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Hover engine for a hoverboard which generates magnetic lift to carry a person

A hoverboard is described. The hoverboard includes four hover engines each including a motor. The motor rotates an arrangement of magnets to induce eddy currents and generate magnetic lift which causes the hoverboard to hover in the air. The hoverboard can be tilted to propel it in a particular direction. The hover engines can each be coupled to a tilt mechanism which is coupled to a flexible rider platform. When rider platform is flexed via rider induced forces, the hover engines can be tilted individually to provide translational forces.

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Combination of skateboard and skating scooter

A skating scooter includes a board having a rear wheel (300) connected to a rear end thereof and a handlebar assembly (20) connected to a front end of the board. A front wheel (200) is connected to a lower end of the handlebar assembly (20). Four clamping members (31) are connected to two sides of the board of the skating scooter and the four clamping members (31) are engaged with two sides of a skateboard (10) which is then securely positioned on a top of the board of the skating scooter.

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Combined skateboard scooter/exerciser

A combined skateboard scooter/exerciser comprises a handlebar, a front body, a transmission device, a wheel device, and a board. A rear end of the front body is pivoted to the board and includes a slot through which a steering rod extends. The steering rod is attached to the handlebar to move therewith and movable along the slot. The transmission device is engaged with the steering rod and the wheel device such that back and forth movement of the steering rod urges the wheel device to move forward via transmission by the transmission device. The wheel device includes wheels attached to front and rear ends of the board. The user may stand on the board and operate the handlebar and the steering rod to move back and forth to thereby move the combined skateboard scooter/exerciser forward while achieving a rowing-like exercise effect.

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Wheel exchangeable scooter

A scooter with variable wheel configuration capable of being configured from a two-wheeled vehicle to a three-wheeled vehicle and vice-versa, according to requirement, is provided. The scooter includes: a frame for supporting and carrying a rider or a passenger and containing a battery and a controller; a steering assembly mounted on the front of the frame to pivot in left and right directions for steering, the steering assembly having a lower portion to which a front wheel is rotatably mounted and an upper portion provided with a handgrip for a rider to steer, a brake lever, an actuator control lever, and a throttle grip; a mount formed at a rear end of the frame in one-piece, the mount having a first mounting portion on one end and a second mounting portion on the other end; a first driving unit detachably mounted on the first mounting portion of the mount for a two-wheeled configuration or on the second mounting portion of the mount for a three-wheeled configuration; and a second driving unit detachably mounted to the first mounting portion and connected to the first driving unit for the three-wheeled configuration.

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Scooter device

A scooter device for providing a swingable skateboard device. The scooter device includes a first panel having a top side and a bottom side. The first panel is rigid. Each of a plurality of wheels is rotatably attached to the bottom side of the first panel. A handle is attached to the first panel. A second panel has an upper surface and a lower surface. The second panel is rotatably coupled to the first panel such that the lower surface of the second panel is facing the top side of the first panel.

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Electrical control unit of electrical scooter and electrical scooter using same

An electrical control unit (10) of an electrical scooter exchanges information with an external data processing apparatus (30) through a communications interface apparatus (20), responds to an instruction from the external data processing apparatus (30) by collecting state information of the electrical scooter, and returns the state information to the external data processing apparatus (30) through the communications interface apparatus (20) so that fault diagnosis is performed for the electrical scooter. The electrical control unit (10) can improve the efficiency of fault detection on the electrical scooter. Further disclosed is an electrical scooter using the electrical control unit (10).

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High-performance glass fiber scooter

A high-performance glass fiber scooter comprises a plate body of the high-performance glass fiber scooter, a roller and a support shaft arranged at the bottom of the plate body and used for fixing the roller. The plate body of the high-performance glass fiber scooter takes the shape of a strip plate with the end warping up, and comprises a resin layer and a glass fiber layer, and the glass fiber layer is arranged in the resin layer. The scooter has higher strength, wear resistance and safety due to the presence of the glass fiber layer in the plate body. The scooter further has excellent effects of preventing water and resisting dryness, is not affected by a special use environment, and has longer service life.

Publication number: WO2012174877A1 | Search similar patents

Self-balancing double-wheeled electrical scooter

Disclosed is a self-balancing double-wheeled electrical scooter, which comprises a component for controlling an operating direction of the self-balancing double-wheeled electrical scooter. The self-balancing double-wheeled electrical scooter controls the operating direction of the scooter via a handle. A flexible resetting component is provided between a scooter body and the handle. The handle drives the flexible resetting component for controlling the operating direction of the vehicle. The flexible resetting component comprises a stator (101), a rotor (112) and a flexible resetting member (111), the handle and the rotor (112) are mechanically connected directly or indirectly in a fixed manner, the stator (101) and the scooter body (107) are mechanically connected directly or indirectly in a fixed manner, the stator (101) and the rotor (112) are connected in a flexible manner via the flexible resetting member; and the flexible resetting member further comprises an angle limiting device, the angle limiting device comprising a limiting cover (103) and a limiting pin (105), wherein the limiting cover (103) is mechanically connected to the stator (101) directly or indirectly in a fixed manner, the limiting cover (103) is provided with a limiting hole, the limiting pin (105) is mechanically connected to the rotor (112) directly or indirectly in a fixed manner, and the rotor (112) rotates to drive the limiting pin (105) to rotate within a certain angle in the limiting hole on the limiting cover (103).

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Scooter carrying means

Scooter carrying means (1100; 1400; 2000; 2100; 2400) for carrying a foldable scooter (100; 200), wherein the scooter carrying means (1100; 1400; 2000; 2100; 2400) has a carrier structure (1102) which is designed for the folded-up scooter (100; 200) to be attached to it and has carrier straps (1202) which are attached to the carrier structure (1102) and are designed for a user to carry the scooter carrying means (1100; 1400; 2000; 2100; 2400), wherein the scooter carrying means (1100; 1400; 2000; 2100; 2400) is designed such that it selectively can be arranged on the scooter (100; 200) or removed from the scooter (100; 200).

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Combination wheeled vehicle and article carrier

A combination wheeled vehicle and article carrier is capable of being converted between selected configurations, including a rider-carrying scooter configuration and a rider-carried pack configuration. The scooter configuration provides a scooter having a handle, front and back wheels, and a selectively extensible foot board assembly for selecting wheelbase length to attain desired ride and handling characteristics. Steering is accomplished by tilting of the scooter with the assistance of a tiller arrangement. The pack configuration includes a pack member, and the handle, front wheels and foot board assembly are selectively retracted into juxtaposition with the pack member to provide a compact backpack when the combination is in the pack configuration.

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