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Electro-acoustic transducer

The transducer unit is mounted in the upper region of the seat back of a vehicle seat (13). The transducer unit contains at least one loudspeaker (18), especially a membrane loudspeaker, and has a holder (12), especially for mounting in the vicinity of a head support (16).

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Smart health-monitoring electroacoustic system

A smart health-monitoring electroacoustic system, comprising an electroacoustic device (1) and smart control device (2), the electroacoustic device (1) being provided with an electroacoustic smart module (11), a health parameter test module (12), and a communications interface (13), and the smart control device (2) being provided with an audiovisual control module (21), a health monitoring control module (22), and a communications interface (24); the electroacoustic device (1) and the smart control device (2) are connected in a wired or wireless manner; the health parameter test module (12) transmits physical health parameter information by means of the communications interface (24) to the smart control device (2), then the health monitoring control module (22) performs computational processing, stores and emits sound information in response to the health conditions of the body, and outputs the sound information to the electroacoustic device (1) by means of the communication interface (13); the electroacoustic smart module (11) comprises a speaker module (111); after the electroacoustic device (1) receives the sound information, the speaker module (111) plays the sound information. The electroacoustic equipment (1) of the system is capable of playing music, meets people's requirements for listening to music, and is also better able to meet people's requirements regarding monitoring of physical health.

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Airborne sound reproduction arrangement

In order to provide an airborne sound reproduction apparatus, in particular for a vehicle, having at least one near-field loudspeaker (12) for conversion of an electrical signal to airborne sound, which allows good perception of acoustic information of a driver information system of a driver assistance system (20), when this is concealed by entertainment music or other acoustic useful information, the invention provides that the transmission unit (14) has an information signal input (64, 66) for an acoustic listener information signal, and is designed to produce a listener signal which contains the acoustic listener signal and the acoustic listener information signal.

Publication number: WO2007115875A1 | Search similar patents

Device for influencing the sound emitted by an acoustic source and telephone with a device suitable at least for open listening

The invention relates to a device for influencing the sound emitted by an acoustic source and telephone with a device suitable at least for open listening, by means of which open listening on telephoning is substantially improved in a simple manner. The above is achieved by means of placing a wall piece (4), opposite the loudspeaker (3) for the open listening at an acoustically-effective separation. Said wall piece (4) acts as an acoustic mirror for passive sound amplification.

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Electroacoustic converter film, flexible display, vocal cord microphone, and musical instrument sensor

Provided are: an electroacoustic converter film that has a polymer composite piezoelectric body obtained by dispersing piezoelectric particles into a viscoelastic matrix comprising a polymer material having viscoelasticity at room temperature, thin-film electrodes formed on both surfaces of the polymer composite piezoelectric body, and a protective layer formed on the surfaces of the thin-film electrodes; an image display device using the electroacoustic converter film; a vocal cord microphone; and a musical instrument sensor. As a result, it is possible to obtain a flexible speaker or musical instrument sensor or the like that have excellent flexibility, are capable of outputting stable sound even when the shape thereof is changed, and are capable of integration into a flexible display.

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Integrated vehicle audio system

A loudspeaker, amplifier, media source, user interface, and mechanical interface are all contained in a single unit. The unit has a first portion configured to mount in a vehicle radio mounting location and a second portion configured to extend significantly outside the vehicle radio mounting location.

Publication number: WO2010042285A1 | Search similar patents

High fidelity electroacoustic power transducer with a staggered diffusion system

The invention is in the field of electroacoustic transducers providing high-fidelity sound restoration and which can function at high transmission powers. The objective is to produce an electroacoustic transducer of simple construction and with maximum yield, making it possible to operate at high power with optimum fidelity of reproduction. This objective is achieved with the aid of a transducer characterised in that it consists of at least three separate suites (11, 12, 13) of loudspeakers (21, 22, 23) forming a broadcasting system, at least a first (11) of the said suites of loudspeakers being centred at the front of the broadcasting system, and functioning as a doublet, and at least two other suites (12, 13) of loudspeakers being installed set back from the said first suite(s) (11).

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Electroacoustical loudspeaker device

A loudspeaker device is proposed which has at least one loudspeaker attached in an opening of an enclosure, with at least one further enclosure opening which has such a size, particularly area and depth, that, as such, it provides resonance with the enclosure volume (Vb) at at least the natural frequency (Fs) of the free loudspeaker, the opening with flow-limiting material contained in it forming a first tuning unit and with at least one further tuning unit formed of another opening and, if necessary, plugs or similar of acoustically resistive material, which is tuned to a frequency which is different from the resonant frequency caused by the first tuning unit and is distinctly below the natural frequency (fs) of the loudspeaker.

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Apparatus for determining the acoustic intensity of focussing electroacoustic transducers

The aim is for the acoustic power emitted by the shock wave transducer (2) and the sound pressure determined hereby to be controlled or regulated in the focus (3) in order to be able to ensure optimum and efficient application of the shock waves and high-power sound pulses. For this purpose, the sound waves (6) emitted by the transducer (2) are deflected at least partially in the direction towards the transducer (2), the electric voltage induced at the transducer (2) by the reflected sound waves serving as a measure of the emitted acoustic power.

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Armchair comprising an electroacoustic device

The invention relates to an armchair comprising an electroacoustic device which is designed to reproduce the soundtrack of a film or musical composition for a listener sitting in the chair. The inventive chair (1) comprises a backrest (3), a seat, a left armrest (4) containing at least one built-in left speaker (26', 27') and a right armrest (5) containing at least one built-in right speaker (26, 27). According to the invention, at least one left speaker (26', 27') and one right speaker (26, 27) are oriented along oblique axes (AX', AX) which intersect and which are located in a common plane in front of the head of the listener in the chair. The invention is suitable for high-fidelity sound reproduction.

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Multiple element electroacoustic transducing

A loudspeaker system includes an enclosure supporting first and second loudspeaker driver assemblies and having an internal volume. At least the first loudspeaker driver assembly is constructed and arranged to radiate sound energy into the listening region outside the enclosure over at least the range of audio frequencies above a predetermined first frequency. The second loudspeaker driver assembly is constructed and arranged to radiate sound energy over a first predetermined range of audio frequencies embracing at least a range of audio frequencies below a second frequency above the first frequency. The first loudspeaker driver assembly, the second loudspeaker driver assembly and the enclosure are constructed and arranged to coact to maintain the pressure in the enclosure substantially constant over at least the range of frequencies between the first and second frequencies.

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Playback into a mobile target sound area using virtual loudspeakers

The method involves determining control signals (11) for virtual sound sources i.e. loudspeakers (14), for playback of sound fields at a mobile target sound area (3), where the sound sources are focused to a contour (13) surrounding the mobile target sound area. Loudspeaker control signals (12) for an electroacoustic transducer (16) are determined for producing the focused sound sources and for controlling the focused sound sources with the former control signals for the sound sources. The loudspeaker control signals are supplied to the electroacoustic transducer. An independent claim is also included for a device for playback of sound fields into a mobile target sound area.

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Method and device for the electroacoustic transmission of acoustic energy

The invention relates to an electroacoustic transducer which can be used as both a microphone and a loudspeaker and for the three-dimensional absorption and emission of acoustic energy comprises several freely oscillating membranes (1) which are each suspended in front of funnel-shaped separating walls (4).

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