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Method for producing a sensor for a furniture par

The invention relates to a method (1) for producing a sensor (15, 16) for a furniture part (11), a layer of the sensor (15, 16) required for the actual sensor function being printed onto the furniture part (11). The invention further relates to a corresponding sensor, a furniture part, a switching device and a piece of furniture.

Publication number: WO2016116200A1 | Search similar patents

Device for influencing the movement of a furniture part and a furniture part

A device is disclosed for influencing the movement of a first furniture part of an item of furniture, which first furniture part is movable relative to a second furniture part of the item of furniture, comprising damping means for damping the relative movement between the first and the second furniture part. The damping means according to the invention consist of a single damping component (11) which comprises a container with a housing (12), in which container a damping fluid enclosed by the housing (12) is accommodated, wherein a section of the housing (12) is constructed from an elastically deformable material.

Publication number: WO2015149963A1 | Search similar patents

Furniture and device for monitoring the operation of a piece of furniture

The device is designed such that furniture parts i.e. drawers (4, 5), are driven by a drive unit. The drive unit is controllable by a control unit. A monitoring sensor (6) is positioned at a base (2) of a furniture and located below the furniture parts, where the base serves for mounting the furniture on a mounting surface (3a). The sensor detects the presence of an object e.g. person, in a predetermined area at a near region outside the furniture and provides sensor data for the control unit, so that driving of the furniture parts is blocked by the drive unit depending on the sensor data.

Publication number: EP2328047A1 | Search similar patents

Computer furniture set

The invention relates to furniture for a long-range operation with a computer in comfortable conditions. The inventive computer furniture set is embodied in the form of the combination of a computer desk, a chair and a computer and enables to work in any position, from a sedentary to lying position.

Publication number: WO2007133106A1 | Search similar patents

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