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Composite materials or composition materials

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Composite parts joined by a flexible construct

A composite part includes a first composite section and a second composite section connected by a flexible section. The first composite section has a laminated structure including multiple layers of reinforcement material supported by a matrix material. The second composite section has a laminated structure including multiple layers of reinforcement material supported by a matrix material, and a flexible composite section joins the first composite section to the second composite section. The flexible composite includes multiple layers of a fabric material supported by a flexible elastomer. The multiple layers of the fabric material overlap with the first composite section and the second composite section by being layered in between at least a portion of the multiple layers of reinforcement material forming the laminated structures of the first composite section and the second composite section.

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Method and semi-finished product for producing a fibre reinforced moulded part and fibre reinforced moulded part

The method involves providing multi-component fibers with a first component (6), particularly a low-melting component. The first component is made from thermoplastic material. A second component (7), particularly the higher melting component, is applied with heat and pressure, such that the first or lower melting component melts and forms a matrix of thermoplastic material, in which the second or higher-melting component is embedded as a reinforcing material or as reinforcing fibers.

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Fibre reinforced composite material

The composite matrix comprises two or more completely different materials (2,3) with different properties and both are fluid during impregnation of the fiber reinforcement (1).

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An innovative method for making frp-polymer concrete drain channels

According to this invention, there is provided an improved method for making drain channels comprising the steps of making a drain channel mould using FRP; using said mould and filling said mould with polymer concrete; providing a rod for lifting, strengthening and anchoring into surrounding concrete before pouring o the polymer concrete; providing nuts for tightening said rod to adhere to said mould; providing an edge guard adapted to line the mould through its lateral vertical edges; providing an edge stiffener profile for abutting edge guard to said edge of said mould; and fitting a customized drain outlet before pouring of polymer concrete.

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Carbon fibre-reinforced plastic moulding compounds

Proposed is a plastic moulding compound composed of: (a) 49 to 97 wt.% of at least one matrix-forming plastic A, (b) 3 to 40 wt.% of at least one carbon fibre coated with at least one plastic B, and (c) 0 to 48 wt.% of at least one other additive C, whose components (a) to (c) add up to 100 wt.%, the moulding compound having a surface resistivity of 1107 to 11022 ohm and a volume resistivity of 1105 to 11020 ohm*m, both determined in accordance with IEC 60093.

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Device and method for compacting/consolidating a part made of a composite material having a thermoplastic matrix reinforced by continuous fibers, in particular fibers of natural origin

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Fibre-reinforced resins

The fibre-reinforced plastics comprise a matrix of an organic polymer which contains and reinforcing fibres of a liquid-crystalline polymer which contains and can be used to produce products of excellent strength and rigidity.

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Matrix composition for fiber-reinforced composite material, fiber-reinforced composite material, and method for producing fiber-reinforced composite material

The purpose of the present invention is to provide: a matrix composition which can be used suitably for a fiber-reinforced composite material having excellent heat resistance and toughness; a fiber-reinforced composite material which comprises a cured product of the matrix composition and a fibrous material; and a method for producing the fiber-reinforced composite material.
The matrix composition for a fiber-reinforced composite material according to the present invention is characterized by containing an epoxy resin represented by general formula (1).
[In general formula (1), A represents a bivalent organic group containing a cyclic ether structure.]

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Method and device for manufacturing fibre-reinforced plastic moulded articles

The invention relates to a method and a device for producing a fibre-reinforced, foamed plastic moulded part, according to which a polymer melt containing fibres is added to a physical foaming agent in a separate transfer cylinder (12), and is then injected into the form cavity (11) of a form tool (10) via an injection cylinder (22) by means of an injection mould (8).

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Process for manufacturing long-fiber reinforced parts

The long-fibre reinforced part (34) comprises a hot press-moulded sequence of layers comprising fibre monolayers and matrix films. A plurality of fibre monolayers and matrix films of matrix material are alternately placed into a compression mould having an upper part and a lower part. The fibre monolayers respectively comprise a multiplicity of substantially parallel-running long fibres, which are coated with matrix material. The application of pressure and heat causes the matrix material of the long fibres and the films to bond and form a composite which represents the fibre reinforced part (34).

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Reinforced polyamide moulding material and injection moulding parts made from the same

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Vehicle component made of fiber-reinforced plastic material and method for repairing damaged vehicle components made of fiber-reinforced plastic material

The invention relates to a vehicle component (10) made of fiber-reinforced plastic material comprising a matrix made of a thermosetting or thermoplastic material and reinforcing fibers which are arranged in the matrix, characterized in that at least one repair marking (11, 12) is provided on the surface of the vehicle component. The invention further relates to a method for repairing said component.

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Reinforced light coloured thermoplastic moulding compositions

Thermoplastic moulding compositions containing A) 10-91.9% by weight of a thermoplastic polymer, B) 7-60% by weight of reinforcing filler, C) 0.1-40% by weight of titanium dioxide and D) 1-40% by weight of a rubber.

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