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Mobile telephone device

The present invention relates to a mobile telephone device (30) including a single transceiver (33) for connecting the telephone device to a mobile telephone network and a controller (58) coupled to the transceiver, the controller operative to place the mobile telephone device in either a telephone condition thereby allowing a user to selectively connect to the mobile telephone network or in response to receiving an alarm signal, an alarm condition to connect the transceiver to the mobile telephone network and thereby notify a predetermined terminal of the receipt of the alarm signal.

Publication number: WO2004008732A1 | Search similar patents

Method for authentication in a terminal by the access to the content of a sim card in a mobile telephone

The method involves establishing connection between a subscriber identity module (SIM) card and a smart card driver (3) e.g. bank card driver, that reads content of the card. A subscriber is authenticated via a mobile network. Available credit information for the subscriber and nature of services are sent to the driver via the network. The services supplied by the driver are accessed by a user.

Publication number: EP1489826A1 | Search similar patents

Method and apparatus for practicing ip telephony from an internet-capable radio

An Internet radio device is provided, having a dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) telephony mode for practicing telephony and for enabling one-touch initiation and call connection of an IP telephone call to a recipient device. The internet radio comprises, an IP telephony software application for enabling IP telephony, a modem for accessing and connecting to a data-packet-network, a sound circuitry for facilitating audio conversion and transmission, and a programmable array of input indicia for enabling one touch initiation and connection of an IP telephony call operating in the telephony mode. When a user selects the IP telephony mode IP telephony calling is enabled wherein the user may activate a pre-programmed indicia for the purpose of initiating and establishing an IP telephony call to an intended recipient device.

Publication number: EP1415447A1 | Search similar patents

Automatic emergency call notification to pre-designated personal emergency contacts

Automatic notification is provided to pre-designated emergency contacts for a given wireless subscriber upon the occurrence of an emergency call from the subscriber. Triggering for the automatic notification may take place at an appropriate time in the emergency call, e.g., at a time the emergency call is received, at a time during the emergency call after a current location of the emergency caller is obtained by the emergency network, once the emergency call terminates, after a set amount of time after the emergency call is received, terminates, etc. The automatic notification is preferably made using voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), but may instead be pre-designated by the subscriber to be in an alternative mode, e.g., by SMS, switched telephone, etc. An option is included for the emergency caller to cancel the automatic notification. The location of the emergency caller may be configurably provided to a notified emergency contact.

Publication number: EP2067349A2 | Search similar patents

Handheld devices including a key system to manipulate a vehicle

A handheld device (100) includes a first main part (10), and a second main part (20). The first main part (10) includes a key system (18) to manipulate a vehicle (30), a storage (16) to store a number of instructions, and a first processor (14) to execute the instructions to generate information. The second main part (10) includes an input unit (24) to generate commands in response to user's operations, and an output unit (22, 27) to output the information.

Publication number: EP2717601A1 | Search similar patents

Systems and methods for using two or more subscriber identification module cards in telematics applications

A system for providing access to a telematics service provider has a network access device and an antenna in communication with the network access device. The antenna provides wireless communication between the processor and the telematics service provider. A processor of the network access device is configured to send an equipment identifier and a subscriber identifier of a network access device to the a telematics service provider, send an equipment identifier of the network access device and the subscriber identifier of a secondary device to the telematics service provider, and determine if data received from the telematics service provider is to be processed by the processor of the network access device or the secondary device.

Publication number: WO2012112287A1 | Search similar patents

Alarm communication device

An alarm messaging device (10) incorporates a motion detector (12), subscribed identification module (SIM) and control circuitry (16). When the motion detector (12) is active and detects movement, the control circuitry (16) causes a text message to be sent to a user's cell phone to indicate to a user that the motion detector (12) has been triggered.

Publication number: WO2004042669A1 | Search similar patents

Osteogenic devices

A method and system for controlling the provisioning of a device with information for accessing services of a wireless service provider via a wireless network is provided. The provisioning system initially stores automatic provisioning information on the device that includes the identification of wireless service providers that have the capability to automatically provision the device. When a user of the device wants to subscribe to a service of a service provider, the provisioning system requests an automatic provisioning service of the service provider to provide information describing available services and information needed to subscribe to those services. When the user selects a service and provides the needed information, the provisioning system retrieves provisioning information for the selected service from the service provider. The provisioning system stores the provisioning information on the device so that the device can then be used to access the selected service of the service provider.

