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Automatic prescription-medicine releasing system

The present invention relates to an automatic stocking system adapted to allow a patient to take their medicine as prescribed by a doctor, and the automatic prescription-medicine releasing system according to the present invention comprises a patient terminal for receiving transmitted doctor's prescription information, and an automatic drug releasing unit which is linked to the patient terminal, stores a drug to be dispensed to the patient and supplies the patient with the drug in accordance with the prescription information; and the object of the present invention is to supply a patient with a drug matched to the accurate drug-taking time in accordance with the dispensing information for the patient, to increase the patient's ability to comply with dispensed drug taking, and to allow medical staff to remotely manage drug taking by the patient.

Publication number: WO2012033315A2 | Search similar patents

Method, system, and apparatus for prescription medicine analysis

A medical reference and information system using a computer system and software allowing for interactive access to a database containing information relevant to a physician treating a patient and the software is capable of analyzing lists of medications to determine drug interactions.

Publication number: US2015154363A1 | Search similar patents

Method and system for prescription distribution security

A method and system for enhanced prescription distribution security wherein a prescription form is provided with one or more of: (1) a bar code corresponding to a data base location for a physicians signature; (2) a bar code corresponding to the pharmaceutical/medication to be dispensed and (3) a bar code unique to each prescription form.

Publication number: US2003197366A1 | Search similar patents

Information processing device, method, and program

This technology relates to an information processing device and method, as well as to a program, making it possible to obtain higher-probability information pertaining to taking medicines. An extraction unit extracts a prescription date and the number of prescription days for prescription drugs from medical prescription information recorded in a recording unit. When, among the prescription drugs, there are prescription drugs that have the same prescription date but a different number of prescription days, an operation unit performs division on the basis of the numbers of prescription days. When the result of the division satisfies a specific condition, the operation unit regards the prescription drug as a persistent-effect drug. A medicine-taking-schedule-generation unit regards the number of prescription days of the sustained-action drug as the number of prescription days of the other prescription drug that was prescribed on the same day is this sustained-action drug; and generates, from this number of prescription days and prescription date, medicine-taking schedule information indicating the medicine-taking schedule of the sustained-action drug. This technology can be applied to an information processing device.

Publication number: WO2014021114A1 | Search similar patents

Information processing device and method, and program

This technique relates to an information processing device and method, and a program, by which more probable information relating to medication can be obtained.
An extraction unit extracts, from dispensing fee bill information recorded in a recording unit, information including the dispensing dates, numbers of days of prescription, dosage form codes of drugs. A specification unit specifies the dosage forms of the respective drugs from the dosage form codes of the drugs. With drugs, such as an internal medicine, in predetermined dosage forms as drugs to be previously processed, a medication schedule creation unit finds the medication periods of these drugs on the basis of the dispensing dates and number of days of prescription, and using the medication periods, finds the medication period of a drug other than the drugs to be previously processed. This technique can be applied to an information processing device.

Publication number: WO2014119401A1 | Search similar patents

Prescription sheet and medication distribution system

When a prescription drug is to be dispensed to a patient according to the present invention, a physician, or anyone else legally able to prescribe and dispense prescription medications (legend drugs), has preprinted or fills in by writing or typing on a prescription sheet, such information as a prescribed medicine, prescribed dosage and frequency of use, drug dispensing identification number, date, name of the patient, and additional necessary information. The prescriber then signs the prescription sheet. According to the system of the invention, the prescriber dispenses or authorizes the dispensing of prepackaged medications without having to prepare a dispensing label or additional pharmacy records. Further, the system expedites the use of prepackaged drugs by pharmacists by combining a prescription sheet and dispensing label.

Publication number: US4799712A | Search similar patents

Verification of prescription information and warning label

The present invention is a unique prescription label, printed on one side that allows a consumer to check and verify the accuracy of the prescribed medication as well as to provide additional information on the medication container by increasing the usable size and area of the prescription label with an informational tab extending radially from the container, the present invention also provides a means for easy application of the prescription label onto the container by scoring the facing on the first portion and second portion of the label and scoring the backing of the second portion of the label in order to create an even fold between the two portions.

