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Method and apparatus for supporting a motorcycle

Aspects of the invention are directed to methods and apparatus for supporting a motorcycle. In one aspect, a motorcycle stand for supporting a motorcycle in an upright position, the motorcycle stand includes a base to support a wheel of the motorcycle, a pivot member fixedly coupled to the base, and a stop coupled to the base. The pivot member may be constructed and arranged to enable the base to move from a first position in which the base is adapted to receive the wheel of the motorcycle and a second position in which the base is adapted to support the motorcycle in an upright position.

Publication number: US2007068881A1 | Search similar patents

Bike and motorcycle padlock

A bike and motorcycle padlock includes a lock core rod, at least one connecting rod and a lock rod pivotally connected together. The lock core rod has one end provided with a locking hole, while the locking rod has its free end provided with a locking member to be inserted in the locking hole of the lock core rod. The lock core rod, the connecting rod and the locking rod are pivotally connected together to make up the bike and motorcycle padlock by means of connecting members, able to be expanded for use quickly and collapsed for storing conveniently.

Publication number: US6820448B1 | Search similar patents

Apparatus and method for gravity casting a motorcycle wheel

An improved mold for casting motorcycle wheels includes a wider rim cavity having smooth contours to facilitate the flow of molten metal within the mold cavity.

Publication number: US6463994B1 | Search similar patents

Apparatus for filtering and cooling motorcycle engine oil

Apparatus of unitary construction and including an oil filter support, an oil cooler and an oil filter is employed to filter and cool engine oil, the oil passing along a serpentine path in the oil cooler after being filtered and before being returned to the motorcycle.

Publication number: US6811686B1 | Search similar patents

Decal protector and protection method

A decal plate assembly for a motocross motorcycle includes an underlying base plate such as a number plate that is mounted to the vehicle. A decal having printed indicia thereon is attached to the base plate via adhesive or being integrally molded into the base plate. Additionally, the transparent cover plate at least partially covers a portion of the decal and the underlying base plate to prevent wear of the decal. This is particular applicable to high wear regions such as in the boot area of the motocross motorcycle where decals are typically subject to high wear.

Publication number: US2009068392A1 | Search similar patents

Motorcycle case test station

The station (100) has motorcycle case supports (2, 2', 2'', 2''') mounted at the station such that the supports are attached at motorcycle cases (1, 1', 1'', 1'''). Top case supports are mounted at the station. Side case supports (4, 4', 4'', 4''') are mounted at the station, where the station is vertically adjusted with elongated extension. Mounting tools (5, 5') mount the motorcycle cases and are attached at the motorcycle case supports at the station in an undetachable manner. An adapter unit is attached at the station by a steel cable.

Publication number: EP2363046A1 | Search similar patents

Exhaust device of motorcycle

A motorcycle is equipped with a V-type engine in which front and rear cylinders are arranged in a V-shape along a vehicle front and rear direction. An exhaust device includes: a catalyst device disposed on an exhaust downstream side of a collection part of an exhaust pipe of the front cylinder and an exhaust pipe of the rear cylinder; and a connecting pipe via which the exhaust pipe of the front cylinder and the exhaust pipe of the rear cylinder communicate with each other, and the connecting pipe passes through a space between the exhaust pipe of the rear cylinder and the catalyst device.

Publication number: US2015135687A1 | Search similar patents

Test stand for motorcycles or other two-wheeled vehicles

A test stand for motorcycles or other two-wheeled vehicles, comprising a frame with a platform (1) mounted thereon for receiving the motorcycle to be checked with its rear wheel resting on a roller (2) rotatably mounted on the frame and fitted in an opening in the platform (1). The platform forms the top wall of a box (3) through which extends a motorcycle exhaust gas removal circuit comprising at least one exhaust gas duct (4) located outside the box with a suction opening at its upper end. The position of said duct may be adjusted to align the suction opening with the outlet of the motorcycle exhaust pipe.

Publication number: WO9511436A1 | Search similar patents

Motorcycle grips with pressure sensors and alarm system

A pressure sensitive alarm system for solving the problem of arm pump commonly experienced by competitive motocross riders is provided. The system comprises motorcycle grips which incorporate one or more pressure sensors. The pressure sensors provide a signal to a control unit which compares the magnitude of the pressure sensor signal to a predetermined threshold value. When the predetermined threshold value is exceeded the control unit activates an alarm and maintains the alarm until the rider's grip pressure falls below the predetermined threshold value. The predetermined threshold value is a pressure magnitude which when exceeded by a rider is likely to lead the onset of arm pump. Means are provided for individually tailoring the predetermined threshold value to the specific needs of an individual rider.

Publication number: US2011063120A1 | Search similar patents

Stand for securing a two-wheeled vehicle, especially a motocross-motorcycle

A stand (1) for securing a two-wheeled vehicle, especially a motocross motorcycle (2). The stand includes a base part (3) to be positioned on a surface (18), a lifting member (4) being vertically displaceable in relation to the base part (3) between a lowered position and a raised position and having a supporting surface (5) adapted to abut a downwardly facing surface of the vehicle. The stand is provided with at least one retaining member (6) having a downwardly facing contact face (7) adapted to engage an upwardly facing surface (8) of the vehicle and to secure the vehicle jointly with the lifting member in the raised position thereof. The retaining member (6) is mounted on a holding member (9) being mounted on the base part (3) and projecting upwardly there-from such that the vehicle (2) is clamped between the retaining member (6) and the lifting member (4), when said lifting member is moved to its raised position.

Publication number: WO2004002872A1 | Search similar patents

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