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Interactive astronomical system and method

An interactive astronomical model includes a geocentric module, a heliocentric module, and a housing. The geocentric module has a central body configured to represent earth. The heliocentric module has a central axis configured to represent the sun. A housing is used to couple both the geocentric module and the heliocentric module. The invention also includes a method for generating an interactive astronomical model comprising the steps of providing a geocentric module having a central body configured to represent earth, providing a heliocentric module having a central axis configured to represent a sun; and coupling the geocentric module with the heliocentric module with a shared housing.

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Information processing system and information processing method acceptance/rejection evaluating device

It is convenient in designing a particulate-related apparatus to be able to simply evaluate whether or not to consider diffraction, except when designing an optical system. Diffraction of a de Broglie wave is likely to occur in the presence of a structure that significantly narrows a particle passage in an apparatus, for example, a slit opening. Whether the diffraction of a de Broglie wave or phase wave inside an object of design can be neglected or not is evaluated by calculating the diffraction pattern of statistical wave function (?) based on Fresnel-Kirchhoff's diffraction formula. Since a de Broglie wavelength becomes very short when a particle velocity approaches a light velocity even in the case of microscopic particles, it is normally not necessary for an accurate evaluation of diffraction to take into account a wave nature. Only relativistic particle dynamics, that is, a special relative theory needs to be used for designing an apparatus relating to such particles. Also, when semi-relativistic binary dynamics can be applied, only semi-relativistic particle dynamics needs to be used if de Broglie wave diffraction can be neglected. In either case, unification of binary dynamics is implied.

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Information processing apparatus and apparatus for evaluating whether information processing method is possible

An information processing apparatus using a design and evaluation method for a device or an apparatus concerning microscopic particles in conformity with dual mechanics is provided, and this apparatus may be utilized as an evaluation apparatus for evaluating whether or not quantum computers can be realized; wherein the dual mechanics is universal mechanics constructed by combining classical mechanics and novel wave mechanics and may be applicable to all particles ranging from microscopic to macroscopic particles. As a result, it is possible to prevent making useless efforts for realizing quantum computers that are judged to be impossible to realize and to pitch those efforts that might be wasted on the above realization into developing other effective technologies.

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Method for unifying light and gravity field using a linear field of gravity

An expanded Schrödinger wave equation is discovered that enables one to derive the relativity theory in a direct fashion. Also a method of producing graviton is developed, and gravity is provided as motive power that replaces electromagnetic force. De Broglie's material wave is generated on the basis of the kinetic momentum of an object moving through space. In this connection, one may regard an object at rest as being in motion in a direction of time axis, and may call a new wave motion generated by that motion a “reference wave motion.” Further, by assuming the wavelength of this reference wave motion to be a frame of reference for time and space, one may derive the relativity theory, and then one can find an equation of gravity field obtained from that theory to be a linear equation. Either a gravity wave that satisfies this equation or a graviton obtained by quantizing that gravity wave results from the combining of four different electromagnetic waves.

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Driven relativistic oscillator to produce controlled deformations in local space-time curvature as a method for achieving particle confinement

This claim for patent describes a device which converts electromagnetic energy from an external “pump” laser into energy stored in the gravitational field. Using the pump laser and powerful magnetic constraining fields, charged particles are accelerated to near light speed. Laser energy is converted into increased relativistic mass of the accelerated, driven particles, producing an increase in the magnitude of the local curvature of spate-time. This is the basic method used by the Gravitational Curvature Capacitor (GCC).As the electromagnetic pump fields become more intense, requiring a departure from the weak field approximation, a new, dynamical structure emerges in the probability density function describing the orbital electrons.In a time averaged sense, as the particle relativistic mass increases, with energy supplied by the pump laser, a local warp in the space-time builds. This deformation in space-time produced in this manner is in most ways indistinguishable from that produced by a massive, nearly stationary object.The GCC is a principal component of the Driven Inertial Mass Oscillator Nutator (DIMON 1) as described in this claim for patent.

