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Analyzing files using big data tools

This document describes technology that can be embodied in a method that includes accessing a file representing at least one spreadsheet, and analyzing the file to identify a plurality of components of the spreadsheet. The plurality of components includes at least two of: (i) a component representing content of the at least one spreadsheet, (ii) a component representing one or more formulae associated with the at least one spreadsheet, (iii) a component representing one or more macros, (iv) a component representing one or more queries, and (v) a component representing links associated with the at least one spreadsheet. The method also includes creating, based on the components of the spreadsheet, a plurality of files that together represents the at least one spreadsheet, and storing the plurality of files at a storage location. Each of the plurality of files corresponds to a particular component.

Publication number: US2015032743A1 | Search similar patents

System and method for analyzing big data in a network environment

An example method for analyzing big data in a network environment is provided and includes extracting a data set from big data stored in a network environment, detecting a pattern in the data set, and enabling labels based on the pattern, where each label indicates a specific condition associated with the big data, and the labels are searched to answer a query regarding the big data. In specific embodiments, detecting the pattern includes capturing gradients between each consecutive adjacent data points in the data set, aggregating the gradients into a gradient data set, dividing the gradient data set into windows, calculating a statistical parameter of interest for each window, aggregating the statistical parameters into a derived data set, and repeating the dividing, the calculating and the aggregating on derived data sets over windows of successively larger sizes until a pattern is detected.

Publication number: US2014337274A1 | Search similar patents

Knowledge management system

A knowledge management system configured to integrate information and to distill non-obvious knowledge from data by applying various engines operative in accordance with available information knowledge.

Publication number: WO2015036531A2 | Search similar patents

Abstractly implemented data analysis systems and methods thereof

Methods and apparatuses for creating data analysis (DA) systems for generating insights (also known as results) from a plurality of data sources without requiring the designer/implementer of the DA system or the user to understand complicated technology details such as for example coding, big data technology or high-end business analytics algorithms.

Publication number: US2016196304A1 | Search similar patents

Co-located clouds, vertically integrated clouds, and federated clouds

A computer implemented method, program product, and apparatus for managing big data clouds comprising co-locating a big data storage cloud with a second big data cloud to enable streamlined information flow between the clouds.

Publication number: US9361263B1 | Search similar patents

Systems and methods for providing a multi-tenant knowledge network

Business intelligence, decision support and knowledge management network systems and methods provide efficient, robust, and business-friendly services for the rapid analysis of massive amounts of business, electronic, and other disparate data into actionable intelligence. An advantageous element of the multi-party knowledge network allows the aggregation of common data formats in order to analyze a combined dataset consisting of information from multiple parties, thereby providing additional business intelligence than with a single set of data alone.

Publication number: US2013191418A1 | Search similar patents

Worldwide distributed architecture model and management

A computer program product, method, and apparatus for discovering information about the nodes of the disperse data network, sending a command from a client to a distributed file system, wherein the distributed file system contains the discovered information, distributing the command from the distributed files system to one or more of the nodes of the distributed file system, and executing the command on the one or more network nodes.

Publication number: US9020802B1 | Search similar patents

Electronic delivery of information in personalized medicine

According to an aspect of an embodiment, a method of delivering information- enabled personalized healthcare in a clinical, non-research setting may include capturing one or more data streams where each of the data streams relates to health care of a patient. The method may further include integrating the data streams to generate integrated diagnostic data and analyzing the integrated diagnostic data to generate analyzed diagnostic data. The method may further include curating the analyzed diagnostic data and generating an integrated report for presentation to a physician of the patient based on the curated analyzed diagnostic data.

Publication number: WO2014144404A1 | Search similar patents

System and method for building a cloud aware massive data analytics solution background

Embodiments of the invention provide data management solutions that go beyond the traditional warehousing system to support advanced analytics. Furthermore, embodiments of the invention relate to systems and methods for extracting data from an existing data warehouse, storing the extracted data in a reusable (intermediate) form using data parallel and compute parallel techniques over cloud, query processing over the data with/without compute parallel techniques, and providing querying using high level querying languages.

Publication number: WO2011092203A1 | Search similar patents

Performance and scalability in an intelligent data operating layer system

Systems and methods that allow for an intelligence platform for distributed processing of big data sets including both structured and unstructured data types across two or more intelligent data operation engine servers. The intelligent data operation engine servers can form a conceptual understanding of content in each electronic file and then cooperates with a distributed index handler to index the conceptual understanding of the electronic file. A query pipeline and the distributed index handler in the intelligence platform cooperate with the two or more intelligent data operation engine servers to improve scalability and performance on the big data sets containing both structured and un-structured electronic files represented in the common index.

Publication number: US2014095505A1 | Search similar patents

System and method for operating a big-data platform

A system and method for operating a big-data platform that includes at a data analysis platform, receiving discrete client data; storing the client data in a network accessible distributed storage system that includes: storing the client data in a real-time storage system; and merging the client data into a columnar-based distributed archive storage system; receiving a data query request through a query interface; and selectively interfacing with the client data from the real-time storage system and archive storage system according to the query.

Publication number: US2013124483A1 | Search similar patents

Systems and methods for providing educational products and services via cloud massive online open course

Provided are methods and systems for delivering educational products and services via a cloud massive online open course. Users may access the cloud massive online open course at any point of time using a networked client device. Educational resources are stored on a remote server of a cloud provider and are delivered to users over a network using cloud computing services. Users are also provided with tools for interaction within a cloud education environment. Along the learning process users of the cloud massive online open course may communicate with each other within the cloud education environment and share educational content with each other. Users' learning activity may be graded through online assessment.

Publication number: WO2014174399A2 | Search similar patents

System and method for professional continuing education derived business intelligence analytics

The present disclosure relates to non-linear analytics engine derived business intelligence. More particularly, the present disclosure describes methods and systems that use content associated with a medical professional continuing education event as a data source for a non-linear analytics engine. The content, which relates to the content creation, content delivery, follow-ups, evaluations, attendee interactions, and administrative tasks associated with medical professional continuing education event, is extracted from a learning management system and subsequently transmitted to the non-linear analytics engine to create business intelligence.

Publication number: US2013198120A1 | Search similar patents

Query result estimation

Techniques for efficiently performing queries are provided. A search component can receive a request for information based on data, and a management component can determine a degree of accuracy requested for the information. In turn, the search component can render the information based on the degree of accuracy requested. In an aspect, the search generates a query configured to determine the first information, and the management component instructs the search component to perform the query to a level of completion less than full completion when the degree of accuracy requested is below a predetermined threshold to cause the search component to render an estimation of the first information. In another aspect, a tracking component can track information associated with multiple query requests and an analysis determine and employ a related aspect of the tracked information to a new query request to determine an answer for a the new query request.

Publication number: WO2013067078A1 | Search similar patents

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