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Dimmer, imaging system, method for operating dimmer, and operating program for dimmer

This dimmer sets exposures values for generating combined image data obtained by combining a plurality of pieces of image data obtained from a plurality of exposure procedures with different exposure values. This dimmer comprises: a brightness detector that obtains image data or combined image data and detects the brightness of the image; a standard exposure value calculation unit that calculates a standard exposure value on the basis of the detection results of the brightness detector; and an exposure value setting unit that sets an exposure value corresponding to the timing of the exposure procedure on the basis of the standard exposure value calculated by the standard exposure value calculation unit.

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Resistive circuit for an electronic dimmer device

Resistive circuit for an electronic dimmer device (2) equipped with a power semiconductor, which circuit (1) contains a resistive load (3) connected to the dimmer device (2) as an auxiliary load or built in in the dimmer device, characterized in that it contains detection means (6) to detect the moment when the power semiconductor of the dimmer device (2) is connected and switching means (4 and 5) to switch on the resistive load (3) for a restricted length of time (T) when said detection means (6) detect that the power semiconductor is connected.

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Method of brightness control of fluorescent lamp and device for brightness control of fluorescent lamp

The method of brightness control of fluorescent lamp is executed on the basis of the make-time of a dimmer. That make- time of a dimmer is transformed into a digital signal, having higher frequency than power frequency. The current intensity of a fluorescent lamp is controlled on the basis of' digital signal. The measuring of the make-time of a dimmer is executed when additional load is connected. The make-time of a dimmer is transformed taking into account characteristics of brightness - of a fluorescent lamp in the function of current intensity.' The device for brightness control of a -fluorescent lamp is equipped with the circuit for measuring of the make- time of a dimmer. The device is also equipped with the circuit generating digital signal, the resonant circuit controlling current intensity- of a fluorescent lamp on the basis of digital signal and an additional load connecting temporarily for. the moment of measuring of the make-time.

Publication number: WO2008002162A1 | Search similar patents

Led power supply device

An LED power supply device disclosed in the present specification includes a DC dimmer circuit that performs dimming control of an LED such that the higher a reference voltage variably controlled according to a dimmer signal is, the smaller a current flowing in the LED is. This configuration makes it possible to achieve fine dimming control.

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Dimmer having a relay at the output

It is proposed for a dimmer (1) with an electrical input (2) and an electrical output (3), wherein the dimmer (1) has a dimming circuit (4) for a predefinable and variable limitation on the electrical power that may be provided to the output (3), that the dimmer (1) has a predefinably controllable relay (5) and that switch contacts (6) on the relay (5) are arranged, in electrical terms, serially with the dimming circuit (4).

Publication number: WO2014083187A1 | Search similar patents

Light-emitting diode lighting device and control circuit for same

The present invention provides a light-emitting diode lighting device for controlling the brightness of a lamp comprising light-emitting diodes by using a dimmer, and a control circuit for same. The present invention uses the starting current of a rectified voltage so as to solve the issue of a holding current not being supplied to the dimmer with the lamp comprising light-emitting diodes turned off.

Publication number: WO2014209008A1 | Search similar patents


The invention relates to a multilevel capacitive electromechanical installation dimmer for dimming, in particular, mains voltage LED lamps, fluorescent low-pressure gas discharge lamps, filament lamps, and mains voltage halogen lamps, comprising an electrical input and an electrical output, and having at least one electrical capacity, in particular a capacitor. The electrical output of the dimmer, at at least two switching levels, can be charged with one or several electrical capacities by way of one, or several, mechanical switches, wherein the one mechanical switch, or at least one of the several mechanical switches, is a bridging switch. The invention further relates to a corresponding method.

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Variable intensity display device

The display device has a liquid crystal cell (5) in front of a light source (4), e.g. a fluorescent lamp, used for illuminating the display unit (3), with the light transmission level of the liquid crystal cell controlled so that it acts as a dimmer (6), for regulating the brightness of the display to match the ambient light level.

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Light regulator of small fluorescent lamp

A dimmer for controlling AC power to a lighting load provides a leading power factor by initiating conduction through an electronic switch at each zero crossing of the line current. The dimmer delivers current to the lighting load in a sequence of pulses where each pulse corresponds to a portion of one AC half wave. A variable resistance that alters a voltage signal delivered to an integrated circuit permits the user to determine the duration of each pulse and thus vary the power delivered to the lighting load. The dimmer is provided with over current protection.

Publication number: US6400098B1 | Search similar patents

Electronic h.f. dimmer for high voltage and low voltage incandescent lamps

Electronic H.F. dimmers for high voltage and low voltage incandescent lamps have a very high power factor and extraordinarily low mains current harmonic oscillations. Such appliances for operating low voltage halogen incandescent lamps were usually named until now dimming electronic transformers. The advantage of the invention is that it allows high voltage and low voltage incandescent lamps to be operated at the same time with a H.F. dimmer.

Publication number: WO9608123A2 | Search similar patents

Dimmer circuit and led lighting device having said dimmer circuit

A dimmer circuit may include: a rectification module, a control module and an output module, wherein the control module receives an input signal rectified through the rectification module and controls the output module to supply a load with an output signal in accordance with the input signal, and a compensation module which collects sampled signals characterizing dimming state of the dimmer circuit between the control module and the output module, and supplies the control module with a compensation signal in accordance with the sampled signals, the control module changing the value of the output signal according to the input signal and the compensation signal.

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Solar lamp with dimmer

The lamp (1) has an illuminant (2) i.e. LED, and an electrical energy storage (4) i.e. rechargeable electrical accumulator, which is connected with the illuminant by an electric circuit (3). A photovoltaic element (5) is connected with the electrical energy storage. A dimmer (9) is connected in the electric circuit between the illuminant and the energy storage, where degree of dimness is controlled by a controller (8) based on a charging state of the energy storage. The controller is designed as a microprocessor and/or microcontroller.

Publication number: EP2048431A1 | Search similar patents

Three dimensional dimmer

An endoscopic device includes a dimming assembly having an array of segments which is successively insertable into a path of a light beam. The segments have outlines of different geometric shapes defining a configuration of a transmission region depending upon an angular position of the shaft.

Publication number: US6367958B1 | Search similar patents

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