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Real-time jargon translation in a communication system

A computer retrieves profile information of a participant of a multi-party communication. The computer identifies an original jargon included in the multi-party communication based, at least in part, on the profile information. The computer generates a translated jargon by translating the original translated jargon, wherein the translated jargon can be understood by the participant of the multi-party communication. The computer sends the translated jargon to the participant of the multi-party communication.

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Network connection system for machine tools, particularly injection presses for plastics

A network connection system for machine tools, particularly injection presses for plastics, comprising a plurality of machine tools (1) connected to a wireless network in order to share resources and exchange data, via a radio link, between a device (12) for radio communications provided on each machine tool (1) and a server (4) equipped with the device (12) for radio communications or at least one access unit (20) connected to a hard-wired network (10, 50).

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Pump system

The pump unit has a pump, an electric motor driving the pump and a controller for the motor with a digital communications unit with an interface based on the Internet protocol. The communications unit (1) forms part of the pump unit and the interface (21) of the communications unit uses TCP/IP as the Internet protocol. Independent claims are also included for the following: a method of operating a pump.

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Methods and systems for locating redundant telephony call processing hosts in geographically separate locations

Methods and systems for providing redundant telephony call processing in geographically separate locations are disclosed. First and second telephony call processing hosts are provided in first and second geographic locations separated from each other. The telephony call processing hosts are located on the same LAN, which is also divided among the geographically separated locations. The geographically separate LAN or LANs are bridged using either a customers IP network or isolation routers associated with the redundant telephony call processing hosts.

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Remote diagnostic- and maintenance device

The device consists of at least one ISDN-S0 connection to a service station (12). At least one of the ISDN lines connected to the service station is fed to a printing network (6) connected to the control stations (2) of the printing machines (1) or auxiliary devices via a remote diagnosis and maintenance station (10) acting as a remote maintenance gateway.

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Security enclosure for a router

A router comprises a local network interface and routing services. The router also includes a data exchanger interface that can be configured to connect to a data exchanger. A security enclosure is configured to cover the data exchanger when the data exchanger is connected to the data exchanger interface.

Publication number: WO2015006209A2 | Search similar patents

An apparatus and method for gathering, processing and locally storing information on access to a service made by an apparatus over a communications system

Apparatus for communicating with a remote system over a network to access a service stores information on the usage made of the service by the computer system, processes the information and then transmits the information to a remote management system.

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Jargon translation in an instant messaging environment

A translation system, method and program product for an instant messaging (IM) infrastructure. The system includes a profile look-up system for determining a profile for both a first and a second user engaged in an IM session; a jargon translation profile system for building a translation profile for the first and second users, wherein the translation profile is utilized to identify jargon and associated translations for the first and second users from a jargon database; and display logic for displaying a translation for jargon being shown in an IM display window during the IM session.

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Method for associating the features of two geographic databases

A method of determining geographic feature association between geographic features of a first geographic database and a second geographic database builds a proximity matrix having a proximity value element for each of the features of the first geographic database as compared to each of the features of the second geographic database. A singular value decomposition of the proximity matrix is computed, and the singular value decomposition is converted into an association matrix. Using the association matrix, the method identifies an associated feature pair having one feature of the first geographic database and one feature of the second geographic database.

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A method for the direct communication between the operation maintenance client-side and the remote devices

The invention provides a method for the direct communication between the operation maintenance client-side and the remote devices, which set the TCP/IP proxy in the collected maintenance center, and its communication procedure comprises: 1) the clients access the collected maintenance center through the operation maintenance client-side, and enable the TCP/IP proxy of the collected maintenance center; 2) TCP/IP proxy sets up the corresponding relation among the remote devices IP address, the port number of the remote devices, and the proxy port of the remote devices; 3) TCP/IP proxy sets up the TCP/IP connection with the operation maintenance client-side and the remote devices respectively; 4) when the operation maintenance client-side communicates with the remote devices, firstly, it send the information to the TCP/IP proxy of the collected maintenance center via the TCP/IP connection; the TCP/IP proxy then forward the information to the operation maintenance client�side or the remote devices directly. The invention solves magnificently the inconsistency that the access security of the remote devices and the convenience for the use during the collected maintenance, also, it is possible that can achieve the ports transfer, and simplify the collected management

Publication number: WO2005076563A1 | Search similar patents

Internet franking system

A modular franking system for processing envelopes into mailpieces having a path through the modules for performing processing steps on the envelopes such as weighing each envelope and calculating a franking charge for each mailpiece. The franking system includes a network protocol stack and a network controller or node that connects the system to a gateway such as a LAN. The LAN can allow access to the Internet. Via the LAN, the franking system can be remotely configured.

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System for remote management and control of television distribution systems inside buildings

A system for remote management and control of distribution systems of television signals inside buildings of the type that comprises a distribution head (12) of television signals connected to a distribution network (16) of television signals in the building (10) operating through coaxial cable, said distribution network of television signals (16) reaching at least in part of the environments of the building (10) at least part of a plurality of electronic controlled devices (27) inside the building (10). According to the invention, said signal distribution head (12) is associated to an electronic terminal (13) operating as a gateway being apt for bi-directional communication with external telecommunication networks (305) through Internet Protocol to the signals distribution network (16) in the building (10).

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Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, remote control system therefor, and remote operation device

A remote control system for one or more semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses is provided with a supervisory device that control one or more of the semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses and a remote operation device that accesses the supervisory device through a communication line. Upon access, the supervisory device the remote carries performs the same operation as that carried out by the supervisory device on one or more of the semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses. The remote operation device replace operation parameter files of the supervisory device through remote control.

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