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Method and system to deliver state of the art concierge medical services to healh care consumers via a control center and a network of mobile medical platforms

The method and system regard a medical concierge service combining a control center with a network of mobile medical platforms incorporating onsite and remote medical professionals, advanced medical, internet, videoconferencing, satellite, communication, computing, digital devices, electronic heath record and clean energy technologies to deliver state of the art medical services to patients at their chosen appointment time and location. The method and system increases access to healthcare, reduces associated costs and enhances traditional medical services while creating a here to unknown way of providing patient healthcare.

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Method for telemedicine services

A method is provided for delivery of Telemedicine services that qualify for reimbursement by at least one of Medicare, Medicaid and private medical insurer. A Certified Medical Practitioner at a distant site provides service telecommunicatively to a patient located in a rented space at a qualifying originating site. Telecommunications are accomplished by one of audio and video equipment permitting two-way, real-time interactive communication between the Patient and the Certified Medical Practitioner or by asynchronous store and forward technologies, in single or multimedia formats, used as a substitute for an interactive telecommunications system. A Telepresenter is present at the originating site to facilitate the Telemedicine Session. The Telepresenter travels between originating sites or, alternatively, is provided by the originating site.

Publication number: US2006064319A1 | Search similar patents

Method for providing a disease management service

The present invention generally relates to the field of medical services and more specifically to the area of chronic disease management. It comprises a new method for providing a disease management service which utilizes nurse practitioners to engage in regularly scheduled virtual evaluation and management “office visits” with patients, using off-the-shelf videophones for real-time video and audio communications. As these disease management services are delivered to the patient while he remains in his home, such convenient access to professional health care brings about a much closer monitoring of the patient's condition than would be otherwise practical, enabling clinicians to make necessary therapeutic modifications in a timely fashion. Engaging patients in such regularly scheduled office visits also causes increased compliance with recommended regimens and lifestyle modifications, resulting in overall improved management of the patient's chronic condition. Patients are enrolled into the service primarily through referrals from their primary care physicians who sign a Collaboration Agreement with the chronic disease management service. The Collaboration Agreement extends the continuity of care for enrolled patients by keeping the primary care physician informed at all times on the health status of their patients and involved in all important clinical decisions regarding patients referred to the service. The secure Internet-accessible clinical documentation and information systems used in the disclosed method make possible a multi-office practice were information can be seamlessly shared and patient workloads can be distributed across multiple locations. Clinical office visit services provided under the disclosed method qualify for reimbursement by public insurers and many private insurers. The disclosed method represents a novel form of medical practice whose area of operation and potential patient base is unbounded by geographic location, since patients may engage in virtual office visits while remaining in their homes, and the information technology infrastructure utilized allows the disclosed disease management service to deliver medical care from any location that has phone service and an Internet or network connection available.

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Versatile and integrated system for telehealth

A versatile and integrated system for telehealth and/or telerehabilitation which is an architecture or platform for developing various telerehabilitation applications is provided. The system can be designed to take into account the environments and requirements of health-related services. The requirements considered in the platform design include minimal equipment beyond what is available in many rehabilitation settings, minimal maintenance, and easy to setup and operate.

Publication number: WO2011130634A1 | Search similar patents

System and method for providing health care

A method of providing health care by establishing a predetermined patient population grouped by geographic regions where the patient population has access to a traveling healthcare professional that may travel to the patient's location. The healthcare professional evaluates and examines the patient using a plurality of technologies including a microprocessor and memory storage that is coupled to, or interfaced with, audio/video/data transfer and communications systems, medical devices, and other vital measurement devices that the physician located at the physicians' center uses to assess and consult the healthcare professional who is onsite with the remote patient. During the exam the healthcare professional uses audio/video/data communications for interconnecting the healthcare professional with a physician at the physicians' center. The physician at the physicians' center conducts a virtual house call to help maintain the physician-patient relationship, evaluate the collected information, and instruct the healthcare professional during the physician's examination and evaluation. The physician having access to the patient's health records, family medical history, present medications, prior allergic reactions and any adverse drug interactions or contraindications, assesses, and renders a diagnoses and treatment plan back to the healthcare professional. The healthcare professional under the delegation of the physician treats the patient under the physician's instructions. The physician may prescribe medication and transmit the prescription to a pharmacy. The physician updates the patient's health record with the collected information, diagnosis, physician orders, treatment plan, patient input information, and clinical notes. The method also provides for a patient to obtain medical information without the need for a healthcare professional's visit. The method also provides many illustrations that allow for the assessment, treatment, diagnosis, and sharing of medical information and care to be provided to the patient at the patient's location, and to authorized healthcare professionals.

