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Modular intelligent transportation system

A modular intelligent transportation system, comprising an environmentally protected enclosure, a system communications bus, a processor module, communicating with said bus, having a image data input and an audio input, the processor module analyzing the image data and/or audio input for data patterns represented therein, having at least one available option slot, a power supply, and a communication link for external communications, in which at least one available option slot can be occupied by a wireless local area network access point, having a communications path between said communications link and said wireless access point, or other modular components.

Publication number: US2006095199A1 | Search similar patents

Incident-aware vehicular sensors for intelligent transportation systems

A system and method for mobile platform real-time collection, transmission, and processing of an array of environmental and vehicle-related data in the context of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) network. The system and method provide enhanced in-vehicle data collection, enhanced communications capability between the vehicle and the ITS system, and enhanced ITS implementation functionality to provide real-time incident reporting to ITS users.

Publication number: US2003187571A1 | Search similar patents

Method and transport device for converting a first container stream into a second container stream

The invention concerns a method for converting a container stream delivered via a first transport section (1) in a first transport direction (A) into a second container stream further conveyed on a second transport section (7) in a second transport direction (C), the first container stream and the second container stream having different widths perpendicularly to the transport direction, using a conversion section (6) disposed between the transport sections.

Publication number: WO2015007529A1 | Search similar patents

Method for sharing transport stream

Disclosed is a method for sharing a transport stream. The method comprises: receiving a sharing request, the sharing request comprising a packet identifier; and sending a transport stream data packet in the transport stream and corresponding to the packet identifier. In the present invention, by means of the foregoing manner, merely a transport stream data packet corresponding to a packet identifier of a sharing request in a transport stream is sent according to the demand of a user, and transmission of another unnecessary transport stream data packet is avoided, thereby saving network bandwidth and effectively sharing the transport stream.

Publication number: WO2014036873A1 | Search similar patents

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