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Artificial intelligence & knowledge based automation enhancement

This invention generally relates to a process, system and computer code for updating of computer applications based on collecting automation information related to a current application such as processing power, load, footprint, and performance attributes, determining a system automation profile; using an artificial intelligence based modeler for analyzing data, applying the data to an artificial intelligence model for training and predicting performance, adjusting the artificial intelligence model to achieve an updated automation criteria with optimal values, wherein the optimal values provide input to an automation criteria library for storing and updating a prior automation criteria, and exporting the upgraded automation criteria values for incorporation in a computer-to-be-updated, to achieve a reliable automatic update.

Publication number: US2016078368A1 | Search similar patents

Artificial intelligence manufacturing and design

An automated artificial intelligence method and system for the design and implementation of engineering and manufacturing design services.

Publication number: US2002049625A1 | Search similar patents

Artificial intelligence user input systems and methods

A system and method for interaction with a computer device that includes receiving, by a computer device, input from a user, determining based on the context of the input whether to perform an action by the computer device and performing an action by the computer device based on further detecting the confidence input received form the user.

Publication number: US2015169287A1 | Search similar patents

Intelligent adaptive integrated learning environment

An intelligent adaptive integrated learning environment to optimize the learning process to a particular user. The environment is capable of providing assessment and targeted feedback.

Publication number: US2015154878A1 | Search similar patents

Determining a type of predictive model for training data

A computer-implemented method includes receiving, in a system of one or more computers, training data for predictive modeling, the training data including a plurality of categories; determining, by the system, one or more attributes of the training data; identifying, by the system in a mapping of attributes to types of predictive models, a type of predictive model that is mapped to at least one of the one or more attributes; obtaining a utility function for the predictive model of the identified type, the utility function specifying importance of the plurality of categories relative to each other; and generating, based on the training data and the utility function, a predictive model of the identified type.

Publication number: US2015170048A1 | Search similar patents

Method and apparatus for artificially intelligent model-based control of dynamic processes using probabilistic agents

A system and method for controlling a process such as an oil production process is disclosed. The system comprises multiple intelligent agents for processing data received from a plurality sensors deployed in a job site of an oil well, and applies a probabilistic model for evaluating risk and recommending appropriate control action to the process.

Publication number: US2015148919A1 | Search similar patents

Program recommending device and program recommending method

A program recommending device and program recommending method are provided in the present invention, which belongs to the field of artificial intelligence research. The device includes: an input unit (100), a program pre-selecting unit (110), a feature extracting unit (120), a machine learning unit (130), a program forecast unit (140) and an output unit (150). The method includes: receiving language information inputted by a user; according to the language information, extracting associated electronic program information from a electronic program list database in which the electronic program information has been stored; selecting features from the extracted electronic program information to obtain feature elements, obtaining the associated information of the feature elements from a knowledge database in which language knowledge has been stored, and constructing a feature set; constructing a statistic model by using the feature set and a machine learning method; matching programs in the electronic program list database by using the statistic model; and exporting a matching result to the user. The present invention resolves a problem of cold startup of a program recommending system, ensures privacy information of a user from leakage, and improves precision, performance and practicability of program recommending.

Publication number: WO2012079254A1 | Search similar patents

Automated recommendations from simulation

An industrial controller simulation system is provided. The system includes a simulation component that enables modeling of an industrial controller system. A suggestion component offers automated recommendations in accordance with the modeling of the industrial controller system.

Publication number: US2009089227A1 | Search similar patents

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