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Embedded memory management method, embedded memory and electronic device

The present invention relates to an embedded memory management method, an embedded memory and an electronic device.

Publication number: WO2014107940A1 | Search similar patents

Intelligent thin computer

This invention relates to network computing and, in particular, to network computing / thin client devices having independent processing capability apart from server dependent processing. Importantly, network computing /thin client device of the invention would favour better end user utilities to network computer devices by way of provision of standalone basic applications. Such basic applications provided for in the device would serve the user's computing needs and would not necessarily require complete dependence for all end user applications on the server. Thus, the invention is directed to providing computing involving network computer more accessible for the end user and capable of functioning in no or low bandwidth conditions, maintenance and management of computing network more organized for the administrator and network computing simple and end user friendly thus value adding to the basic purpose and objectives of network computing facilities.

Publication number: WO2008059510A2 | Search similar patents

A embedded intelligent media network, a embedded intelligent media player and the method thereof

An embedded intelligent media network system, an embedded intelligent media player and the method thereof. The system comprises: a NOC (Network Operation Center), a network, a terminal playing equipment and an embedded intelligent media player. The embedded intelligent media player comprises: a CPU, a decompression chip, a video switch, a memory. The method comprises: the embedded intelligent media player determines the commands which are sent from the terminal playing equipment, and plays media files according to the determination of those commands, and then sends out control commands to the video switch; the video switch switches the output of the embedded intelligent media player to a display when it receives the control commands; after finishing to play the media files, the embedded intelligent media player records the circumstances of playing in a log file, and at the same time, the video switch switches the video output of the terminal playing equipment to the display.

Publication number: WO2005004011A1 | Search similar patents

Embedded modem

An embedded system that has a general purpose central processing unit CPU and a digital signal processor DSP, the CPU is adapted to perform various tasks such as code consuming tasks associated to the transmission and reception of information and the DSP is adapted to perform tasks that require less program code and that are associated to the transmission and reception of information. Most of the time the CPU can handle tasks that are not related to the transmission and reception of data.

Publication number: US6678765B1 | Search similar patents

Welding machine, system and method therefor

A welding machine having an embedded controller with a processor, a network gateway interface device coupled to the embedded controller, an operating program segment stored in a memory of the embedded controller, a gateway communication program segment stored at least partially in the memory of the embedded controller, and a resource sharing program segment stored in the memory of the embedded controller, the resource sharing program segment allocates processing time of the processor between the gateway communication program segment and the operating program segment. The machine may be monitored, controlled, accessed and updated with software over a network from a remote user interface, embodied for example on an Internet browser.

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Resource managing device for signal processor, program transfer method and recording medium

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve efficiency in the utilization of resources usable for a signal processor while maintaining high versatility. SOLUTION: When a user newly designates an acoustic effect to be added to music sound, a general microprocessor (CPU) 101 reads a program to be transferred out of a ROM 102 for the unit of an instruction and transfers it to a digital signal processor(DSP) 104. While referring to a program address table stored in the ROM 102, it is decided whether the instruction read out of the ROM 102 is to change contents or not and when the instruction is decided to change the contents, while using the address of a ROM 106 in a DSP/RAM address table stored in the ROM 102, the contents of an address part in that instruction are changed. Thus, by changing the contents of the address part in the instruction, the CPU 101 manages the resources to be used for the DSP 104.

Publication number: US6718545B1 | Search similar patents

Avionic system and architecture with integrated power management

An avionic system includes computers (11a, . . . , 1n, 12a, . . . 12n, 13a . . . 13n) of the generic computer type that can be adapted by software programming to avionic functions for which at least some of these computers have means that combine electronic resources for data processing, computation and communication by analog or digital bus with electric power management resources so as to create modular avionics with integrated power.

Publication number: US2008027592A1 | Search similar patents

Method and system for managing embedded monitoring device

A method and system for managing an embedded monitoring device. The method for managing an embedded monitoring device comprises: an intelligent handheld device establishes a communication connection with the embedded monitoring device (101); the intelligent handheld device converts a user operation into a protocol command supported by the communication connection and sends the protocol command to the embedded monitoring device (102); and the intelligent handheld device receives response result information of the embedded monitoring device in response to the protocol command, and presents the response result information to a user (103). The management method enables management of the embedded monitoring device by using the intelligent handheld device, enhances convenience of managing the embedded monitoring device, reduces manufacturing costs, and improves user experience.

Publication number: WO2015188529A1 | Search similar patents

Communications architecture for intelligent electronic devices

A power management architecture for an electrical power distribution system, or portion thereof, is disclosed. The architecture includes multiple intelligent electronic devices ('IED's') distributed throughout the power distribution system to manage the flow and consumption of power from the system. The IED's are linked via a network to back-end servers. Power management application software and/or hardware components operate on the IED's and the back-end servers and inter-operate via the network to implement a power management application. The communications between the IED's and the back-end servers are facilitated through network security devices such as firewalls. The architecture provides a scalable and cost effective framework of hardware and software upon which such power management applications can operate to manage the distribution and consumption of electrical power by one or more utilities/suppliers and/or customers which provide and utilize the power distribution system.

Publication number: US6751562B1 | Search similar patents

Memory simulation testing board system and testing method for embedded application of intelligent electric meter

A memory simulation testing board system and testing method for an embedded application of an intelligent electric meter. The system comprises a detection computer (1), a memory simulation testing board (2), a unit under test (3), an interface A (4) and an interface C (6); the detection computer (1) performs information interaction with the memory simulation testing board (2) through the interface A (4); the unit under test (3) performs information interaction with the memory simulation testing board (2) through the interface C (6); an MCU in the intelligent electric meter controls the memory simulation testing board system; and the method comprises related methods for testing a memory chip and a metering chip unit. The tests in the method and the system aim at the embedded software of the intelligent electric meter, the reliability can be fully and meticulously analyzed, the reliability verification problem of the software of the intelligent electric meter is solved, the maturity and reliability of the software of the intelligent electric meter are improved, and the running failures of the intelligent electric meter are greatly reduced.

Publication number: WO2016090908A1 | Search similar patents

Tcet expander

The present invention relates to the field of embedded processing systems and electronic control units (ECUs)and to autonomic embedded computing solutions. The present invention proposes to remove or extract the application-specific support functions and respective I/O subsystems from the main processors or controllers of the system, to include said extracted circuits into a respective number of ASIC chips or the like, and to connect them preferably via a supervising General Controller Unit (12) to a plurality of standard and low-price processors (40), which have the task to supply the ASIC and the multiple functions thereof with enough computing power.

Publication number: WO2004057431A2 | Search similar patents

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