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Permanent magnet dynamo-electric machine

The objective of the present invention is to provide a permanent magnet dynamo-electric machine that contributes to improving cooling performance during operation and protecting a permanent magnet. The present invention is characterized in being provided with permanent magnets (3), rotor cores (5) provided with the permanent magnets (3) and layered in the direction of the axis of rotation, spacers (14) provided between adjacent rotor cores (5), and permanent magnet-protecting members (20) provided between the permanent magnets (3) and the rotor cores (5) and disposed radially connecting spaces that are divided by the spacers (14) between the rotor cores (5).

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Method for operating a dynamo of a motor vehicle

In a method for operating a dynamo of a motor vehicle, the dynamo is operated depending on information provided by a navigation system of the motor vehicle.

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Bicycle dynamo

The invention relates to a bicycle dynamo with an external rotor which carries a plurality of permanent magnets on the inside, said permanent magnets generating an electrical voltage in the internal stationary stator winding, wherein the cylindrical outer shell of the external rotor carries an elastic ring for frictional engagement at the rim of the bicycle wheel.

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Dynamo-electric machine permanent magnet, method for manufacturing dynamo-electric machine permanent magnet, dynamo-electric machine, and method for manufacturing dynamo-electric machine

Provided is a dynamo-electric machine permanent magnet with which it is possible to accurately and securely fix a permanent magnet to a rotor of a surface magnet dynamo-electric machine in a position designed in advance. Also provided are a method for manufacturing the dynamo-electric machine permanent magnet, a dynamo-electric machine in which the dynamo-electric machine permanent magnet is used, and a method for manufacturing a dynamo-electric machine. A compound (12) is created by crushing magnetic raw material into a magnetic powder and mixing the crushed magnetic powder and a binder. Also, a green sheet (14) is produced by molding the compound (12) that was created into a sheet-shape. Afterwards, a permanent magnet (1) is manufactured by molding a molded body (31) in which a to-be-engaged unit (4), which is to be engaged to an engaging unit (3) formed on a surface of a rotor (2), is formed from the molded green sheet (14) on a surface in contact with a surface of the rotor (2), and by sintering the molded body (31).

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Rotor of a dynamo-electric machine with at least one magnetized area and dynamo-electric machine, such as a brushless motor, equipped therewith

The invention relates to a rotor of a dynamo-electric machine which has at least one magnetized area. It also relates to a dynamo-electric machine, such as a brushless motor, equipped therewith. Such a rotor is for example intended for equipping a motor with electronic commutation. According to the invention, the rotor (12-19) includes a rotation shaft (19) and a rotor body (18) on which is mounted a ring magnetized in elongate bands (13-15). The ring is magnetized with the aid of a magnetizing machine.

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Hub dynamo

A hub dynamo is provided with a special nut (30) for securely positioning a stator (13) on a hub shaft (11) by threading the stator over a male screw (11a) formed in the outer periphery of the hub shaft and fastening the stator in an axial direction, a circuit board (200) being secured to the special nut.

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Device for controlling dynamo-electric machine

A first operation part in a device for controlling a dynamo-electric machine performs control for a prescribed first region that is set in relation to a control amount, and a second region that is greater than the first region. As control for the first region, the first operation part operates the voltage phase of a voltage vector applied to an armature coil so that the control amount is controlled at a target value while a field current is controlled so that the difference between the amplitude of an induction voltage generated in an armature coil with the rotation of a rotor and the amplitude of a prescribed voltage applied to the armature coil is at or below a prescribed value. A second operation part, as a control for the second region, operates the field current so that the control amount is controlled at the target value.

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Dynamo-electric machine with mechanical field weakeing

The invention relates to a dynamo-electric permanently excited machine with a stator (1) and a rotor (2). The rotor (2) comprises several permanent magnets (3) which can be displaced in the radial direction and the permanent magnets (3) are magnetised essentially tangentially to the direction of the circumference of the rotor (1).

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