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Navigation system for an autonomously mobile robot, in particular lawn mower robot

The system has an interrogation device attached to an autonomous mobile robot e.g. lawn treating robot, and a stationary transponder provided with an ultrasonic transmitter and a receiver unit. The transponder implements a distance measurement based on ultrasonic delay measuring principle by bidirectional ultrasonic delay measuring for forming an input parameter for a control device of the robot. A floor area is inspected by the distance measurement. An autonomous acoustic connection of the robot to the transponder takes place in a region of the transponder.

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Sensor cleaning system for an autonomous robot device, base station and corresponding method

The inventive system comprises an autonomous robot device, a base station and a method operating the same. The autonomous robot device includes a sensor means, e.g. an optical sensor, and a propulsion means. The base station includes a cleaning means specifically adapted for cleaning the sensor means of the autonomous robot device. In a preferred embodiment the propulsion means of the autonomous robot device is configured to move the autonomous robot device in a manner suitable to generate a relative movement of the autonomous robot device with respect to the passive cleaning means arranged at the stationary base station to effect the cleaning of the sensor means of the autonomous robot device.>/p>

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Method of controlling a mombile robot

A method of controlling a mobile robot, the method including monitoring a first system of the mobile robot to detect a first error associated with the first system, monitoring a second system of the mobile robot to detect a second error associated with the second system, and when the first error and the second error are detected at the same time, determining that a third error has occurred.

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Navigation system

A navigation system (2) comprising a primary mapping apparatus adapted to detect features within an environment and to create a summary map of the environment including an estimate of a point of current location within the environment; a secondary mapping apparatus adapted to provide a detailed three-dimensional map of the local environment in the vicinity of the point of current location; and a processor adapted to determine navigable points within the environment by combining information from the summary map and the detailed map. Specifically, the primary mapping apparatus detects features within the environment using an optical detector and utilises a visual simultaneous localisation and mapping (VSLAM) process (8) to create the summary map of the general environment.

Publication number: WO2007051972A1 | Search similar patents

Autonomous navigation water-surface cleaning robot

Provided is an autonomous navigation water-surface cleaning robot. A control device, a drive device and a garbage collection device are provided on a hull (1). The control device comprises a video acquisition apparatus, a navigation apparatus, a central processing unit and a communication module; the drive device, the video acquisition apparatus, the navigation apparatus and the communication module are all connected to the central processing unit; the garbage collection device comprises a garbage collection frame (2) arranged in the lower part of the hull, and a collection mouth (3) of the garbage collection frame (2) lies in the advancing direction of the hull; a base station arranged on the ground communicates with the central processing unit in a wireless manner. The central processing unit sends video information acquired by the video acquisition apparatus to the base station, and operating personnel send a control signal to the central processing unit through the base station. The central processing unit controls the drive device to drive the hull to perform autonomous navigation according to a preset routine and to complete a water-surface cleaning assignment. The water-surface cleaning robot can achieve automatic navigation to a set location and have a high cleaning efficiency.

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Autonomous-travel cleaning robot

Provided is an autonomous-travel cleaning robot with which a flat surface can be efficiently cleaned, even if steps are formed therein. This robot, which autonomously travels upon a structure provided with a flat surface disposed outdoors, and cleans the flat surface of the structure, is provided with: a robot main body (2) having, provided thereto, a movement means (4) for implementing autonomous travel; a cleaning unit (10) provided to a front part and/or a rear part of the robot main body (2); and a controller (30) for controlling operation of the movement means (4). The controller (30) is provided with an orientation controller (35) which detects the orientation of the robot main body (2). The orientation controller (35) is provided with a rise detection sensor (36) for detecting rising of the front part or the rear part of the robot main body (2). When the rise detection sensor detects rising of the front part or the rear part of the robot main body (2), the controller (30) controls operation of the movement means (4) such that the cleaning unit (10) passes over a place (NSA) where rising was detected, after the rising has subsided.

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Robot system

A mobile robot system for performing a plurality of separate operations comprising at least one autonomous wheeled mobile robot (1) having at least one wheel-driving motor, an on-board computer; means for navigation, orientation, and maneuvering in an environment with moving obstacles; a sensor system; and a wireless communication system for receiving and sending signals.

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Robot cleaner

A robot cleaner comprising: a body; and a sensor protruding from a top surface of the body, wherein the body comprises a protrusion positioned forward of the sensor relative to a forward driving direction of the robot cleaner, the protrusion extending to a height that is at least equal to the height of the sensor.

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