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Magnetic ink character recognition technology

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Cheque recognition device and method

A cheque recognition device includes a magnetic ink character recognition unit disposed on a cheque moving path along which an introduced cheque is transferred such that it can recognize a magnetic ink character printed on the cheque headed for one side of the cheque moving path; and a control unit for analyzing the magnetic ink character recognized in the magnetic ink character recognition unit to verify whether or not the cheque is normal.

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Method of calibrating a magnetic character bearing document

A method of calibrating a document having a magnetic character on the document comprises measuring by testing equipment, magnetic flux level of a known current passed through a specified conductor to establish a first signal having a first signal strength represented by a unit value, passing the document through the testing equipment to provide a second signal having a second signal strength produced by magnetic flux of the character and assigning a value to the second signal strength in comparison to and shown in units as a percentage of the unit value of the first signal strength.This is a continuation of now abandoned application Ser. No. 07/973,410, filed Nov. 9, 1992.

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Micr line blocker-invisimicr

Checks, drafts and negotiable instruments are modified to optically hide, block or print over the account number encoded on the standard MICR line, using non-magnetic ink. This deters casual check fraud by visually obscuring an account number on the check, while allowing the number to be magnetically read using MICR check scanners.

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Method of creating a substitute check and an apparatus therefor

A substitute check is created for an original check which has an encode line printed thereon. Check image data which is representative of an image of the original check is received and analyzed to establish positioning of MICR characters within the encode line of the original check. An encode line of the substitute check is formatted based upon the positioning of MICR characters within the encode line of the original check such that the formatted encode line of the substitute check matches the encode line of the original check. The formatted encode line of the substitute check is printed to create at least a portion of the substitute check.

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System for concurrent check validation and micr encoding

The present invention comprises a system and method for validating MICR information on a financial document (18) and concurrently encoding the financial document with additional MICR information. The system (10) includes an input device for receiving information to be printed on the financial document, a MICR device having a MICR reader element and a MICR printer element, and a validation system in communication with the input device and/or MICR device. The MICR reader element reads MICR information printed on the financial document and transfers that information to the validation system for validation. The validation system returns a validation signal for use in printing validation information on the financial document. Further, the MICR printer element concurrently prints additional MICR information on the document, such as the transaction amount. In another embodiment, a MICR system for on-demand and real-time printing of MICR documents includes an input device for receiving information to be MICR printed, a MICR device for reading and printing MICR information on the document in real time, and optionally a computer for running software to create the images to print on the MICR document.

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Document character recognition system for identifying magnetic ink

A character recognition system for selectively reading and identifying a plurality of characters printed in magnetic ink on a first document and a second document. The documents being bank checks and the like. The system used with reader/sorter equipment for delivering data to an on-line computer. The system characterized by the ability to store all of the character codes of the magnetic ink characters on the documents, compare the character codes and logically edit the codes. The result of the system provides the reader/sorter equipment with a superior performance due to fewer rejects and misread characters.

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Financial document processing method and system

A method for processing financial documents, including the steps of: (a) receiving a batch of one or more financial documents (1) at a customer premises (2); (b) processing the financial documents in a customer system (3; 11-19) to create document images files and associated document data files; (c) transmitting the document image files and document data files from the customer system (3; 11-19) to a bank operations system (20-25); (d) forwarding the financial documents to a bank operations centre (4), and (e) matching the financial documents to the document image files and document data files in the operations system to enable final processing of the financial documents.

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System and method for enhancing detection of counterfeit financial

A financial transaction document, such as a check, is manufactured by dividing the clear band of the document into two parallel portions. The first portion is printed with ferrous loaded ink to produce the standard MICE encoded financial information currently employed in such transaction documents. The second band, located either directly above or directly below the first band, has symbols printed with non-ferrous inks in specific locations. A system is employed to read the information in both bands, and to differentiate between properly printed documents, using the ferrous and non-ferrous printing in adjacent bands, from improperly printed documents which do not employ this printing technique.

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Optical character recognition system

To recognise characters in a character set developed for magnetic ink character recognition (MICR), the characters are optically imaged as a matrix of pixels. Pixel values in each of a plurality of adjacent parallel lines of pixels in the matrix are then summed to obtain a line total for each line. The lines of pixels may be chosen to parallel a height dimension of the characters in order to eliminate skew. Thus, in the absence of skew, the lines will simply be columns of the matrix of pixels. Line totals may be compared with line total templates. Each line total template is characteristic of a character in the character set.

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Method and apparatus for correcting micr data on a document

A method and apparatus for printing correct MICR data on a correction sticker (12) located over incorrect MICR data on the document (10). The document (10) is positioned relative to printing means (22-1) so that each of the characters of the correct MICR data is printed on the correction sticker (12) intentionally in an offset relationship with respect to a respective character of the correct MICR data under the correction sticker (12) so that the correct MICR data on the correction sticker (12) will be encountered by a read head before the MICR data underneath the correction sticker (12) is encountered.

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Method for reading micr data

A method of identifying characters which are printed on a document (14) in a magnetic ink (MICR). The method including first attempting to read the characters with a MICR character reader (22) as the primary means for identifying the characters printed on the documents, and secondly reading the characters with a supplemental optical reader (23) to assist in the identification of characters whose identity cannot be accurately determined by the MICR reader (22). The optical reader (23), being supplemental to the MICR reader (22), is less sophisticated in construction and operation as an optical reader employed as the sole or primary reader in document processing system.

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Automated teller machine capable of depositing cheques

A automated teller machine (ATM) verifies the authenticity of the cheque based on image information acquired by a CIS unit and magnetic character information acquired by a MICR unit. The ATM further includes a plural cheque leaves determining unit for determining the presence of plural cheque leaves using the image information, the magnetic character information, and thickness information of the cheque.

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Check imaging device

A check reader and method for reading magnetic ink characters on a check involve a controller configured to control a motor to move a check through a check path in a first pass past a magnetic reading head in a first direction, and in at least one other pass past the magnetic reading head in another direction. In one embodiment, the controller moves the check through the check path in three passes, and in another embodiment the check is moved at different speeds during the respective passes.

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Document processing apparatus using a thermal encoder

In an apparatus for use in endorsing documents (16), like checks, in a banking system, a magnetic stripe (66) is printed or encoded on the reverse side of each document (16) entering the processing system. Human readable, endorsement data (78) is also printed next to the magnetic stripe (66) at the time that the stripe is being printed. The endorsement data is also magnetically written into a portion of the magnetic stripe during a subsequent, real-time operation to provide both machine-readable and human-readable forms of data to facilitate tracing a document's processing trail through several banks. A low-cost method of providing endorsements on checks through using the MICR encoder (75) to print the usual monetary amount, inverting the check, re-entering the check, and using the MICR encoder (75) to print the endorsement on the reverse side of the check is also disclosed.

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Document input module

A document input module (2) for the input of documents (9, 91, 92, 93) having at least one MICR section (10), with a reading head (3) to read the at least one MICR section (10) relative to a system (8) of input documents (9, 91, 92, 93), characterized in that the document input module (2) has at least one further reading head (4, 5, 6) to read different formats and input positions of input documents (9, 91, 92, 93).

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