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Method and system for securely authorising the activation of a critical function on a drone

The system has a ground control station (100) with an activation module (130) comprising a signing module for generating an activation message to activate critical functions (A-1B, A-1C, A-2B) for a designated effector module from a set of effector modules (230, 240, 330) of robotized platforms (200, 300). Each effector module has a verification unit for authenticating the message from the station. The verification unit verifies whether the received message is a signed integrated message for the effector module and authorizes the realization of the critical functions based on needs. An independent claim is also included for a method for authorizing activation of a critical function by a robotized platform.

Publication number: EP1956451A1 | Search similar patents

Method and device for determining a distance separating a drone and an object, and method for controlling the flight of a drone

The invention concerns a method and device for determining a distance separating a drone and an object, and a method for controlling the flight of a drone. The method for determining a distance (L, L

Publication number: WO2014147042A2 | Search similar patents

Taking-off and landing system for drone, and operating method thereof

The present invention relates to a taking-off and landing system for a drone and, more specifically, to: a system in which a product is transported by a drone, in an unmanned way, to a device, possessed by a user, for enabling the drone to take-off and land; and an operating method therefor. The present invention comprises: a base (11) for providing a floor on which a drone (30) takes off and lands; a storage unit (13) for storing an ID of the base; and a first short range communication module (15) for wirelessly communicating with the drone accessing the base within a predetermined distance, wherein the first short range communication module transmits, to the drone, the ID of the base when the drone comes within a predetermined distance, and transmits a landing guide signal when a landing intention signal is received from the drone.

Publication number: WO2016089066A1 | Search similar patents

Method for observing an area by means of a drone

The invention concerns a method for observing an area by means of a drone, comprising: - acquisition (30) of a topography of an area to be observed by means of a first drone, said first drone comprising a topography acquisition device; - determination (60) of a flight plan of a second drone based on the acquired topography; - detailed observation (70) of the area to be observed, by means of a second drone comprising an observation device, said second drone moving according to the defined flight plan.

Publication number: WO2014146884A1 | Search similar patents

Training simulation system for drone systems

A training simulation system for a drone system comprises a trainer station (10) having a first output means (101, 102, 103), which is equipped to generate and show at least one current exterior view of the drone, a second output means (201, 202, 204, 204), which is equipped to show at least one current display of a ground station of the drone; and a first input means (20, 30), which is equipped to change a parameter of the drone simulation, wherein the training simulation system further comprises a first interface to a simulation means, which is equipped to simulate the physical properties of the drone, and a second interface to a ground control station, which is equipped to control the drone.

Publication number: WO2011051501A2 | Search similar patents

Method for preparing an adsorbed drone brood and composition thereof

The invention relates to the pharmaceutical and food industries, to medicine, in particular to biologically active dietary supplements (BADS), and describes a process for producing an adsorbed drone brood as well as a composition thereof which maintains and stabilizes all of the biological properties of the drone brood over a long period of time (up to 3 years), which makes it possible to organize mass production of drone brood-based products.

Publication number: WO2013022381A1 | Search similar patents

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