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Biodiesel fuel and process for production thereof

Disclosed are a biodiesel fuel which is compliant with the biodiesel fuel standards and a process for producing the biodiesel fuel. A biodiesel fuel compliant with the biodiesel fuel standards, the biodiesel fuel comprising at least two fatty acid alkyl esters produced from at least two different oils.

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Fuel mixing system

A process for mixing separate fluid streams is provided. The process includes the steps of providing a first fluid stream and a second fluid stream having an adjustable flow rate and together forming an output stream, monitoring at least one predetermined characteristic of the output stream, and adjusting the flow rate of the second fluid stream according to a predetermined algorithm. The predetermined algorithm is dependent upon the at least one of the predetermined characteristics of the output stream.

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Screening test for biodiesel fuel

A colorimetric test for determining the presence or absence of biodiesel in a diesel fuel sample. The colorimetric test involves adding concentrated sulfuric acid to a sample of diesel fuel and observing any color change of the sample. A darkening of the diesel fuel sample indicates the presence of biodiesel. The degree to which the color changes after the addition of the sulfuric acid is proportional to the amount of biodiesel in the sample and therefore can be used to determine the amount of biodiesel in the sample. The reagent(s), sample containers and any necessary color scale can be provided in a kit for field testing.

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Mixed fuel for diesel engine and method of lowering fluid point thereof

[PROBLEMS] With respect to a mixed fuel consisting of biodiesel and light oil, to provide a fuel for diesel engine that excels in low-temperature fluidity, irrespective of the fatty acid composition of fat or oil raw material for use in biodiesel production. [MEANS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS] A mixed fuel for diesel engine excelling in low-temperature fluidity is produced by loading a mixed fuel containing at least biodiesel and light oil with 0.03 to 2.0 wt.% of reforming agent obtained by ozonizing a vegetable oil.

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Method of blending fuels and related system

A method and related system blend fuels and dispense a blended fuel to a vehicle at a fueling station. In one aspect, the method comprises selecting the desired proportion of at least one of the fuels available at the service station, blending that fuel with another one available, and delivering the blended fuel to the vehicle. Preferably, the first fuel is a non-renewable, petroleum based one, while the second fuel is a non-petroleum based, renewable one (such as ethanol or biodiesel).

Publication number: WO2007089728A2 | Search similar patents

Method for quantifying the oxidation stability of a fuel

The invention relates to a method for quantifying the oxidation stability of a fuel, in particular diesel fuel with additions of biodiesel, or biodiesel as such, wherein as a measure for the oxidation stability, the relative permittivity of the fuel is determined by way of a capacitive measurement in a low frequency region below a frequency of 2 MHz. The invention further relates to a measuring device (1, 71) for quantifying the oxidation stability of a fuel as described above.

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Ternary fuel compositions containing biodiesel, plant oil and lower alcohols for feeding diesel-cycle motors

Fuel compositions based on biodiesel, alcohols that are not higher alcohols, and plant oil for feeding diesel-cycle motors, enabling more complete burning of fuel, lower pollutant emissions, and reduced internal impurity deposit formation on the internal surface of motors. Since the mixtures are of similar density to diesel oil, and have chemical affinity for diesel oil (due to the fact that they contain biodiesel, which performs the role of co-solvent), the present invention also contemplates compositions of quaternary mixtures, or rather, the combination of the proposed ternary mixtures (biodiesel, alcohols that are not higher alcohols, and plant oil) with petroleum diesel, in varying proportions. The preferential realization of this invention provides substitution of fuel from non-renewable sources (diesel oil) for fuels from renewable sources, which are natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and have excellent technical performance.

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Method for producing fuel from a mixture of biodiesel and anhydrous ethyl alcohol

The present patent application relates to a new fuel produced from the mixture of biodiesel with anhydrous ethyl alcohol. It is used specifically for spontaneous explosion engines and is obtained by mixing biodiesel (2) produced from vegetable oils or animal fats, or from recovered or recycled oils and fats, with anhydrous ethyl alcohol (3) and additives (5).

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Method for producing fuel, particularly biodiesel

The invention relates to a method for producing fuel, particularly diesel fuel, from vegetable or animal oils or fats, wherein by adding an alcohol and a catalyst a transesterification of the fatty acids presents in the oils or fats and esterified by glycerin is carried out, and the reaction product is subjected to sedimentation, wherein transesterified oil or fat settles from the remaining constituents of the reaction product. According to the invention, an alkaline catalyst is employed and the reaction is stopped by adding water at a suitable time.

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Methods and systems for converting food waste oil into biodiesel fuel

This invention provides the market with low-cost retrieval of valuable used cooking oil to customer distribution centers, where a mobile production unit visits to create biodiesel fuel, which can be immediately used by customers to fuel their fleet. In some variations, a method comprises identifying a network of customer distribution centers, collecting used cooking oil transported from users to customer distribution centers, providing a mobile reactor to convert used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel under effective reaction conditions, producing biodiesel fuel on-site at the customer distribution centers, and introducing the biodiesel fuel, directly or via a fuel blend, into fleet vehicles. Related systems and apparatus are also disclosed. This invention provides a clean source of energy from waste, a lower-cost alternatives to petroleum-derived diesel fuel, and improved environmental footprints including lower fuel use and lower total carbon emissions.

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Quality control method and device for fuel production processes

The present invention relates to a method for controlling the quality of substances and/or keeping track of the processes for producing and purifying said substances by using a spectrofluorimetric sensor especially designed for that purpose that operates by detecting the inherent light radiation of the materials in various radiation or detection bands and combinations thereof, as determined by means of a library of spectrofluorimetric graphs. More particularly, the invention relates both to the direct determination of the quality of feedstocks, raw materials or fuels and by-products thereof, and to the control of fuel production processes. More specifically, the invention relates to a method for controlling the quality of diesel to which biodiesel has been added, and for keeping track of the first generation biodiesel production reaction, and of the purification of biodiesel and by-products thereof.

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Impedance spectroscopy (is) methods and systems for characterizing fuel

The present invention relates to methods and systems or apparatuses for analyzing fluids. More particularly the present invention relates to apparatuses and methods that employ impedance spectroscopy (IS) for analyzing fuels. Fuels of interest include biofuel, particularly biodiesel. Hand-held and “in-line” IS apparatuses are disclosed.

Publication number: WO2008080108A1 | Search similar patents

Cogeneration process using biodiesel as fuel and supplying energy for the production of biodiesel

A method for the production of electrical power by a diesel engine (9) connected to an alternator (10) which has biodiesel as fuel is described. The waste heat of the diesel engine is applied for the production of biodiesel.This cogeneration system contributes to the demand for so called "green" electrical and automotive energy by using fuels produced out of (waste) oils and fats of vegetable and animal origin. The carbondioxide emission in burning these fuels, is neutral to the environment.

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Bio-diesel produced from biodiesel byproducts and production method for same

The present invention relates to Bio-diesel produced from biodiesel byproducts and a method for producing same, and more specifically, to a biodiesel regeneration method which refines byproducts generated from conventional biodiesel refining processes, by separating glycerin from remaining oil compositions and regenerating bio-diesel from the remaining oil compositions separated from glycerin. The present invention provides a method for regenerating Bio-diesel from biodiesel byproducts by recycling such byproducts which were otherwise considered waste matter in conventional methods. By using the present method, a more economical way of producing biodiesel is achieved since biodiesel byproducts are used as raw materials, thereby improving the productivity of biodiesel production

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