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Plant monitoring device

A plant monitoring device according to an embodiment is provided with a determination unit and a display processing unit. The determination unit compares a first process value obtained in a time series from the first point of a subject being monitored in the plant and a corresponding limit value to determine the time when the first process value exceeds the limit value. The display processing unit causes a display device to display, in a time series, the first process value within a time range defined on the basis of the time obtained by the determination unit, and the corresponding limit value.

Publication number: WO2016098572A1 | Search similar patents

Antimicrobial and anti-algae agent for plants, a plant-growing structure and a method for suppressing propagation of fungi and algae in plant-growing

An antimicrobial and anti-algae agent for plants, includes chips and/or pieces made of rubber or plastic. When this antimicrobial and anti-algae agent is applied around a plant, the growth of the fungi and the algae can be suppressed or controlled. A plant-growing structure comprising a plant, a cultivating medium at which said plant grows, and the antimicrobial and anti-algae agent is also disclosed.

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Process for fixing carbon and for energy generation

The invention disclosed here describes a process for energy generation in power plants by combustion of aquatic biomass. In an advantageous embodiment, bacteria are used for this purpose. In a particularly advantageous embodiment, cyano bacteria and/or E. coli bacteria are used for this purpose. In a further advantageous embodiment, the bacteria comprise a plasmid which produces chlorophyll. The chlorophyll and the metabolism of the bacteria produce sugar and various high-energy compounds such as hydrogen, alcohols, proteins and fats. The bacteria are capable of utilizing the sunlight much more efficiently than plants, for example energy crops or algae. The biomass produced by means of bacteria is utilized thermally. Beforehand, chemical commodities and fine chemicals can also be obtained.

Publication number: WO2010031090A1 | Search similar patents

Methods for controlling dust and creating bio-crust

Methods for controlling dust and other particulates using photosynthetic organisms to create a bio-crust. The methods include applying algae to a site under conditions suitable for forming a layer over the site that provides dust control.

Publication number: US2008213049A1 | Search similar patents

Algae culturing apparatus and algae culturing system

?The present invention addresses the problem of providing an algae culturing apparatus and an algae culturing system including the algae culturing apparatus, for culturing a photosynthesizing algae which performs photosynthesis by absorbing light and taking in carbon dioxide. An algae culturing apparatus (11) is employed which is provided with: a culture tank (31) in which an algae (14) and a culture solution (13) for culturing the algae (14) are accommodated; and a flow generator (33) for generating a flow of the culture solution (13) toward an inside wall part (31b) from the center of the culture tank (31) at a liquid surface of the culture solution (13) and the vicinity thereof by moving the liquid surface in the culture tank (31) and the culture solution (13) in the vicinity thereof toward the inside wall part (31b) from the center of the culture tank (31), the flow generator (33) being provided to the culture tank (31).

Publication number: WO2015087858A1 | Search similar patents

Plant lighting system

Lighting systems for providing supplemental light to plants to facilitate plant growth and/or to provide supplemental lighting in situations where sunlight is insufficient. Lighting systems may use LED technology to deliver specific wavelengths of light to maximize utilization of the supplemental light for photosynthesis. By delivering light having one or more specific wavelengths, it is possible to use a light that consumes relatively little power (e.g., about 10 watts or less) while providing sufficient supplemental light to facilitate healthy plant growth. Lighting systems may include a light-sensor to facilitate control of the amount of light provided. For example, a light-sensor may be used to automatically adjust the amount (e.g., intensity or duration) of light provided when the amount of ambient light available to the plant dips below a predetermined level.

Publication number: US2010277078A1 | Search similar patents

Plant growing device and plant growing method

A plant growing device is provided with: a container (1) in which nutrient solution (F) accumulates at the bottom part; a holding unit (2) that holds plants (P) within the container (1); spray units (3) that spray the nutrient solution (F) within the container (1); and support units (5) that support the holding unit (2) and move the holding unit (2) so as to be positioned according to a drive state for the spray units (3) in a range from a spray region (D1) in which the nutrient solution (F) sprayed by the spray units (3) is supplied to roots (Q) of the plants (P) to an immersion region (D2) in which the nutrient solution (F) accumulated in the container (1) is supplied to the roots (Q) of the plants (P).

Publication number: WO2014174757A1 | Search similar patents

Green building

A green building (1) is disclosed. The green building (1) includes at least one plant growing area (10) with plants, at least one lighting device (15) and a heat pump (14). The lighting device (15) radiates light onto the plant growing area (10). The heat pump (14) receives environmental heat.

Publication number: EP2374348A1 | Search similar patents

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