inside the outline of a pattern formed with ink, and a supply position adjustment unit (22) that adjusts the ink supply position with respect to the medium (M) so that the ink is supplied to the concavities (40).

Publication number: WO2015199166A1 | Search similar patents

Compound, coloring composition, ink for inkjet recording, inkjet recording method, inkjet printer cartridge, inkjet recorded product, color filter, color toner, transfer ink, printing method, and fabric

Provided are: a compound represented by general formula (D) in the description; a coloring composition and ink for inkjet recording that include said compound; an inkjet recording method, inkjet printer cartridge, and inkjet recorded product that use said ink for inkjet recording; a color filter, color toner, and transfer ink that contain the compound; a printing method that uses the coloring composition or ink for inkjet recording; and a fabric that is printed using said printing method.

Publication number: WO2016052686A1 | Search similar patents

Cheques dispenser

A cheque dispenser (1) comprises feed means (3) for feeding one or more separate sheets of security paper, printer means (4) for printing variable data on said sheets of security paper to create one or more cheques, conveyor means (9), in such position relative to the printer means (4) as to convey the sheets of security paper with the two short sides substantially parallel to the conveying direction (X-X). The printer means include a thermal -transfer printer (40) for thermal transfer of ink onto the sheets of security paper and an ink jet printer (50). The dispenser (1) further comprises a stapling unit (60) and an adhesive tape binding unit (63) for binding the cheques, covers and interleaves printed out by the printer means (5, 6) to form a cheque book.

Publication number: WO2009072153A1 | Search similar patents

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