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Augmented reality technology

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Interaction method and interaction device for integrating augmented reality technology and bulk data

The present invention relates to an interaction method and interaction device for integrating augmented reality technology and virtual objects for interaction with a user in an augmented reality. The interaction method for integrating augmented reality and bulk data comprises the steps of: defining an element for providing an interaction between a virtual object displayed on a screen of the augmented reality and a user; registering the actual virtual object on the screen of the augmented reality; and defining a communication protocol for the interaction between the augmented reality and the bulk data.

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Methods and systems for creating virtual and augmented reality

Configurations are disclosed for presenting virtual reality and augmented reality experiences to users. The system may comprise an image capturing device to capture one or more images, the one or more images corresponding to a field of the view of a user of a head-mounted augmented reality device, and a processor communicatively coupled to the image capturing device to extract a set of map points from the set of images, to identify a set of sparse points and a set of dense points from the extracted set of map points, and to perform a normalization on the set of map points.

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System and method for implementing mobile augmented reality service, terminal and server

Disclosed is a method for implementing a mobile augmented reality service, comprising: upon receiving an augmented reality service request, a mobile augmented reality server obtaining a parameter of the augmented reality service request, determining the type of the augmented reality service request, and controlling a requested mobile augmented reality service. Further disclosed are a system for implementing a mobile augmented reality service, a mobile augmented reality server and a mobile augmented reality terminal. The method for implementing a mobile augmented reality service in the present invention adapts to different types of augmented reality target identification and augmented reality content obtaining, has good expandability, and provides uniform service experience for a user in different application scenarios.

Publication number: WO2012174865A1 | Search similar patents

Apparatus and method for displaying augmented reality

Disclosed is an apparatus for displaying an augmented reality. The disclosed apparatus for displaying an augmented reality uses a transparent display device and displays information on an object seen through the transparent display device thereon. The apparatus for displaying an augmented reality can identify the object seen through the transparent display device by recognizing the direction of a user's gaze or hand.

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Apparatus and method for providing augmented reality

A personalized augmented reality providing apparatus includes an interest object determiner configured to determine an interest object among external objects each having a predetermined relationship with a user, a relationship identifier configured to identify a subjective relationship between the interest object determined by the interest object determiner and the user, an additional information generator configured to generate additional information representing a current relationship state between the interest object and the user based on the subjective relationship identified by the relationship identifier, and an additional information provider configured to provide the user with the additional information generated by the additional information generator.

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Method and device for implementing augmented reality

The present invention provides a method and device for implementing augmented reality, the method comprising: obtaining real image information by cameras; obtaining one or more target objects selected from the real image information by users; for every said target object, obtaining recognition images for recognizing said target objects respectively and classified information of said target objects; obtaining image models corresponding to said classified information, performing image matching for said image models and said recognition images, and recognizing every said target object; obtaining augmentation information corresponding to every recognized target object respectively, and displaying recognition images and augmentation information of said target objects at the same time to form augmented reality. The present invention reduces the use limitation of augmented reality and makes the use more convenient for users.

Publication number: WO2014012488A1 | Search similar patents

Monitor-based augmented reality system

The present invention relates to an augmented reality system in which a moving image is used as a background, and a three-dimensional graphic object can be synthesized on the moving image.

Publication number: WO2011152634A2 | Search similar patents

Augmented reality-based lighting system and method

A lighting system (1) comprises an operating device (2) which includes a camera unit (23) for recording the surroundings of the operating device (2) in the form of a moving image. The operating device (2) further includes a display unit (21) on which the moving image is displayed in real time. It further comprises position detection equipment (22) which acquires position information relative to the operating device (2). The operating device (2) further comprises a display overlay device (24) which inserts, based on the surroundings-related information and the acquired position information, visual lighting information into the displayed moving image in a largely correct manner in terms of perspective. The invention also relates to a corresponding method for interaction with a lighting system (1).

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Systems and methods for digitally augmented networking

Various embodiments include at least one of systems, methods, and software for digitally augmented networking. Some such embodiments include a server that performs various data processing operations related therefor. In some embodiments, the server operates to receive, via a network, data identifying a first user and a location of the first user. The server may then identifying other users within a proximity of the location of the first user and compare a profile of the first user with profiles of the identified other users to identify profile matches between the first user and identified other users. Next the server may generate and send introduction communications to each of the first user and at least one of the matched other users to introduce the first user and the at least one matched other user. Some embodiments further include client applications, web browser-based, and mobile device apps that operate in concert herewith.

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Using augmented reality to determine information

Methods and systems according to one or more embodiments of the present disclosure are provided for using augmented reality to determine information. In an embodiment, an augmented reality (AR) system comprises one or more processors, and one or more memories in communication with the one or more processors and adapted to store a plurality of machine-readable instructions which when executed by the one or more processors cause the system to: capture an image view via a viewer; deconstruct the image view into one or more objects; identify at least one object of interest based on specific relevancy information; determine real time information about the object(s) of interest; and present the real time information on a user interface.

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