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Posteinstein-bohr definitive end and development of new physics with consequences as superaccelerators and direct electricity transformation into light

After spectacular End of classical genial Einstein-Bohr Physics (PCT/IB00/00843, Exemplary Search: “PCT Gazette” April 2001), this development of New Physics (combined PCTIFR0211308; /2583; 12709) crushes definitively ridiculous Construction of Humanity Impass for centuries (including essential of consecutive Modern Physics), making feasibility of fantastical applications too evident: apriori agreement about synchronism of distanced observers, ridiculous trick of Schrödinger equation, quantum spin of separated particles, special “law” of symmetry violation, famous quarks are examples of Impass falseness. Oppositely, developing network of New Physics is perfect. Nature of electric and gravitational fields is definitively confirmed with conducting electronic and muonic neutrinos (nu) and antineutrino (anti-nu) with frequent periodic “trains” of particle transformations. Contrary to 2nd Thermodynamic law, all radiation does not leave Universe, because of complete reflections from borders, behind which there is no nu and anti-nu. At periodic Universe contractions, this concentrated radiation makes Explosions (Big Bangs). “Gravitation lenses” are due to elevated nu and anti-nu concentrations near colossal masses. Galaxies with disks (and spirals) are created by luminous exploded matter, seized by Black Holes. Overlight speeds of (charged) cosmic “rays” guarantee almost complete passage through Sun and Moon, without interaction with electro-magnetic fields of matter. Radioactivity is due to cause of knocking by such “rays” (protectable, changeable). Big Bang condition imitations permit to create titanic stable temperatures. Increase of forces and speeds of directing electric and magnetic fileds in accelerators (with help of nu and anti-nu beams, also developed) produces particles with colossal overlight speeds. Such superaccelerators produce radiation shorter than gamma, that could produce very frequent electric current, that could produce directly electromagnetic waves (direct visible light too). Destruction (in any depth!) of targets can be done with special combination of such beams. Correct falseness proofs of Michelson and of short pulses application in time-resolved spectroscopy.

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Method and model of the universe

A computer-assisted method includes creating a model of a universe based on a plurality of assumptions and applying the model of the universe to solve a problem. The plurality of assumptions include: (a) in transiting a boundary of a black hole the field lines of the black hole reverse relative to the reference frame of the particle, (b) a quantum particle emerges from the black hole through an axial jet and emanates from a black hole; (c) field lines of the particle reverse and the particle changes into an anti-particle; (d) to maintain conservation of charge, there is a mirror universe, {overscore (U)}, of the universe, U; (f) both universes evolve identically; and (g) an inter-region, I, connects U and {overscore (U)}.

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Method and apparatus for concealing sound wave

Disclosed is a method and apparatus for concealing sound waves. A method for concealing sound waves, according to an embodiment of the present invention, comprises the steps of: transforming a mathematical sound wave transmission model into a mathematical sound wave concealment model corresponding to a mathematical electromagnetic wave model on the basis of the correlation between the mathematical sound wave transmission model predetermined for sound wave transmission and the mathematical electromagnetic wave model predetermined for electromagnetic waves; deriving target characteristics of meta-material using the transformed mathematical sound wave concealment model; and shielding an area including a target object from sound waves by disposing the meta-material having the derived target characteristics to surround the area, wherein the mathematical electromagnetic wave model includes the mathematical model of Maxwell's equations, and the transforming of the mathematical sound wave transmission model includes transforming the mathematical sound wave transmission model into the mathematical sound wave concealment model by substituting the mathematical sound wave transmission model into a relativistic coordinate space transformation method on the basis of Maxwell's equations.

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Method for optimization of measurement standard and industrial engineering calculation method using the same

Measurement standards are optimized via the unification of measurement unit of physical properties into dimensionless numbers. There is an invariance equations governing natural phenomena, and is never abstract and inevitably linked to . All measurement units (physical quantities) into dimensionless numbers with the minimum natural (boundary) condition are unified based on nature's invariance equations, setting up the new measurement standard and optimizing measurement and calculation. In the expression of physical quantities, numbers representing quantity and units are combined. Based on nature's invariance equations, the minimum object-based numbers related to all measurement units are discovered. Using these numbers, all measurement units including basic units can be converted into the system of dimensionless numbers. As all measurement units are expressed as numbers without any dimension, compatibility of measurement units is in place. Thus, the barriers between different areas of academia are crossed over and synergistic effects are reaped.

