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Medical tattoos technology

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Kit containing tattoos for medical and surgical applications

A method and system for applying temporary tattoos or other surface indications in locations remote from a region of medical/surgical treatment is disclosed. The method/system allows medical/surgical staff to indicate treatment and/or patient information in a non-invasive but reliable manner through temporary application of a tattoo or other surface indication at a location remote from a medical/surgical treatment region. The tattoos may include verbiage and/or schematic depictions, and advantageously convey information derived with respect to the patient/individual, e.g., allergies, physical conditions and the like. Utilization of the method/system of the present disclosure minimizes the likelihood of medical/surgical errors by effectively communicating information concerning individuals/patients to surgical/medical personnel.

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System for providing an informative temporary tattoo for a traveler

Disclosed is a system providing both personal and medical information regarding a traveler using a temporary tattoo. The temporary tattoo is applied to the wearer's body at an appropriate place to indicate a medical condition or emergency contact information. The temporary tattoo can also provide personal information in multiple languages and entered by the wearer.

Publication number: US2012107543A1 | Search similar patents

Method for producing a tattoo ink

The invention relates to a method for producing a tattoo ink, a carbon extracted from vegetable and/or animal and/or human material being added to a base composition of the tattoo ink.

Publication number: EP3003492A1 | Search similar patents

System and method of utilizing a machine readable medical marking for managing surgigal procedures

The method and system include marking a surgery site (e.g., location of surgical incision) or a site of other medical action with a machine-readable medical marking (e.g., bar code or a dot pattern), which may be used in conjunction with (1) a scanner for reading the machine-readable medical marking and (2) a controller for controlling medical actions in response to the read machine-readable medical marking. The system and method ensure the validation of the surgical procedure, the patient awaiting the surgical procedure, and the site or location on the patient where the surgery is to be performed. Utilizing a scanning device for reading machine-readable medical markings, and a controller, there are additional means to check and double check the medical action before the actual medical action (e.g., surgery) is performed.

Publication number: EP1815385A2 | Search similar patents

Preoperative surgery site stamp system

A method of stamping a patients body to convey medical information and a kit for accomplishing the method is disclosed. The method provides for positioning medical information related to a medical procedure to be performed at a location on the patients body related to the procedure to be performed.

Publication number: US2004236315A1 | Search similar patents

Surgical tattooing apparatus and method

Instrumentation and a method for facilitating surgical tattooing in connection with radiation thereby incorporating a novel ink dispensing instrument having sterile tattoo ink. The dispensing instrument is connectable to a surgical tattoo needle to ensure the delivery of sterile ink during each procedure. Subsequent to demarcation, the instrument and needle may be discarded.

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Pre-operative surgical site marking with a temporary customizable tattoo

The present invention provides devices and methods for clearly and consistently marking a patient prior to a procedure. In particular, the invention provides a temporary tattoo for marking a patient at a site of a procedure. The tattoo may indicate any information that would be helpful to a medical practitioner clearly and consistently mark a patient for a procedure. In some embodiments, the tattoo may indicate types of information including, but not limited to, information indicative of the laterality of the procedure, the type of procedure, the medical practitioner, the institution, or the department. In certain embodiments, the tattoo may indicate the location of the procedure with a “yes”. In other embodiments, the invention provides a method for marking a patient at the site of a procedure.

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Handheld device for the at least one tattooing needle of a tattooing machine

The invention relates to a handheld device (1; 1'; 1") for the at least one tattooing needle of a tattooing machine for tattooing in a handheld manner. Means (2) for changing the dead weight of the device (1; 1'; 1") are provided. The invention further relates to a tattooing machine comprising such a handheld device (1; 1'; 1").

Publication number: WO2013056699A1 | Search similar patents

Method and system for tattooing analog or digital content

The invention relates to a method for tattooing analog or digital content (102) comprising at least one audio component (112), including the following steps: generating a tattooing signal (120; 120a-120c) from a repetition of a predetermined key signal (122) according to at least one tattooing code (124; 124a-124c), encrypting said tattooing signal (120; 120a-120c) using at least one predetermined encryption code (128), and superimposing said encrypted tattooing signal on said audio component (112) at at least one position within said audio component (112). The invention also relates to a use of such a tattooing process for the remote control of a device receiving the tattooed content. The invention also relates to a system and apparatus implementing such a method.

Publication number: WO2011086264A2 | Search similar patents

Method for the preparation of devices for use in medical or surgical operations

Method for provision of units suitable for the carrying out of medical or surgical interventions has a workstation connected to a data processing unit with an operating unit and a display. The intervention to be carried out is called up via the operating field so that the display unit displays the unit or units suitable for carrying it out. - The invention also relates to corresponding computer software and a computer system for implementation of the inventive method.

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Method and apparatus for storing and reading medical records from a magnetic card

A method of providing medical personnel with a patient's preselected medical information. The method comprises the steps of providing a card having at least one magnetic strip disposed thereon and embedding the patient's preselected medical information into the at least one magnetic strip disposed on said card.

Publication number: US2006060648A1 | Search similar patents

Producing method of cosmetics composition for a lip tattoo pack and therefrom

Disclosed is a cosmetic composition spread on lips to provide a color to lips. Disclosed are a lip pack cosmetic composition for tattooing and a method of preparing the same wherein lips are pigmented and thereby have tattoo effects by removing a formed layer after pigmenting a color on lips and drying the pigmented lips.

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