Publication number: WO0194126A1 | Search similar patents

Drug administration management system and method for real-time management of drug administration for patients

A drug administration management system of the present invention transmits information on a drug administration prescription using an IP network and notifies the time to take medicine following a predetermined drug administration schedule. The system comprises: a drug administration management server which transmits information on a drug administration prescription and receives information on drug administration including at least the administration time; and a medicine box terminal, which saves the information on a drug administration prescription transmitted from the drug administration management server, stores drugs therein, performs a control operation to ensure that the drugs are taken out only at the predetermined time after the drug administration time has begun, and transmits updated drug administration information to the drug administration management server if a drug has been administrated during the predetermined period of time after the drug administration time has begun

Publication number: WO2011074744A1 | Search similar patents

Method and system for drug prescription

A method and system for estimating the best price for a prescription at a local pharmacy where both the patient and the physician are able to see the best prescription price and location of the pharmacy to make a healthcare choice.

Publication number: US2015142479A1 | Search similar patents

Method for acquiring and analyzing a list of a patients prescription medications

A computer system for obtaining, analyzing and providing information to a community of user patients regarding their medication is disclosed. The system is provided by means of world wide web access and generates a user patient screen prompting the manual entry of data relating to the use patient and drugs being taken. The data are analyzed and results are provided to the user patient and/or the caregiver including drug-drug interactions, drug pricing, alternative medications and possible adjustments in the dosing regimen of the user patient.

Publication number: WO0161621A1 | Search similar patents

Pharmaceutical marketing device and method of use

Sampling device for marketing a drug by a pharmaceutical company includes multiple segments. One segment includes the drug to be sampled and another segment includes preprinted indicia on one side providing prescribing information for a prescriber of the drug and an adhesive layer on the other side for attachment to a patient's medical chart maintained by the prescriber of the drug. A method of sampling a drug employing the above described sampling device also forms a part of this invention.RELATED APPLICATIONSThis application is a continuation of pending U.S. application Ser. No. 08/439,730, entitled PHARMACEUTICAL MARKETING DEVICE AND SYSTEM, which was filed on May 12, 1995.

Publication number: US5961151A | Search similar patents

Systems and methods for selecting drugs

An embodiment provides a method for selecting drugs, such as prescription drugs, and comprises the steps of: receiving search criteria; identifying a set of drug(s) which meet the search criteria (i.e., a relational drug class); providing identifying information about each drug in the set; receiving a selected drug from the set of drug(s); and providing basic information about the selected drug, including indications, contraindications, adverse reactions, classifications, drug interactions and/or drug class interactions.

Publication number: US2004172285A1 | Search similar patents

Class of medications is proposed, named rphx

The invention is based on creating a new Class of medication to be a transitional class between Rx Medication and OTC Medication. The new Class is to be named RPhX, and is primarily authorized and dispensed by a pharmacist. As the patient requests an item in the RPhX class, a licensed pharmacist must perform drug review of the patient's medication to avoid drug allergy, Interaction etc. A pharmacist can write a prescription for this RPhX class. Certain information is needed including the Facility of Practice, Address, Telephone Number, Pharmacist name, License number, Signature, Medication name, Strength, and Amount, to be documented on the prescription. The new Class of Medication present an economical benefits by reducing the overall healthcare spending.

Publication number: US2006212311A1 | Search similar patents

Method of individually tracking and identifying a drug delivery device

A method of and system for identifying an individual drug delivery device and tracing its ownership. An individual drug delivery device, such as a patch, is coded with a unique identifier. Such coding is performed by using a bar code or by storing the identifier in a memory device in the drug delivery device. A database contains a record of the identifier, representing the drug delivery device. The identifier is read upon a transfer of the drug delivery device and the database is updated to include information such as the date of the transfer, the identity of the transferee and the prescribing physician. The ability to retrieve such information regarding specific drug delivery devices can result in the prevention of abuse of controlled substances contained therein.

Publication number: WO0004480A1 | Search similar patents

Digitized prescription system

An electronic database is provided which contains a plurality of transaction records for transactions in which a prescription medicinal substance is dispensed to a patient. Preferably the database is of nation-wide scope. Each transaction record contains a plurality of electronically associated data items including a medicinal substance data item and a patient data item. The database is operably associated with a computer means for searching the electronic database by at least one data item and identifying the transaction records containing such at least one data item, and performing at least one predetermined data processing function on the identified transaction records and generating a processed data packet. A communication means is operably associated with the computer means for communicating the processed data packet to a user. The database can be used to identify prescription fraud, medication overuse and abuse, and to provide an early warning for bioterror attacks.

Publication number: US2004162740A1 | Search similar patents

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