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Systems and methods of calculating electron dynamics using spin-dependent quantum trajectories

Methods and systems for calculating electron or ion dynamics using spin-dependent quantum trajectories are disclosed. According to one exemplary embodiment of the present invention, electron or ion dynamics are obtained by solving a set of equations for electrons' motion using spin-dependent quantum trajectories calculated from electron current with one equation for each electron in the atomic structure of a material of interest. The set of equations is time-dependent Schr�dinger or Dirac equations for the nonrelativistic and relativistic regime, respectively. The electron current contains a set of spin-dependent terms that guarantee Fermi-Dirac statistics are obeyed. Steady state solution of the set of equations for electrons' motion is a set of wave functions in a three-dimensional space and in time. The spin-dependent quantum trajectories for each of the electrons are updated at each solution cycle, and therefore, mean-field approximation is avoided.

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Trajectory solid angle's impacts to physics and high technologies

In 1974, a well-known research problem in Statistical Mechanics entitled "To determine and define the probability function P.sub.2 of a particle hitting a predesignated area, given all its parameters of generation and ejection." was openly solicited for its solution from research and development organizations in U.S.A. One of many proposed solutions of the problem, initiated at that time, is by means of the TRAJECTORY SOLID ANGLE(TSA). TSA is defined as the integral of the dot product of the unit tangent of the particle's trajectory to the vectorial area divided by the square of the position vector connecting between the point of ejection and that of the surface to be hit. The invention provides:(1) The precise and the unique solution of a previously unsolved P.sub.2 problem:(2) Impacts to the governmental NRC safety standards and DOD weaponary systems and many activities in the Department of Energy;(3) Impacts to update the contents of text books of physics and mathematics of all levels; (4) Impacts to the scientific instrumentations with applications in high technologies. The importance of TRAJECTORY SOLID ANGLE can be quoted from a letter by the late Institute Professor P. M. Morse of MIT who reviewed the DOE proposal P7900450 (reference No. 7) in 1979 and addressed to the inventor." If the TRAJECTORY SOLID ANGLE is correct it will provide a revolutionary concept in physics. . . ".

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Technical and theoretical specifications for warp drive technology

The present invention relates to the use of technical drive systems, which operate by the modification of gravitational fields. These drive systems do not depend on the emission of matter to create thrust but create a change in the curvature of space-time, in accordance with general relativity. This allows travel by warping space-time to produce an independent warp drive system. Differentials electron flow through a body in rotation is directed so as to simultaneously pass through a said body In its direction of

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Knowledge management portal for rapid learning and assessment of science

The present invention is related to a scientific knowledge management learning-portal system and method that provides appropriate levels of programming and feedback for allowing end-users to rapidly grasp science in its most-elemental and most-useful aspects, specifically the mastery of the tools for assessing, measuring, and improving scientific-value. The system and method of the invention also teaches appropriate use of scientific knowledge management tools to any person who is suitably prepared to learn how to operate such a scientific-value oriented learning system, without requiring said person to have prior knowledge of the physical sciences, in substantially less time than that required for achieving similar levels of scientific skills-mastersy through currently known conventional methods, systems or devices.

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Method and system for predicting a signal generated in signal processing apparatus

A signal pattern representing a signal formed by quanta discretely distributed on a time base is generated. One of a plurality of destination circuits for branching is allocated to each of quanta within the generated signal pattern so that the ratio of the numbers of quanta in the plurality of destination circuits equals a predetermined branching ratio. A signal pattern representing a signal to be input to each of the destination circuits is generated assuming that each quantum enters only an allocated destination circuit. Thus, a result of processing of a signal processing apparatus for processing a signal formed by a very small number of quanta is predicted.

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Unified method and system for multi-dimensional mapping of spatial-energy relationships among micro and macro-events in the universe

A unified method and system that utilizes non-geodesic Platen (26) geometry of integrated Small Circles (52) and Small Polygons (54) to generate maps of spatial-energy relationships among micro-Events and macro-Events in the Universe. This method and system assumes universal continuous integrated relationships among all Events (22) with Spatial structures. This iterative method and system of map-making can be directional (30) and/or omni-directional (62) in its pattern of development. Maps generated with this method and system can show hierarchical levels of existence and multi-dimensional relationships among Events in the Universe. The mapping method and system shows energetic components inherent in the structural fabric of Space (66) and demonstrates the explanation for the expansion of the Universe.

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