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Method of forming polymer molecule chain

A method of forming polymer molecule chains of a desired length in a desired position in a thin film comprising units of a monomer having multiple bonds. The method comprises applying a pulse voltage to a thin film comprising units of a monomer having multiple bonds which are unsaturated bonds arranged adjacently to each other to thereby polymerize the monomer and form polymer molecule chains. Such polymer molecule chains may be formed by polymerization in a desired position so as to have a desired length. The pulse voltage may be applied with the probe of a scanning tunnel microscope. Defects formed on the thin film may be used as end points of the polymer molecule chains so as to regulate the length of the monomer.

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Polymerisable mixture and its preparation

Polymerisable mixtures of an ethylenically unsaturated monomer and an organic polymer which is soluble in the monomer have very low polymerisation shrinkage and are therefore particularly suitable for the production of mouldings with low shape and fit tolerances, preferably of dental prostheses, dental fillings and crowns and bridges, and for use in embedding compositions for polished sections and impression compositions for studying material surfaces.

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Magnetic or magnetisable bonding agent composition

The invention relates to a bonding agent composition containing at least one block copolymer which can be produced by means of radical polymerisation, at least two blocks of different monomer compositions, and at least one magnetic or magnetisable pigment. The invention also relates to a method for producing such a bonding agent composition and the use thereof.

Publication number: WO0196455A1 | Search similar patents

Composition preventing polymerisation of ethylenically unsaturated monomers

The invention concerns a composition for preventing radical polymerisation of ethylenically unsaturated monomers characterised in that it comprises at least a cathechol derivative and at least an aromatic ether.

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Method for reducing the quantity of residual monomers in aqueous polymerisate dispersions

The invention relates to a method for reducing the quantity of residual monomers in aqueous polymerisate dispersions by post-treating them with a redox initiator system.

Publication number: WO0118070A1 | Search similar patents

Polymerisable undercoat and its application process

The polymerisable primer coating for a polymer which contains from 60 to 85% by weight of a methacrylate monomer which causes a swelling of the hydrocarbon-based polymer of from 10 to 50% by weight, from 5 to 30% by weight of an elastomer which is readily soluble in the monomer, from 0.5 to 15% by weight of a thermoplastic resin and, based on the monomer employed, from 0.5 to 5% by weight of a photoinitiator, is used, in particular, in polymer roof sheeting based on EPDM elastomer.

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Electrode-gel electrolyte assembly comprising a porous carbon material and obtained by radical polymerisation

The invention concerns a method for preparing an electrode-gel electrolyte assembly made from porous carbon material comprising radical trapping sites comprising: - a step of forming a link between the radical trapping sites of the carbon material (1) and functionalising molecules (5), - a step of preparing a solution (S) comprising at least one monofunctional monomer and at least one polyfunctional monomer, one ion-conductive electrolyte and one radical initiator, - a step of impregnating the solution (S) of said monomers into the pores (2, 3, 4) of the carbon material (1), and - a step of in situ radical polymerisation of said monomers.

Publication number: WO2014166952A1 | Search similar patents

Filler containing polymerisable compounds and their use

Polymerisable compounds which can be used for preparing biocompatible materials for medical and dental uses contain a) 15 to 60% by weight monomers with double bonds which can undergo radical polymerisation, b) 8 to 40% by weight fibrous inorganic fillers with a mean fibre length of 10 nm to 300 mu m and a ratio of length to diameter of 2:1 to 300:1, c) 15 to 60% by weight of non-fibrous inorganic fillers with a mean particle size of 10 nm to 200 mu m and d) 0 to 10% by weight auxiliaries.

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Process for carrying out the polymerisation of monomers in impregnated elements of porous building material

The process uses a catalytic method at elevated temperature using a polymerisation medium which reduces the loss of volatile monomer, where the polymerisation medium used is a sheath of loose mineral material.

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