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Articulated limb for a robot or haptic interface and robot and haptic interface comprising at least one such articulated limb

Articulated limb comprising at least first (2) and second (4) rigid segments and an articulation (6) allowing the first and second segments to pivot one relative to the other about an axis of rotation (Y), said articulation (6) comprising fibres, in which limb each of the segments (2, 4) comprises a body (8.1, 8.2) and an end element (10.1, 10.2) which is arranged at one end of said body, the two end elements (10.1, 10.2) being held facing one another by said articulation (6), said end elements (10.1, 10.2) comprising tapering profiles with vertices facing one another, each of said end elements (10.1, 10.2) being produced prior to its being secured to the corresponding body (8.1, 8.2).

Publication number: WO2013092714A1 | Search similar patents

Articulated robot

An articulated robot, wherein a small circle, small square and the like can be cut with high precision without the motion of a main body of an articulated robot (2), and moreover, an operating space can be enlarged for cutting a large circle, large square and the like. To ensure such operations, the proximal end portion of a first arm (6) is rotatably supported on a support member (5) fixed to the forward end portion (1) of the articulated robot (2), the proximal end portion of a second arm (7) rotatable in a horizontal plane is supported on the other (forward) end portion of the first arm (6) to thereby form a seven- or eight-axial robot, and a tool gripping member (13) is provided at the forward end portion of the second arm (7).

Publication number: WO9317837A1 | Search similar patents

Improved haptic controller

The invention relates to a haptic controller (1), including: a base (2); a control member (3), and a control mounting (33) suitable for enabling the application of a variable force at one or more points; a connection member (4) connecting the control member (3) to the base (2), characterised in that two pivots (72, 71) having parallel axes connect the connection member (4) to the base (2) and to the control member (3), the haptic controller (1) further including damping elements (81, 82) arranged between the base (2) and the connection member (4) and between the connection member (4) and the control member (3), respectively, so as to damp the pivoting of the connection member (4) and of the control member (3) during the application of force onto the control mounting (33).

Publication number: WO2015155470A2 | Search similar patents

Device and method for operating an industrial robot

The invention relates to a device (10) in the form of a hand-held operating device for operating an industrial robot (12), comprising a graphical operator interface (18) having a touch-sensitive display (20) such as a touch display or touch screen surrounded by a display frame (34) for displaying at least one virtual operating element (22.1...22.n, 24.1...24.n), which represents a function for operating the industrial robot (12) and which can be operated by touching the operating element with a finger of an operating person or a pen, a control unit (30) for controlling the graphical operator interface (18) and for communicating with a robot controller (16), a haptic mark (40.1...40.n, 42.1...42.n) associated with the at least one virtual operating element (22.1...22.n, 24.1...24.n) and designed as a guide, which haptic mark is arranged in a display frame (34) that surrounds the touch-sensitive display (20) at least in some areas and/or is arranged in frame segments (36, 38, 50, 52, 56) of the display frame and by means of which haptic mark the finger of an operating person or the pin can be guided in the direction of the at least one operating element. In order to increase the safety in the operation of an industrial robot, a plurality of virtual operating elements (22.1...22.n; 24.1...24.n) is arranged along the display frame (34) and adjacent to the display frame, and a haptic mark (40.1...40.n; 42.1...42.n) in or on the display frame (34) is associated with each virtual operating element (22.1...22.n; 24.1...24.n).

Publication number: WO2013144323A1 | Search similar patents

Haptic system

The invention is provided with multiple haptic devices (100 and 200) that are mutually separated and worn by a user (U), each of said haptic devices (100 or 200) having a haptic application section that applies a haptic sensation to the user (U). To apply a haptic sensation in a specified direction to the user (U), each haptic device (100 or 200) has a haptic control section that controls the haptic application section of the local device.

Publication number: WO2013018558A1 | Search similar patents

Control of actuators on a sensitive command surface with haptic feedback

The invention relates to a device (1) for controlling a group of actuators (2) of a sensitive command surface with haptic feedback of a motor vehicle apparatus, said group of actuators including at least one first actuator and one second actuator, said control device comprising an electronic card (11) and a switching means (12) connected to the electronic card. The reception of touch information (S) by the electronic card leads to the selection of the first actuator by the switching means.

Publication number: WO2015086927A2 | Search similar patents

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