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Transformer for transforming gravitational energy into kinetic energy

The invention relates to a transformer for transforming gravitational energy into kinetic energy, comprising a motor which drives an off-center shaft installed in a cylindrical casing and three steel rods which extend longitudinally through the shaft, each rod end being provided with a heavy mass and a bearing that rolls along the cylinder. In addition, a strip having a curvature less than that of the cylinder extends from the lower part of the cylinder to a 90 axis, oriented towards the shorter side formed by the off-center shaft, so as to form a ramp on which the bearings of the masses can roll.

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Permanent gravitation generator

The permanent gravitation generator is a passive mechanical construction which structurally brings about the effect that part of the kinetic energy produced by the force of attraction of the Earth's mass acting on solid objects is used for returning these solid objects to their starting point in the system. The remaining part of the kinetic energy is available via an output shaft to be freely used. In this way, the linear force of the attraction of the Earth is converted into a rotational force. This force itself permanently provides the energy for the directional change. This permanently occurring process is ensured by solid bodies which, while following an eccentric path, create an imbalance in a freely running wheel by means of a guide that is static with respect to the latter. This leads to a permanent rotation and the production of a freed portion of the Earth's permanently acting force of attraction. The bound part of the kinetic energy provides for the return of the solid bodies to their starting point in the system. The "production" of this freed energy does not require any materials or means. It does not give off any "waste products". It does not require any central production or administration expenditure. It creates work in two dimensions. It provides a general change in the life and living conditions of all people under all conditions and requirements on this earth.

Publication number: WO2011100985A1 | Search similar patents

Method and apparatus to measure the cross-sectional area of an object

An apparatus for determining a cross-sectional area of an object. The apparatus includes a plurality of radiant energy sources, a plurality of radiant energy detectors oriented to receive radiant energy emitted by the plurality of radiant energy sources, a strobing module in communication with the plurality of radiant energy sources for strobing the plurality of light sources, and a profile determination module in communication with the plurality of radiant energy sources and the strobing module for determining the cross-sectional area of an object disposed between the plurality of radiant energy sources and the plurality of radiant energy detectors.

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Radiant energy control system

In a radiant energy heating system having one or more types of radiant energy heating sub-systems, a control system comprising a solid state electronic control panel pre-programmed to control two or more of the types of radiant heating sub-systems, wherein the control panel controls one or more of the types of sub-systems.

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The extraction of gravitational field energy

This invention introduces a system that enables to convert the gravitational field energy into electrical, mechanical, and/or other power form of usable energy in any location on Earth. This system utilizes the gravity force and the buoyant force in liquid or gas environment(s) and obtain gravitational potential energy and buoyant potential energy, and gives out energy through the spinning of the driving machine. This invention also introduces a method that loses the buoyant force by object.

Publication number: WO2015159135A1 | Search similar patents

Method and device for entropy transfer with a thermodynamic cyclic process

The invention relates to a method and device for entropy transfer, whereby a periodic cyclic process is created inside a pressurized container by periodically exchanging working substance(s) using valves at different pressures and by periodically modifying partial volumes defined by regenerators with or without the use of a compression device. The transformation of mechanical energy by exchanging a working substance at different pressures makes it easier to integrate other partial systems and to substantially modify the temperature of at least one working substance flow by coupling a thermodynamic cyclic process to heat energy transport, heat energy storage or the construction of a simple effective solar collector system wherein optical concentration, translucent insulation and translucent insulation cross-flow are combined in an effective manner. The invention can be used for solar energy or heat sources or to supply local pumping capacity requirements and provide mechanical actuation, electrical energy, heat, cold, cleaning or separation and chemical or physical modification of at least one substance.

Publication number: WO9917011A1 | Search similar patents

Power generation method

The present invention addresses the problem of providing a power generation method capable of storing a natural energy without specific limitation and capable of taking out the natural energy as needed to generate power. The power generation method according to the present invention comprises a potential energy conservation step and a power generation step. In the potential energy conservation step, a second object is moved from a low level to a high level by using the torque of a rotating body that is rotationally driven by the kinetic energy produced when a first object naturally present at a high level falls. In the power generation step, a power generator is operated by using the kinetic energy of the falling second object.

Publication number: WO2015037096A1 | Search similar patents

Gravitational potential energy storage

An energy storage system comprises a cable (13) 13 and a mass 20 suspended from the cable (13) in a shaft (12) 12. the cable (13) is attached to a winch 11 by which the mass may be raised in the shaft (12) to store potential energy, and the mass is lowerable in the shaft (12) to release the potential energy. the mass comprises at least two sections clamped together around the cable (13) 13. More particularly, the system comprising a plurality of cable (13)s and a plurality of multi-section masses each suspended in the shaft (12) by a respective cable (13), the masses being raised and lowered in synchronism in the shaft (12). The multi-section masses fit together side-by-side in the shaft (12) to form an overall cylindrical mass body, the multi-section masses each forming a quadrant of the cylindrical mass body.

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Gravity power generation device using geothermal steam for circulation

Disclosed is a gravity power generation device using geothermal steam for circulation, comprising a geothermal well (2) provided below the ground, a hollow heat conducting column (4) provided at the bottom of the geothermal well (2), a power generation unit (5) provided on the ground, a steam guide unit (6), a condensing unit (7), and a water distribution unit (8), by virtue of water interactive filling and discharging design of a first tank (54) and a second tank (56) in the power generation unit (5), the first tank (54) and the second tank (56) changing in the overall weight and moving up and down, in turn driving a rotary shaft (52) of the power generation unit (5) to rotate, and meanwhile driving a generator (51) of the power generation unit (5) to generate power, whereby the energy of the geothermal steam is transformed into the potential energy of water and then into electric energy, so as to meet the requirements of power generation with natural energy.

Publication number: WO2015172314A1 | Search similar patents

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