Publication number: US2006116507A1 | Search similar patents

Subscriber identity module, mobile station and method for performing a smart card function

The invention relates to a subscriber identity module that makes it possible to integrate different smart card functions with the SIM card used in a mobile station. The object of the invention is to enable new diversified service combinations to be implemented so as to allow them to be utilised via a data communication device, such as a mobile station. A feature characteristic of these service combinations is that a part of the series of actions is carried out in a system and/or application external to the data communication system and the data communication device in addition to or instead of wireless communication between the mobile station and the data communication system/application.

Publication number: EP0965238A1 | Search similar patents

Message injection system and method

A communication bridging device has a processor and a memory. The communication device includes an application unit operating an application that transmits and receives communication signals to a first communication device over a first wireless network, a wireless interface unit that transmits and receives communication signals to a second communication device over a second wireless network, and a switching unit communicatively coupled to the application unit and the wireless interface unit. The switching unit transmits communication signals between the first network and the second network in a bridging mode. The application unit transmits communication signals from the switching unit to the first communication device over the first wireless network in the bridging mode, and the wireless interface unit transmits communication signals from the switching unit to the second communication device over the second wireless network in the bridging mode.

Publication number: WO2014123811A2 | Search similar patents

Radio mobile terminal provided with an additional reader of chip cards

Radio mobile terminal provided with an additional chip card reader of prepaid chip cards, which can be made available both on a terminal realized according to the TACS technology and on a terminal employing the GSM technology. The prepaid chip card embodies the payment means for the radio mobile telephone service.

Publication number: EP0840973A1 | Search similar patents

Location tagging phone calls for one-to-one, conference, and call center calls

A subscriber-based calling communications system and method for mobile devices that utilizes call request packets of a plurality of formats including caller location coordinates to enable call setup including the caller's location such that long distance or local call service providers can provide caller location information to the recipient call center or the called party and at the same time, automate subscriber call setup and subscriber call forwarding based on the subscribers known mobile device location.

Publication number: WO2014184680A2 | Search similar patents

Routing paging messages for multiple subscription identities of a single communication device via a single paging channel

A method is provided for conserving power on a wireless communication device having multi-subscription capabilities. Instead of scanning different paging channels for each of a plurality of subscriptions, power may be conserved by using a single paging channel from a serving access network for all paging messages from the plurality of subscriptions. The wireless communication device may provide a serving access network information for the plurality of subscriptions, where each of the plurality of subscriptions is associated with a different paging channel. The serving access network may select or obtain a single paging channel for all paging messages from different core networks associated with the plurality of subscriptions. The wireless communication device may be informed of the selected paging channel by the access network so it monitors for paging messages for all subscriptions on that selected paging channel only.

Publication number: WO2014150592A2 | Search similar patents

Cellular data communication core

A core device (221) is provided which is adapted to interface with a plurality of host communications devices (211, 213, 215, 217, and 219) of a diverse type to enable the host device communications devices (211, 213, 215, 217, and 219) to communicate with other devices over one or more networks (203, 205, 207, and 209). The core device (221) having a memory device (509) which stores account infomation related to the plurality of host devices (211, 213, 215, 217, and 219), an input/output device which interfaces with the circuitry of each of the plurality of host devices (21 1, 213, 215, 217, and 219) to allow data to be read from, and written to, the memory device (509), and one or more antenna (503, 505) which are adapted topermit communication between the core device (221) and a network (203, 205, 207, and 209).

Publication number: WO2006105447A2 | Search similar patents

Multi-mode mobile station supporting multiple cellular telephone system operation with limited subscriber identity module card

A multi-mode mobile station receives a subscriber identity module (SIM) card storing at least certain communications standard required subscription information that is common to a plurality of types of cellular telecommunications systems. The mobile station also includes an internal memory for storing communications standard required subscription information unique to each type of cellular telecommunications systems for which mobile station operations are supported. If a certain type of cellular telecommunications system is selected for mobile station operation, and the inserted SIM card fails to include the necessary communications standard required subscription information for that type of system, the common information is extracted from the SIM card and used in combination with the internal memory stored unique information specific to the selected type of system in effectuating mobile station operation.

Publication number: EP0922370A1 | Search similar patents

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