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Lithium ion battery patents

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Vehicle having a lithium-ion battery

Vehicle having an on-board electrical power supply system in which electrical components and at least one lithium-ion battery are integrated, wherein the lithium-ion battery comprises a plurality of lithium-ion cells, each lithium-ion cell is based on a cell technology, and the cell technology of at least two lithium-ion cells is different.

Publication number: WO2013144300A1 | Search similar patents

Cathode, cathode-containing lithium ion battery in the state prior to the first charging process, method for forming a lithium ion battery, and lithium ion battery after formation

The invention relates to a cathode in the state prior to the first charging process (formation), comprising active cathode material and lithium peroxide. The invention further relates to a lithium battery or an electrochemical cell comprising the cathode, to a method for forming the lithium battery, and to a lithium ion battery with a cathode comprising active cathode material, a separator, an anode comprising active anode material, and an electrolyte, wherein after a formed cell is fully discharged, the active cathode material has virtually the same lithium content as before the formation process.

Publication number: WO2016045887A1 | Search similar patents

Method and device for operating a battery, in particular a lithium ion battery, in a consumer

The present invention relates to a method and a device for operating a battery, in particular a lithium ion battery, in a load. For this purpose, a determination (S10) is carried out of at least one operating parameter which describes the state of the battery or the load, a comparison (S20) of the at least one determined operating parameter with one reference value in each case in order to recognize whether a predefined state exists, and a discharge (S32) of the battery until the charge state of the battery lies below a specified critical charge state of the battery if it has been identified that the predefined state exists, wherein by discharging the battery, an energy store is charged by a discharge flow from the battery.

Publication number: WO2015110272A1 | Search similar patents

Positive electrode material for lithium-ion battery

The invention relates to a compound, having the formula Li

Publication number: WO2014041029A1 | Search similar patents

Battery module with a temperature control unit for lithium-ion-cells

The invention relates to a battery module having a plurality of lithium-ion-cells (12) and a temperature control unit for controlling the temperature of the lithium-ion-cells (12). Said battery module is characterized in that the temperature control unit comprises one or more heat pipes (20).

Publication number: WO2013056877A1 | Search similar patents

Use of lithium salt mixtures as li-ion battery electrolytes

The present invention relates to lithium salt mixtures. It also relates to said salt mixtures dissolved in solvents, suitable for being used as electrolytes for Li-ion batteries.

Publication number: WO2013083894A1 | Search similar patents

Apparatus and method for controlling battery

The present invention provides a battery management apparatus and method which connect a plurality of batteries having different energy densities to each other and control power supplied through the plurality of batteries to control the driving of the driving body.

Publication number: EP2874271A1 | Search similar patents

Electricity storage system

The present invention relates to an electricity storage system, which has high energy density, which is a property of a lithium-sulfur battery cell, and can perform high-speed output and high-speed charging/discharging which are properties of an electrochemical capacitor cell, while having high output and high energy density, by stacking the electrochemical capacitor cell on the lithium-sulfur battery cell.

Publication number: US2011293993A1 | Search similar patents

Separator for lithium secondary battery, and lithium secondary battery containing same

Provided are: a separator for a lithium secondary battery, comprising a substrate and a heat resistant porous layer, which is located on at least one surface of the substrate and comprises a polymer having a structural unit represented by chemical formula 1; and a lithium secondary battery containing the same.

Publication number: WO2016021987A1 | Search similar patents

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