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Method and terminal for executing human-computer interaction function

A method and a terminal for executing human-computer interaction function are disclosed by an embodiment of the present invention, the method and the terminal are used for breaking the situation that the existing desktop programs are closed to each other and can not be combined with each other, and enabling users to use the human-computer interaction functions of multiple desktop programs at the same time. The method in the embodiment of the present invention includes?when the first human-computer interaction function is executed, calling a first application corresponding to the first human-computer interaction function of the first desktop program, executing the first application, and providing the first human-computer interaction function; when the second human-computer interaction function is executed, calling a second application corresponding to the second human-computer interaction function of the second desktop program, executing the second application, and providing the second human-computer interaction function.

Publication number: WO2016004625A1 | Search similar patents

Electronic device and human-computer interaction method

An electronic device includes an input/output (I/O) port and an instruction receiver located adjacent to the I/O port. When an external storage device is connected to the I/O port and the instruction receiver receives a predefined instruction input by a user, the electronic device generates a graphical user interface (GUI) to display a folder associated with the external storage device. A human-computer interaction method is also provided.

Publication number: US2014282236A1 | Search similar patents

Human machine interface for vehicles including a touch sensor

The present invention generally relates to a human machine interface ('HMI') for a vehicle and more particularly for an HMI for a vehicle. A human machine interface 10 includes user control 12 with a touch sensor 40, a controller 46, and a display 16. The controller 46 is configured to control the display 16 based on the touch sensor 40. When the touch sensor senses contact with the user control 12, the controller 46 activates the display 16. In addition, the controller 46 may display a symbol corresponding to the user setting manipulated by the user control 12 and a graphic indicating the level of the user setting (Figs 5A-5C not shown).

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In-vehicle micro-interactions

A message specifying one or more queries to be provided via a human machine interface (HMI) is received in a vehicle computer. A total estimated cognitive load is determined for an operator of the vehicle based on an estimated current cognitive load and an estimated cognitive load associated with the one or more queries. The one or more queries are provided via the HMI if the total estimated cognitive load is at or below a predetermined threshold.

Publication number: US2015321604A1 | Search similar patents

Human-computer interface interaction system and method

A human-computer interface (HCI) interaction system is provided, which comprises: an input device, which is used for inputting a keyword string sequence and transmitting the keyword string sequence to a display device, and the input device is used for inputting select instructions and transmitting the select instructions to the call module after the target information object is found by the search module; a storage repository, which is used for storing information objects; a search module, which is used for finding the matching information objects from the information objects stored in the storage repository according to the inputted keyword string sequence; an output module, which is used for outputting the obtained information objects by searching to the display device; a display device, which is used for forming an input region on the displayed mobile terminal desktop to display the keyword string sequence inputted by the input device and displaying the information object list outputted by the output module; a call module, which is used for selecting the target information object from the displayed information object list according to the select instructions inputted by the input device and calling the target information object. An HCI interaction method is also provided. The invention can search for the matching information object and directly call the properties of the information object by directly inputting the keyword string sequence on the desktop of the mobile terminal, so that the information object can be searched and called more rapidly and conveniently.

Publication number: WO2010124510A1 | Search similar patents

Control system and information processing method

Provided is a control system, comprising: a human-computer interaction device (1) and a main controller (2); the main controller (2) separately connects to an air conditioning main machine system (100) and a photovoltaic system (200); when the photovoltaic central air conditioning system is in operation, the main controller (2) receives a control command sent by the human-computer interaction device (1), and on the basis of the received control command, controls the operation of the air conditioning main machine system (100) and the photovoltaic system (200); at the same time, the main controller (2) obtains the operation information of the photovoltaic central air conditioning system, and sends the operation information to the human-computer interaction device (1) for display. The control system has a simple structure and low power consumption. Also disclosed is an information processing method used for the human-computer interaction device (1) of the control system.

Publication number: WO2016011966A1 | Search similar patents

Man-machine interaction method and interface

Provided is a man-machine interaction method in a 3D multi-touch environment, which fully develops the advantages of 3D multi-touch, and enables a user to express abundant operation information with very few operations. Provided is a page browsing mode using pressure data, which enables the user to more quickly and accurately perform page browsing by using the pressure data.

Publication number: WO2014075612A1 | Search similar patents

Method and system for audio interaction between human being and computer

An audio interactive method for interface between human being and a computer comprises a step (21) of receiving human words from a voice input device which recognizes conversation between human being and a computer, a step (22) of interpreting the words of conversation and creating words of response by the computer, a step (23) of allowing a voice generator to produce words of response by the computer to human words, a step (24) of entering the words of response from the computer using the voice input device, and a step (25) of canceling the words of response from the computer by a voice cancellation device to remove them from what the computer should recognition.

Publication number: WO02061729A1 | Search similar patents

Secure information interactive device

Provided is a secure information interactive device, comprising: a first system management device providing an operating environment for a regular application operation; a second system management device providing an operating environment in a secure mode for a secure operation, to conduct secure information interactive processes; and a user interface providing a man-machine interactive interface for a user to complete the initial login operation of a secure carrier. The secure information interactive device of the present invention has a high level of security and facilitates access to a secure carrier.

Publication number: WO2014131326A1 | Search similar patents

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