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Visual enhancements based on eye tracking

Embodiments are disclosed that relate to selectively enhancing content displayed on a display device. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a method comprising tracking a gaze location at which a gaze of a user intersects the graphical user interface, and upon detecting a gaze pattern that meets a defined gaze pattern condition indicative of difficulty in perceiving an item at the gaze location, displaying the item in at the gaze location a visually enhanced form via a user interface object displayed separately from the item at the gaze location.

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Algorithm for identifying three-dimensional point of gaze

[Problem] To accurately input a user's point of gaze in a game engine expressing a three-dimensional space. [Solution] A point of gaze calculation algorithm is configured such that data of lines of view of both eyes of a user are calculated using data from a camera (10) capturing an image of the eyes of the user, and a three-dimensional coordinates position in a three-dimensional space being gazed by the user is computed on the basis of the user's lines of view data and three-dimensional data included in a system managed by the game engine.

Publication number: WO2016021034A1 | Search similar patents

Eye gaze calibration method and electronic device therefor

Various embodiments of the present invention may comprise: a camera unit for photographing an image in response to an action for which an event is displayed at a position on a screen of an electronic device; and a control unit for controlling to perform calibration of eye gaze on the basis of information associated with a user's eye gaze determined from the photographed image and information regarding the position on the screen at which the event is displayed. In addition, other embodiments are possible for the various embodiments of the present invention.

Publication number: WO2016093419A1 | Search similar patents

Systems and methods to present information on device based on eye tracking

In one aspect, a device includes a display, a processor, and a memory accessible to the processor. The memory bears instructions executable by the processor to receive at least one signal from at least one camera in communication with the device, determine that a user of the device is looking at a portion of the display at least partially based on the signal, and present information associated with an item presented on the portion in response to the determination that the user is looking at the portion.

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Eye controllable screen pointer

An eye controllable screen pointer system is provided that combines eye gaze tracking and screen tracking from the point of view of the user. Screen tracking is performed by a screen tracking camera, attached to a helmet the user is wearing. The screen tracking camera is aided by either light emitted from screen beacon located near the screen, or by a light pattern emitted from the screen itself as a screen beacon signal. The screen tracking means provides a screen tracking signal. Eye gaze tracking is performed as is known in the art, or according to a novel way described herein. An eye gaze tracking means is attached to the helmet, and provides an eye tracking signal. The information carried in the screen tracking signal and in the eye tracking signal are combined in a calculation by a processing means residing in a processor to produce a point of computed gaze on the screen. In an alternate embodiment of the invention, the input device of both the eye gaze tracking means and the screen tracking camera are combined into a single video camera, thus resulting in a simplified apparatus. Optionally, the system further projects a mark at the point of computed gaze.

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Optical eye tracking

Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for optical sensing and tracking of eye movement. In one aspect, a method for tracking the movement of an eye includes emitting a first modulated light and a second modulated light toward an eye of a user, wherein the first modulated light and the second modulated light have substantially the same modulation frequency, but the modulation phases of the two modulated lights are substantially opposite to each other; receiving at a photodetector module a returned light including at least a partial retroreflected light from the eye of the user based on the first and second modulated lights; and processing the output signal from the photodetector module to determine positional and dimensional parameters of the eye of the user based at least on the partial retroreflected light corresponding to the first and second modulated lights.

Publication number: WO2015070182A2 | Search similar patents

Eye tracking method and display apparatus using the same

A display apparatus employs two tracking units to track the gaze of a user. The display apparatus includes a first tracking unit to generate position information on a user positioned relative to a displayed image; and a second tracking unit to track a gaze of the user upon the displayed image, based on the position information. A method of eye tracking using the display apparatus includes steps of displaying an image; generating position information on a user positioned relative to the displayed image; and tracking a gaze of the user upon the displayed image, based on the position information.

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Method and apparatus for eye gazing smart display

The present invention is a method and apparatus for enhancing a perceived video quality (e.g. higher resolution) on a display in a region surrounding an intersection point of a users gaze onto a screen of the display.

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