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7. Main Technical Fields

Constantin BahlmannConstantin Bahlmann


Main Area 1: Electrical Engineering
Main Area 2: Instruments
Main Area 3: Chemistry
Main Area 4: Mechanical Engineering
Main Area 5: Other Fields

octimine has adopted the patent classification system developed by Fraunhofer ISI, the Observatoire des Sciences et des Technologies and the French patent office (INPI), based on the codes of the International Patent Classification (IPC).

The system is made up of 5 Main Areas (Electrical Engineering, Instruments, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Consumer Goods and other Fields). Each Main Area comprises various subareas.

According to this model, users can narrow their search by selecting the specific areas where the patent number or technological text is more likely to be found in. The logic behind this is, that one word such as “cell”, may have many meanings: the basic structural unit of living matter, the part containing the electrode in an electrical battery, etc. Hence, the word cell has a different meaning in biochemistry and mechanical engineering. Therefore, depending on the category the word belongs to, it will be given a different weight.

Note, since a precise classification is sometimes very tricky, the algorithm has nevertheless been intelligently designed to retrieve high quality results when selecting all of the main areas. So, if you are not sure where the text should be classified, we recommend you to simple select all of them.

Main Area 1: Electrical Engineering
Field 1: Electrical Machinery, Apparatus, Energy
Field 2: Audio-visual Technology
Field 3: Telecommunications
Field 4: Digital Communication
Field 5: Basic Communication Processes
Field 6: Computer Technology
Field 7: IT Methods for Management
Field 8: Semiconductors

Main Area 2: Instruments
Field 9: Optics
Field 10: Measurement
Field 11: Analysis of Biological Materials
Field 12: Control
Field 13: Medical Technology

Main Area 3: Chemistry
Field 14: Organic Fine Chemistry
Field 15: Biotechnology
Field 16: Pharmaceuticals
Field 17: Macromolecular Chemistry, Polymers
Field 18: Food Chemistry
Field 19: Basic Materials Chemistry
Field 20: Materials, Metallurgy
Field 21: Surface Technology, Coating
Field 22: Micro-structure and Nanotechnology
Field 23: Chemical Engineering
Field 24: Environmental Technology

Main Area 4: Mechanical Engineering
Field 25: Handling
Field 26: Machine Tools
Field 27: Engine, Pumps, Turbines
Field 28: Textile and Paper Machines
Field 29: Other Special Machines
Field 30: Thermal Processes and Apparatus
Field 31: Mechanical Elements
Field 32: Transport

Main Area 5: Other Fields
Field 33: Furniture, Games
Field 34: Other Consumer Goods
Field 35: Civil Engineering


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