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Multi-phase cosmetic agent for cleansing hair and skin

The invention relates to a composition comprising at least two aqueous phases, and to the use thereof as a body-care and/or body-cleansing product, particularly for cleansing hair and skin, particularly for cleansing skin and hair, above all, as shower gel, shampoo, bubble bath, liquid soap, make-up remover or a face cleanser.

Publication number: WO2005023975A1 | Search similar patents

Intelligent label for cosmetic product

The invention relates to a method for determining a cosmetic product suitable for a user. In order to facilitate for the user the determination and selection of a cosmetic product suitable for him/her, the method has a step of storing first data in a memory element, the first data representing a cosmetic profile of the user, a storing of second data in an intelligent label, the second data representing a cosmetic profile of the cosmetic product, and the intelligent label being assigned to the cosmetic product, a step of transmitting the second data from the intelligent label to the memory element, a step of a comparison of the first data and the second data, and a step of determining the cosmetic product as a cosmetic product suitable for the user if the first data and the second data at least partially coincide with one another.

Publication number: WO2008095824A1 | Search similar patents

Methods and system for providing personalized preparations

Methods and a system are provided for personalizing cosmetic preparations and services for a consumer. Cosmetic diagnostic data is received from a consumer directly and in a private setting, a cosmetic evaluation is provided based on the diagnostic data, and at least one of a cosmetic preparation and a cosmetic service is provided to the consumer. Further, a method of purchasing cosmetic preparations is provided wherein a consumer provides cosmetic diagnostic data, and a plurality of fluids are provided for producing a customized cosmetic preparation based on the cosmetic diagnostic data, payment is received for the preparation, and the preparation is dispensed for application.

Publication number: EP1301102A2 | Search similar patents

Range of cosmetic compositions for the skin, lips, hair or nails.

A range of solid makeup compositions for application to the skin, lips or hair comprising a first composition presenting a first color due, at least partially to the presence of a first composite pigment and a second of different color and different composite pigment in which each pigment comprises a nucleus and an at least partial coating of a colorant matter, different for each composition.

Publication number: EP1588688A1 | Search similar patents

Dispenser for mixing and dispensing fluid mixtures

The portable dispenser has individual supply chambers that communicate with a mixing chamber. Each of the supply chambers has a doser to move fluid compositions from the supply chamber to the mixing chamber. The mixing chamber has a mixer to allow it to form a homogeneous mix of the individual compositions. An applicator is used to output the homogeneous mix.

Publication number: EP1330410A1 | Search similar patents

Milky lotions, cosmetic preparations, skin cleansers and skin cleansing articles

Milky lotions are prepared by adding a hydrophilic polymer, clay particles, an oil, glycerol and potassium hydroxide to water. Potassium hydroxide is added to cosmetic preparations such as makeup products, makeup cleansers, hair care products, antiperspirants, body deodorizers, compositions for protecting from external factors, perfume compositions, cleansers and bathing preparations or skin cleansing articles such as moist towels. Alternatively, skin cleansing articles are prepared by adding potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide to skin cleansers to adjust the pH value to 10 or above and then impregnating paper, non-woven fabric or fabric for wiping the skin with the skin cleansers thus obtained.

Publication number: WO0178659A1 | Search similar patents

Cosmetics applicator

A cosmetics applicator includes a housing including a movable brush head, and a motion actuator operative to move the brush head in a vibrational motion, a rotational motion or a combination thereof. A cartridge contains a cosmetic to be dispensed. A dispensing actuator is operative to dispense the cosmetic out of the cartridge. The cartridge includes an applicator probe that extends forward to a center of the brush head and the cosmetic is dispensed out of a distal tip of the probe.

Publication number: US2016270509A1 | Search similar patents

Cosmetic composition

The present invention relates to a cosmetic composition comprising 20-45% of a first surfactant, 0.1-22% of a second surfactant and cosmetically acceptable adjuvants for use in cleaning hair and preserving the colouring of dyed hair, the composition being useful as a shampoo and other hair care formulations.

Publication number: WO2016094988A1 | Search similar patents

Cosmetic composition containing powder obtained by dividing soybean into individual cells

It is intended to provide a cosmetic composition having multiple functions such as exhibiting an excellent moisturizing effect, showing a favorable adhesiveness to the skin and preventing the skin from drying after prolonged use. This composition contains a powder obtained by dividing soybeans into individual cells. By appropriately controlling the content of the soybean cell powder to 0.1 to 50% based on the whole cosmetic composition, in particular, it becomes possible to provide various cosmetics including skin-care products (face washes, cosmetic lotions, milky lotions, creams, gels, essences (cosmetic essences), packs, etc.), makeup cosmetics (foundations, lipsticks, etc.), hair cosmetics and body cosmetics each showing a humectant/moisturizing effect which has never been achieved by existing products.

Publication number: WO2004108096A1 | Search similar patents

Method of advertising cosmetics and personal care products on behalf of third party businesses in etablishments that provide lodging

The present invention generally relates to a method of advertising to potential customers. More particularly, the present invention pertains to the display of cosmetic materials within establishments that provide lodging and other services for travelers and other paying guests that is not coincident with the point of sale. These establishments may include hotels, motels, motor inns, bed and breakfasts, country inns, apartments, condominiums, complexes, cottages, lodges, ranches, resorts, suites, extended stays, histories, cruises, other lodging establishments, airplanes, trains, and other modes of transportation and the like.

Publication number: US2008249881A1 | Search similar patents

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