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Remote operation of wireless telescope over a network

Telescopes may be accessible and may be controlled by users around the world. Those users may communicate with network stations over a peer-to-peer network. The network station, in turn, may communicate with the telescope over a wireless interface. In this way, remote control over the telescope may be achieved by a variety of users around the world.

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Network service

Several excellent-computer networks dispersed in different locations are connected to the Internet through indentification computers respectively to form a private network in the present invention.The private network includes an intranet, an extranet and an access network. Network services are provided in the private network,e-service devices and e-reader/writer devices together, wherein the e-service devices and the e-reader/writer devices are manufactured by means of combination of information display technology and integrated circuit technology. According to different network services, private networks are divided into government affair networks, business networks, logistics networks and so on.

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Return path selection for content delivery

Systems and methods of operating a content node that caches digital content for end users are provided herein. The content node is configured to cache data. When the content node receives a request for content that is not presently cached, the content node identifies the origin server associated with the requested content. The content node monitors network characteristics for at least the origin server and one or more service providers that transfer content between the origin server and the content node. The content node selects a network address associated with a particular service provider based upon network characteristics and requests the origin server to deliver requested content and the selected address.

Publication number: WO2015084589A1 | Search similar patents

Game using the internet

A network game which does not cost much and does not bore a user. In the network game, game data constituting a game is generated according to a resource of a web site existing on the Internet.

Publication number: WO02102485A1 | Search similar patents

Method and apparatus for practicing ip telephony from an internet-capable radio

An Internet radio device is provided, having a dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) telephony mode for practicing telephony and for enabling one-touch initiation and call connection of an IP telephone call to a recipient device. The internet radio comprises, an IP telephony software application for enabling IP telephony, a modem for accessing and connecting to a data-packet-network, a sound circuitry for facilitating audio conversion and transmission, and a programmable array of input indicia for enabling one touch initiation and connection of an IP telephony call operating in the telephony mode. When a user selects the IP telephony mode IP telephony calling is enabled wherein the user may activate a pre-programmed indicia for the purpose of initiating and establishing an IP telephony call to an intended recipient device.

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A method for communicating between two networks as well as in the network

A network that provides a simple mechanism for communicating between the network, such as a MOST network installed in a motor vehicle, and a second network, such as the Internet. One unit of the network includes a network layer of the second network as well as an associated application interface (API). The network layer is an Internet Protocol (IP) or Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) network layer. Also installed in the network unit is an associated application program interface. Together, the network layer and API enable the network units in first network to communicate with the second network. Proxy computers are installed in the remaining units to substantially reduce technical complexity without impairing communication with the second network.

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Network telephony

A telephony system and method for providing telephony services to remote users. The telephony system comprises a user side and a provider side. The user side includes a telephony instrument and a personal computer for establishing communication with the provider side via a communication gateway, a communication device and a wide area network, such as the Internet. The provider side includes a virtual private network in communication with the wide area network and a communication network. The communication network is in communication with a telephony server interfacing with a telephone switched system. The telephone switched network provides telephone lines for allocation of the telephone lines by the virtual private network to the remote users.

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Virtual private network

The virtual private network (VPN) transfers dynamic addresses over ISDN switched links (14,15) to the appropriate VPN local networks (2,3) and fixed addresses for use on Internet protocol (IP) links (17) to internet connected local networks (1) .

Publication number: EP1093253A2 | Search similar patents

Method for generating electricity within a gas network

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Wireless asp systems and methods

A communications service provider provides wireless access to a packetized data network, such as the Internet. The service provider includes a server computer. The server computer is connected to the network, which is at least in part a wired network. The wired network is connected to a cellular wireless communications system. Features of the network and the server computer include group messaging, co-processors, dynamic protocol dictionaries, and cache synchronization and optimization. The features speed and improve communications over the network, including over wireless channels and dynamic conditions of those channels.

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Method and system for providing internet access to nodes on a control area network

A method and system for providing access to a control area network is provided. An IP-appliance communicates to a non-IP device through the Internet. This is because the control masterspawns IP connection object that maps the IP address with the non-IP address to allow a connection to occur that is transparent to the IP application.

Publication number: WO0076169A2 | Search similar patents

System and method for providing protocol translation and filtering to

An interface between a protected computer or computer network and the World Wide Web (WWW). The interface comprises a split proxy system that encapsulates TCP/IP transmissions into a script transmission, which is not subject to problems in high latency systems, thereby greatly improving WWW access, via a wireless modem or other low-bandwidth communications network. The split proxy interface also provides compression, encryption and filtering capabilities and allows receipt of unsolicited transmissions from the service provider for such purposes as automatically updating or configuring WWW access software.

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Exposing mobile-enterprise printers using a universal plug and play proxy

A method for exposing mobile-enterprise printers (100, 110, 122, 130) on a network (20, 42) includes receiving a remotely generated request to identify at least one network-coupled mobile enterprise print service (610), using a UPnP print-service proxy (810) to identify a mobile-enterprise print service (610) communicatively coupled on the network (20, 42), and using the mobile-enterprise print service (610) to identify at least one printer device (100, 110, 122, 130) communicatively coupled to the network (20, 42).

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