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Printable sensor technology

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Display terminal, and print control program

At a download time of contents, the information on a print-inhibiting period or a relative time period, for which the contents cannot be printed, is acquired, and the relative time is added to the download time, thereby to calculate a printable time, at which the print can be made. When a print instruction is inputted, the printable time is referred to (at S21), and the current time is acquired (at S22). It is decided (at S23) whether or not the current time exceeds the printable time. If the current time exceeds the printable time (S23: YES), printing data is created (at S24) and sent (at S25), so that a printing device is caused to execute the print. If the current time does not exceed the printable time (S23: NO), the unprintable is displayed (at S26).

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Printed or printable information support

The invention relates to an information support (50) comprising at least two bases (13a, 13b, 52) that are provided with printed or printable surfaces and are pivotally interconnected by means of connecting elements. Each of the bases can be swiveled relative to the next adjacent base about two swiveling axes (20, 58, 59) which extend parallel to each other on both sides of the respective base and are spaced apart by the width of a base. The bases are interconnected by means of at least two strip-shaped connecting elements (14a, 14b, 14c) that run perpendicular to the swiveling axes and are provided with printed or printable surfaces. The combined width of the connecting elements is approximately equivalent to the entire length of a base parallel to the swiveling axes.

Publication number: WO2008019841A2 | Search similar patents

Method and apparatus for modifying and controlling print information

Methods and apparatuses for modifying print colors are described. A subset of printable information units, such as words, text, figures and drawings, which can be located within a document or file on a computer system, are displayed in a first color designation. This first color designation is then changed to a second color designation for printing. The printable information units are then printed.

Publication number: US6817289B1 | Search similar patents

Information processing apparatus and sheet size setting method

Printable standard sheets and a range of user-defined sheets are both configured in an editable manner, and the range of user-defined sheets is automatically set in accordance with the printable standard sheets.

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Printable media, method for the production thereof in addition to the use thereof

The invention relates to a method for the production printable media, wherein a coating material containing polyvinylacetal is applied to a solid support medium. The method is characterised in that the coating material is extruded and is applied to the support medium. The invention also relates to printable media which can be obtained according to said method, in addition to the use thereof.

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Marks printed on a printable support for reading the print register

The printing marks (register marks) consist for each colour of identical visually readable parts (4, 5) and identical machine-readable parts (7, 8), but with specified different circumferential positions from colour to colour. The machine-readable parts consist of a linear section (7) in the form of lines connecting the visual parts (5, 6) and of a curved section in the form of a circle (8).

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Method and apparatus for image scaling during printing

In a computing system where there is more than one printer, a user first formats an image to fit a first printable area for a first medium on a first printer. This image when printed with the same format on a second printer on a medium with a smaller printable area will result in a clipped image. A printer system is modified to include a method to determine a scaling factor. The printer system uses this scaling factor to convert dimension-related information in a set of print data which defines the original image. The resultant print data after conversion is used to print an image on the second printable area. This image has a format which is proportional to the format of the original image.

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Printable diffusion barriers for silicon wafers

The invention relates to a novel method for producing printable, high-viscous oxide media and to the use thereof in the production of solar cells.

Publication number: WO2014101987A1 | Search similar patents

Printable adhesive and method for manufacturing joined body using same

Provided is a printable adhesive that can be screen-printed in an adhesive pattern and furthermore has satisfactory heat resistance and joining strength. The printable adhesive comprises (A) an acrylic resin with a weight-average molecular weight (Mw) of 80,000-300,000, (B) 30-70% by mass of epoxy resin relative to the acrylic resin (A), (C) a hardener, (D) an inorganic filler with an average particle diameter of 1 m or less, and (E) a solvent. The viscosity in E-type viscosity measurement is 15-800 Pa?s at a rotational rate of 1 rpm and 4-200 Pa?s at a rotational rate of 50 rpm.

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