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Healthcare support system and method

A healthcare support system for determining care for a patient and a corresponding healthcare support method are presented. The healthcare support system comprises a processor and a computer-readable storage medium, wherein the computer-readable storage medium contains instructions for execution by the processor, wherein the instructions cause the processor to perform the steps of obtaining patient data, assessing a clinical need of the patient, proposing a clinical outcome, and determining a service to be provided to the patient for said clinical need and said proposed clinical outcome based on a service-outcome-need model. Further, the present invention relates to a computer-readable non-transitory storage medium and a computer program.

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Child care telehealth access network

A system and a method for providing medical evaluation and treatment recommendations for children at a childcare center, including: an examination station for medically examining a patient, located at the childcare center, wherein the examination station includes an examination computer, an examination camera coupled with the computer, and a diagnostic tool set coupled with the computer; a diagnosis station for diagnosing the condition of the patient, remotely located from the examination station; wherein the diagnosis station includes a diagnosis computer, a diagnosis camera coupled with the diagnosis computer; modules for interfacing the diagnosis computer with the examination computer; and a communication system for coupling the examination station with the diagnosis station.

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Method of providing integrated healthcare services

An integrative healthcare model is provided in which standard acute care medicine is supplemented by a process involving an awareness phase, an intervention phase, an education phase and a treatment phase which is implemented to address root causes of health issues and bring about lifestyle changes leading to improved health.

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Remote healthcare data-gathering and viewing system and method

A medical data collection method and system (10) for gathering medical data from an individual when the individual is located remotely from a healthcare professional. A computer device that includes an aggregation device (22) is used at the patient remote site (11) for collecting medical data/information from various medical devices (14) that can gather appropriate medical data. The aggregation device (22) sends the recorded medical data using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) web service/application (25) to a network 16. The information may be saved on a local or centralized data storage device (18) and/or stored to a patient's medical record. A healthcare provider (i.e. physician, physician's assistant, nurse or the like) (20) can access the medical data (25) in real time or from the optional data storage device via a connect manager or through a secure or unsecure connection in real time while the data is being captured from the patient or if the data is stored, at any time in the future using a personal computer or handheld device such as a personal computer, notebook, palm pilot, Iphone, Blackberry or the like that is capable of running a browser that can consume the medical record service (25) provided by the aggregation device (22).

Publication number: US2011270631A1 | Search similar patents

Remote, adjunct, credentialed provider-directed healthcare systems and methods

Disclosed herein, in certain embodiments, are systems and methods for extending patient care effectiveness of a licensed primary healthcare provider facility, group, or individual and providing professional answering and triage services, comprising: a live, remote, adjunct healthcare provider, wherein said adjunct provider is credentialed by said licensed primary healthcare provider facility, group, or individual to provide remote adjunct care for one or more patients, wherein said adjunct provider is covered by medical malpractice insurance, wherein said patients are legally under the care of said licensed primary healthcare provider facility, group, or individual; a software module for providing said remote adjunct healthcare provider access to one or more electronic health records for said one or more patients; and a communications link between said remote adjunct healthcare provider and said patient or one or more onsite patient caregivers.

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Clinical workflows utilizing autonomous and semi-autonomous telemedicine devices

The present disclosure describes various clinical workflows and other methods that utilize a telemedicine device in a healthcare network. According to various embodiments, a healthcare practitioner may utilize a remote presence interfaces (RPIs) on a remote access device (RAD), such as a portable electronic device (PED) to interface with a telemedicine device. The healthcare practitioner may directly interface with a display interface of a telemedicine device or utilize the RPI on a RAD. The present disclosure provides various clinical workflows involving a telemedicine device to view patient data during a telepresence session, perform rounds to visit multiple patients, monitor a patient, allow for remote visitations by companions, and various other clinical workflow methods.

Publication number: WO2013176758A1 | Search similar patents

Telehealth scheduling and communications network

A telehealth communications network accessible anywhere sufficient bandwidth connection is available facilitates a medical encounter between a patient at a patient site and a provider at a provider site remotely located from the patient, and includes an operating console comprising at least one memory and at least one processor coupled to the network, the operating console configured to execute at least one workflow for facilitating the medical encounter.

Publication number: US2011009707A1 | Search similar patents

System and method for health care data collection and management

A health care system including a field module configured to gather a first portion of patient data and to send the first portion of patient data to a server, an administrative module configured to perform a plurality of functions on patient data, and a physician module configured to display patient data and perform a patient care function.

Publication number: US2005027567A1 | Search similar patents

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