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Battery recharging system

The invention relates to a method for recharging an electric battery (2) including a set of cells (3), including the step of measuring the voltage at the terminals of each of said cells (3) and determining the voltage at the terminals of the cells having the highest charge and the successive charge of the less charged cells until the voltage at the terminals of the highest charged battery is reached.

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Rechargeable battery packs

This invention discloses an improved rechargeable battery pack (30) particularly suitable for use with cellular telephones (32) or other portable devices, wherein the battery pack (30) includes at least one rechargeable cell (40), at least one primary cell (52), and a rechargeable cell recharger (34), including a voltage converter (50), receiving an output from the at least one primary cell (52) at a first voltage and converting it to a second voltage suitable for recharging the at least one rechargeable cell (40).

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Power supply connection device, and battery pack including same

The present invention relates to a battery for a rechargeable cell and, more specifically, to a power supply connection device and to a battery pack including same for the electrical connection of the battery.

Publication number: WO2014084521A1 | Search similar patents

Battery or rechargeable-battery pack

The invention relates to an apparatus, in particular a battery or rechargeable-battery pack (10), which comprises a plurality of individual cells (12) which are connected to one another and supply voltage, wherein each cell (12) has an associated monitoring circuit (14) in order to monitor the operation of the cell (12) and in order to provide cell information as a function of this, and wherein each monitoring circuit (14) is coupled to a coupling arrangement (16) which produces a galvanically isolated status signal, as a function of the cell information.

Publication number: WO2009021771A2 | Search similar patents

Rechargeable battery cell, and battery module

The invention relates to a rechargeable battery cell (100, 100') with a housing in which a first and a second electrode (41, 42) are arranged. The housing has at least one first and at least one second housing part (10, 20), and the first and the second housing parts (10, 20) are each made of plastic.

Publication number: WO2014060579A1 | Search similar patents

Rechargeable battery system, and method for controlling the recharging of a rechargeable battery system

The invention describes a rechargeable battery system (100), in which a power analysis is possible in order to assess when a rechargeable battery (32) of the battery system (100) can be charged and when not. A plurality of battery systems (100) of this kind can preferably be combined in the manner of a cascade.

Publication number: WO2015173061A1 | Search similar patents

Rechargeable battery arrangement and method for producing same

The invention relates to a rechargeable battery arrangement comprising a multiplicity of individual cells, which are each in the form of electrochemical rechargeable battery cells and each have prismatic housings, wherein the individual cells are arranged one behind the other in at least one row and are arranged in a housing or a frame so that said individual cells are held together to form a rechargeable battery pack, characterized in that a) one, a plurality of or all of the individual cells are in the form of a rechargeable battery cell which changes thickness depending on the respective state of charge, b) at least one elastically deformable compensation component is arranged at least at one end of the row arrangement of the individual cells between the last individual cell and the housing or the frame, said compensation component being designed to accommodate and compensate for the changes in the thickness of individual cells occurring as a result of changes in the state of charge and resultant changes in the length of the row arrangement. The invention furthermore relates to a method for producing such a rechargeable battery arrangement.

Publication number: WO2015074847A1 | Search similar patents

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery material and use thereof

?This lithium-ion rechargeable battery comprises: a lithium-ion rechargeable battery material containing an aluminum silicate having an elemental molar ratio Si/Al of silicon (Si) to aluminum (Al) of 0.3 to less than 1.0; a lithium-ion rechargeable battery negative electrode containing this lithium-ion rechargeable battery material; a lithium-ion rechargeable battery positive electrode material; a lithium-ion rechargeable battery positive electrode mixture; a lithium-ion rechargeable battery positive electrode; a lithium-ion rechargeable battery electrolyte; a lithium-ion rechargeable battery separator; and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery binder.

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Battery pack system and method for recharging a battery pack

A battery pack system includes at least one battery pack (20) for a power tool (10) that includes at least one battery cell (24) and battery terminals (36). A storage case or tray (40) is adapted to accommodate the at least one battery pack and includes charging terminals (41a, 41b, 41c, 42d) for directly contacting the battery terminals, at least one device (46) that receives wirelessly transmitted power and a circuit (92) that converts the wirelessly received power into a charging current that is supplied to the charging terminals. A method for recharging the battery pack includes engaging the battery terminals with the charging terminals of the first storage case or tray, generating an electromagnetic field adjacent to the first storage case, generating a charging current using power obtained from the electromagnetic field, and charging the at least one battery cell in the battery pack using the charging current.

Publication number: WO2013014878A1 | Search similar patents

Energy generation system combining a fuel cell and a rechargeable battery and methods implementing such a system

The present invention relates to a system (1) for generating low-power energy including a fuel cell (71) supplied by a gas network (2) and a rechargeable energy storage system (72). The present invention also relates to an energy generation method and to an energy management method implementing such an energy generation system.

Publication number: WO2016012728A1 | Search similar patents

Method and apparatus for recharging secondary battery

All the cells of a battery pack can be uniformly and fully recharged while suppressing increase of a maximum value of a battery temperature. A secondary battery recharging method is provided for recharging an assembled battery wherein a plurality of secondary battery cells are connected in series. In the method, the secondary battery is fully recharged, and directly after completion of recharging, preparation discharge of a prescribed discharge current is performed for a short period of time.

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Battery pack

The invention relates to a battery pack comprising several rechargeable individual cells, which are connected in parallel. According to the invention, the individual cells (2) are configured or selected in such a way that their internal resistance (Ri) increases as the charge state (Lz) decreases.

Publication number: WO2006003080A2 | Search similar patents

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