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Automotive electronic instructional and diagnostic training apparatus

Instructional apparatus for training automotive service technicians in the skills required for isolating, identifying and repairing malfunctions in sophisticated automotive electronic systems uses a group of electronic circuit modules wherein each module simulates at least a portion of an automotive electronic circuit and one or more modules may be connected to form more complex circuits. One or more jumper wires associated with each of the modules may be altered by an instructor to create at least one fault condition representative of an electrical malfunction in the circuit associated with the module.

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Computerized system for training engine maintenance personnel

The invention features an engine operation simulation system for training maintenance and service personnel to diagnose and repair engines. The engine operating simulation system utilizes an actual electronic control unit for controlling an engine. A processor is provided to perform an simulation of engine operating parameters. The processor interfaces with the engine electronic control unit. A mechanism is provided for generating inputs and is connected to the processor and to the engine electronic control unit to provide parameters that represent engine operating characteristics. The parameters are applied to the engine electronic control unit. The input generating mechanism provides a plurality of simulated input signals that monitor the engine operation. There is also provided a mechanism for simulating a malfunction in the engine so that the processor can alter the desired operating parameters. Finally, a feedback mechanism is provided between the engine electronic control unit and the processor for updating engine and electronic control unit parameters.

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Voltage maintaining apparatus for automobile

The invention relates to a voltage maintaining apparatus (12) that is part of the starting and power-generation system of an automobile, and that comprises a first power source (10) associated with a battery sensor (130) provided with a current sensor and an electronic portion integrated in the device apparatus (12), and a second power source (11). The invention can be used in the automotive industry.

Publication number: WO2009112733A1 | Search similar patents

Method and apparatus for update and acquisition of automotive vehicle specifications in automotive diagnostic equipment

An apparatus and method for providing automotive vehicle information from a remote system to an automotive service device through a communications link wherein a first processor associated with the automotive service device is configured to obtain automotive vehicle information from a remote system over said communications link, the remote system configured to provide to the first processor an index identifying at least one set of automotive vehicle data available from said remote system such that the first processor can select and access at least one set of automotive vehicle data from the index for display at said automotive service device and for use in the service of an automotive vehicle.

Publication number: US6556904B1 | Search similar patents

Learning support server, learning support system, and learning support program

A learning support server (10) provides a student terminal used by a student (for example, each of a plurality of student terminals (21 - 23, 31 - 33) with test information for displaying a test screen through a communication network (40). The test screen includes a display region for displaying a test problem, an answer column, and a test progress state of other students. The learning support server (10) is provided with a history information DB (12) for storing history information including a test problem, a student, an answer by the student and the performance of the student. The learning support server (10) receives student information associated with a student who newly takes a test; creates test information on the basis of the received student information and the history information; and transmits the created test information to the student terminal. Thereby, the learning support server provides a learning support technique capable of improving the learning motivation of a registered user (student) and enhancing learning effects.

Publication number: WO2015114708A1 | Search similar patents

Device for driving an automotive door

The invention relates to a device for driving an automotive door, comprising an automotive door, a first drive unit (3) associated with the automotive door, and a drive motor (2) coupled to the first drive unit (3), whereby the drive motor (2) drives the drive unit (3) to open and close the automotive door. The aim of the invention is to provide a device for driving an automotive door, which requires little installation room and fewer parts. For this purpose, the drive motor (2) can be coupled to at least one second drive unit (4).

Publication number: WO2005103428A1 | Search similar patents

Dual operating system for controlling a brake

An educational car is provided in which the driver-student is provided with a conventional braking pedal and the passenger-teacher is provided with a braking stick to override the driver-student braking pedal in order to effect a braking operation. Furthermore, there is provided a counter braking function to override the operation of the brake by the driver-student. The counter braking arrangement may need no more additional mechanical structure and the operation of the counter braking stick by a hand is capable of preventing or reversing the operation of the brake by the driver-student.

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Portable automobile diagnostic tool

A portable automotive diagnostic tool (30) for receiving information from an automotive computer of a vehicle. The portable automotive diagnostic tool (30) is battery powered. The portable automotive diagnostic tool (30) comprises a microcontroller (31), a display (32), a keypad (33), a flash memory (34), a SRAM (35), a battery backup circuit (36), a ROM (37), a UART (38), and a port (39). Automotive codes for configuring the portable automotive diagnostic tool (30) are stored in flash memory (34). The automotive codes are compressed to increase storage to the flash memory (34). The flash memory (34) is non-volatile and retains the automotive codes when power is removed. The automotive codes are updated by writing new automotive codes to the flash memory (34). Information or data received from an automotive computer is stored in SRAM (35). The battery backup circuit (36) powers the SRAM (35) to maintain the information to be taken to a different location when the power is turned off.

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